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  1. Why stay away from clearasil? And too damn hard to get hold of that Bp over here, cant get it online as dont have a credit card
  2. Are they red? I have them too, its from applying the Bp too close to the eyes. They should fade with time, I find applying moisturiser (one made to treat dry skin conditions) helps
  3. Ok, most of the advice on this site mentions American products and stuff, which we can't get over here. I have mild acne, no major spots, just a lot of little red ones and blemishes. I tried the regimen a few months ago with a few random products I found in boots, and although it cleared my skin, I gave up because I was tired of looking like a shedding snake and people asking questions and stuff. Am trying again now with much better results, into my 3rd week and can see a marked improvement...
  4. Heya, Just wondering what supplies people are using in the UK. Its kinda hard to get the exact specified ones that Dan mentions. Im using: Panoxyl 2.5% aquagel Nivea Visage Oil Free Moistuirsing Fluid Neutrogena Oil Free Cleaning Wash (for sensitive and dry skin) Im gunna have to come of the regimen since my skin is so dry and flakey after just a few days, which is a shame cus i was noticing a slight improvement.
  5. its just very red and dry, i havent really noticed any irritation at all. ok thanks, ill think ill try using the moisturiser before as well and maybe just do it at night for a few days. i had this sort of skin problem before, a few years ago when i was on that really strong drug roaccutaine, dont know if its related or anything...
  6. Yep sure am. Couldnt get hold of the recommended moisuriser (though made sure its oil free) or face cleanser, so wondered it could be them drying my skin out
  7. Hey people, Have mild acne and Been on Dans regimen for 5 days now and noticing improvements already...not getting any news spots and new ones seem to be fading BUT My face seems to be dark red and reallly dry pretty much all of the time and the skin has started peeling off pretty much everywhere, no matter how much i mosteurise! I know it can take a bit of time for the skin to adjust to BP and that, but just wondering what other people would do, stay on the regimen and try to ride it out as