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  1. I am sure this had been asked many times, but i could't find it anywhere. Is it akay to use BP and Accutane at the same time. Also is it neccissary. I am going on 10mg per day. I am kind of frightend after reading some posts and other random stuff. You see i Have very mild acne now, but the derm gave me accutane to get rid of a few blackheads around my nose. I am not sure about the whole thing. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. You said it. In all the english language, I don't think there are any other three words that sum up my feelings better than what you just said.
  3. Good idea, trouble is by the time we get rich enough to do that (if ever) we probably won't have acne any more. Sods Law as my old man insists on saying at every opportunity lol. Fingers crossed for a lottery win anyway! I say every member on the forum throughs in like 100$ bucks and we buy a HUGE friggen house in *insert warm local here*. Then we can all go there for the winters.
  4. Many people say that food does not effect acne, I think otherwise. I have been doing the same as you, that is eating so healthy it almost hurts. But a while back i had a few slices of pizza and two weeks later...BLAMO there were several new zits, after being mostly clear for a while I can't see it as being a coincodence.
  5. I say it is time for a test. I have never had any acne on my forehead...ever. And considering I wear a hat all day everyday, nodbody can see it any how. Now what i will do is start applying BP on my forhead twice a day, and see what happens in a week. I will keep you all posted.
  6. Well the best I can figure is that it is wither the pills that i stopped taking, or hormones. My diet has been the exact same for months, an i follow the regimen closly all the time, and have yet to miss a day. I guess all i can really do is wait it out and see what happens.
  7. It is called "purging" it happens man. When you use BP it is not causing Acne it is purging you skin of it. You will have a breakout after starting to use BP in a new place. It is a proccess involved in the killing a P Acne.
  8. I was at the store picking up some soap, and i saw "Spectro AcneCare" I took a closer look and it is actually 2.5% bp gel. Now what i am wondering is if anybody has ever used this, and if so, does it work? Non Medical Ingrediants:(alpha)Acrylates Copolymer, Carbomer 940, Citric Acid, Diazolidinyl Urea, Dimethicone, Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate, Disodium EDTA, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Silica, Sodium, Citrate, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Xanthum Gum.
  9. I bought i bar to, and it seemed to be doing nothing to my face, but now after using it once a day for 4 weeks suddenly I broke out worse then ever before.
  10. The only thing i can think of is the tetracycline. I stopped it and within 3 days I looked terrible. I really don't get it though. And I had been using the Face Doctor soap once a day (and cetiphil once a day) for 4 weeks prior to the breakout.
  11. I stop the tetracycline about 5 days ago now. It actually looks like i have chicken pox. There are tons or red dots, no whiteheads or nothing, just red dots of various sizes.
  12. Thanks for the links. None of those seem to be true for me in the first link, and I am doing to regimen the exact same as dan's instructions. I am using Cetaphil Daily cleanser (bar) Nutrogena 2.5% bp, and nutrogena extra gentle face moisturizer. There was a period there where i was trying this new soap called "Face Doctor RX" not sure if that will make a differece, I stopped using it completely (for 25$ a bar that hurt) and am hoping it will get better. Also I just quite taking tetracycl
  13. I got 37 31 TO 40 POINTS: Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over if that trust is ever broken. It is remarkably acru
  14. I to am 19 and am experiencing acne for really right now. Prior to this point I would get a few here and there, and a NASTY cyst every few months or so, but now, for some unknown reason, I am breaking out like mad. It is indeed alot easier said than done to live a normal life and go out and have fun, but it must be done. I am about 50-50 right now as far as going out goes, i stay in 50% of the times that i am asked to go out and do stuff. And I find that when I do go out, I can usually forge
  15. I have been on the regimen for nearly a year now, and suddenly out of nowhere i had THE WORST breakout that i have ever had EVER. it is very odd. I have never had any acne on my jawline, or cheeks and now they are covered. I don't get it. I started using bp on those two aread about a month ago when i first saw signs of the oncoming horror. What i am getting at is there anyway that i have become immune to the bp?