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  1. I'm too lazy to quote the posts which members said they brushed right after drinking ACV but anytime your consume edibles high in acidity your not suppose to brush right afterwards, by doing so you are doing more harm than good because you are practically brushing away your own enamel. I just saw the commercial for sensodyne pro enamel
  2. Great post, I agree 100 percent. For me, I had to eat 4000 calories a day to hit 160 pounds.
  3. OMG, Thanks for that link! I have always been buying 10lbs of ON whey at $90 Canadian. Just ordered 50lbs of True protein WPC at $245 Canadian. You just saved me around $200 dollars. Same amount of protein per scoop as ON whey too.
  4. whey protein in oatmeal is the bomb. bananas are bad for acne. actually i have to beg to differ.... Whey protein is the BomB :dance: :boohoo: on my face bananas...eh havent had too much problems in the past i think, but i avoid them nowadays I noticed alot of people on this board cannot drink whey or milk because they always break out. My face got better when I started drinking lots of proteins like milk and whey. As for bananas, I eat them practically everyday with no si
  5. I had acne when I was 110 pounds and at 160 pounds now, I still have acne. Not as much as before but I'm also older now. I eat more healthy then I did before so I also do not buy into this correlation.
  6. 1 cup rolled oats 1 scoop chocolate whey 500ml milk You can eat it like cereal or throw it in a blender. I usually just eat my oats raw...
  7. Don't let mercury poisoning scare you, if what your doing works for you, stick with it. Only eat the little fish and you should be fine. If you eat tuna, stay away from the white tuna and tuna steaks and your good to go. Why are you just eating fish? what's the point? Mix it up!
  8. I'm chinese, I eat alot of rolled oats, eggs, bread, meats and drink alot of milk. The stuff that people on this message board stay away from because they say it can give you acne or make it worse. I also drink ALOT of protein, flax seed oil and recently thanks to Independent Thinker, creater of the green smoothie thread, I've been making some crazy ass shakes with broccoli, spinach and carrot juice. All three rich in vitamin A and beta carotene. It tastes like shit but I know it's helping the
  9. How do the blades stand up to long term ice crushing? It's has an ice crushing guarantee. I've had it for a little over 3 months now and it's still taking care of business but if the blades do get dull, all you have to do is buy a new jar and if your blender is still under warranty, the jar is free. My old blender broke from blending 24/7 for 1 month... and it cost me $200! Check out www.willitblend.com
  10. I want to put spinach in my smoothie but the thought of it being infected with e. coli is making me think twice lol
  11. Wrong, depends on the underweight person's genetics. For ectomorphs trying to gain weight, I say the first thing they need is to gain fat. Ectomorphs afraid of fats are the one's always whining about how it sucks to be a hard gainer. You do know there are good fats too, right? As in omega 3, not only is it good for your skin but a diet rich in omega 3 can even help with weight loss. Do you actually have experience on this or are you just copying and pasting these essays?
  12. Zinc never gave me results and I took 50mg a day... All it gave me was extreme nausea. Good Luck lol.
  13. First of all, cut off olive oil consumption. (130 calories per tablespoon) Count your calories and start by cutting 500 calories off your daily diet. At the end of the week, you'll be eating 3500 calories less then before. CARDIO! jump rope ten minutes a day, Trust Me. Skipping for 10 minutes is said to be the equivalent of 30 minutes jogging.
  14. Thanks! :) Wow, sounds like you made an all veggie smoothie! Cool! A little tomato and garlic would probably be really good with that too! Are you going to try one with just fruit and leafy greens as well? I agree with you about the "drinkable" aspect of the smoothies - I love that I can just quickly drink down my fruits and greens for the day! haha Yup, I made your smoothie recipe today and to my amazement it tastes way better than the one I made lol. This may be a disgusting