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  1. A began formulating a lengthy response after reading your post, Bacon, until I read what everyone else wrote. It's all been said (and rather well). While prone to lapses in judgment, on the whole, I do consider myself a rational person. I've convinced myself that everything will return to normal once I'm clear, but at 27, I've already missed so much. Perhaps I'm just deluding myself—attempting to justify my self-imposed exile. No doubt, the psychological damage we've all incurred will take ye
  2. A thousand apologies, Maria, for my quasi-sexist remark. Ironically, considering you've already done a 3-day fast, you're more man than me! Also, if wearing skirts and/or dresses makes fasting easier, I'd gladly adorn myself in said garments. And Jay, honestly, I doubt this would work for everyone, and yeah, the diet sounds f'n awful. Maybe it's curiosity, maybe it's boredom, but I wanna give it a try—just to see what happens. Hell, it's worth a shot.
  3. From what I read, it's important to ease your way back into solid foods. After the initial water fast, you move to fruit and vegetable juices, then nuts, seeds, and fruits, and finally solid foods. I agree the fast is pointless long-term if you don't adopt a strict raw food diet afterward, but I choose to look at it as an elimination diet of sorts. If certain foods trigger your acne, they shouldn't be too tough to pinpoint following the fast. I'm curious to see how I react—physically and ment
  4. My fellow sufferers, lend me your ears! Paul, I like where your head is at, my man. I'm also considering starting a water fast for kicks. Yeah, like for fun, because I'm f*cking crazed at this point. So over this acne b.s. Recently made it 36 hours on agua before I started having wet dreams about every food imaginable (When the thought of plain rice elicited an erection, I knew I was in trouble.) That being said, I've tried every stupid regimen on this site, and the masochist in me likes thi
  5. Wow. Just wow. So glad I found this thread, as I've been going through a really, REALLY bad week with my skin. I bought the Clarifying Body Spray 2 weeks ago after I had 2-3 cysts on my neck, which is a problem area for me. After a week of use, the old cysts healed, and I thought everything was peaches. Then, in the past 4-5 days, my neck has exploded! Worst it's ever been in my life, and I'm not one to exaggerate. I have been beyond consoling the past few days, and wish I could stay home. U
  6. Feel for everyone here. Been to hell and back (ha!) with bacne. Mine is particularly frustrating because I am clear from May to September, like clockwork, but a mess the rest of the year. The past two summers, I have been 99% clear—maybe 3-4 spots in those months, which is mind-bogglingly awesome for someone who's never really known clear skin. I have been using the same regimen during the summer months and can safely say that, for whatever reason, it works for me. Two products: Oxy Face Wa
  7. Day, uh, 32ish? Somewhere around there. A little relieved to see the dead skin mask is, in fact, there, but it's only noticeable after showering (must be the heat, steam, or the errant drops of water that reveal it). If this is the biggest hurdle everyone faces, then this shouldn't be as bad as I thought. The area around temples—which has always been a clogged. rough mess—is smooth and clear and probably the best it's been in years. My biggest problem was the sides of my neck, where I was con
  8. Congrats, Hello. I think I speak for most here when I say I'd be interested in reading your log. Wapak has been incredibly helpful and I believe more detailed logs like his would benefit us all. I'm nearing the three-week mark of no washing, and I've greatly reduced the number of showers I take (from twice a day to twice a week). I'm interested in the no-poo method also, but not sure if I can hack it. I switched to organic shampoo, which I think is a step in the right direction, but I've notice
  9. Ah, I do have a jar of turmeric (a leftover from one of my many failed regimens). How do you mix it, with water? I also read that applying it directly to the skin can result in discoloration. Did you experience that at all?
  10. Seems there's a dozen of these topics, so i just post in all of them, lol. I'm currently on day 17 of this whole not washing/not giving a flying F regimen. While it's very liberating not washing or feeling the need to shower every day (twice a day, in my case), I haven't noticed a dramatic reduction in breakouts yet. Still getting frequent cysts along the sides of my neck, which I never had until 'bout 6 months ago. As someone who dealt with EXTREMELY oily skin for ages, I love this regimen. I
  11. I'm on day 11 or so of not washing my mug. Still breaking out with a few cysts on a regular basis, especially on my neck, which is definitely not cool. Forehead looks (and feels) bumpy; overall, my complexion is pretty beat. I shower every 2-3 days, and yes, water occasionally trickles down my face or sprays on my neck. I blot it off as soon as it happens, but I'm not being ridiculous about the no water thing. If a trace amount unintentionally touches my skin, I don't flip out. It happens. I
  12. Two quick questions: 1. How does this regimen affect body acne? Are you supposed to avoid water altogether (i.e. no showering) for it to work on the body as well? 2. What's the verdict on washing your hair? Shampoo or no? On day 4, by the way. i don't think I've gone this long without washing my face in 12 years. Kind of liberating.
  13. Haven't posted in quite a while, but I've been lurking daily. Stumbled upon this topic and others like it today during a really bad bout of "FML." I'm a self-admitted hope whore and always looking for the next potential "cure" (I know, I know). Needless to say, I'm intrigued by this approach, as I've been a slave to various regimens for over 12 years now and am on the brink of madness. Two quick questions: 1. How does this regimen affect body acne? Are you supposed to avoid water altogether (i
  14. My back has been roughly 95% clear for over a year from using AHA every day. I use the Enhanced Lotion from Alpha Hydrox during the fall/winter and their gel, which is a stronger formulation, during the spring/summer. I still get the occasional spot, but I rarely get those huge painful lumps anymore. I've been battling bacne for YEARS and so it's a big deal when I can say I'm content with how it looks now, as I'm never really satisfied. I should mention that I initially complemented the AHA wi
  15. Thank God people responded to this post! I'm currently using the Rose Petal Thayers and I really like it. I was praying it was safe for acne-prone skin because it's just so much more pleasing to the senses than other moisturizers/toners. Smells great & feels refreshing. I know it closes the pores, so I was hoping it didn't cause me to break out. Apparently, not only does it not break you out, it might actually help!