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  1. zinc citrate is probably the best form after optizinc.
  2. i can answer this one. without a doubt, optizinc and l-optizinc are the best kinds of zinc to get. optizinc is actually the patented name of zinc methionine. l-optizinc is even more absorbable than optizinc, it is zinc l-methionine. read this page, it should answer all of your questions: http://www.interhealthusa.com/faqs/loptizinc_faqs.aspx vitacost.com sells an excellent brand of l-optizinc, and they do international shipping, but i'm not sure how expensive it is. the actual produc
  3. probably not, i think accutane is the devil, personally.. *hiss* (of course it's not always bad, i think it is worth the health risks and problems for some people)
  4. i agree here.. megadosing on anything is horrible for your liver and kidneys. water soluable or not, it still puts a huge tax on your excretory system.
  5. cod liver oil provides your body with EFA's, or essential fatty acids. these are fatty acids that cannot be produced in the body and must be absorbed from food. there are omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 i think and we already get way too much omega-6. fish oils provide omega-3 which is lacking is most peoples' diets. these omega-3 EFAs are mostly in fish, and some other foods. cod liver oil (as opposed to fish oil) also provides natural sources of vitamin A and vitamin D, both also good for the
  6. personally, i've been using BP for years, all over my face and i've never noticed any bleaching of hair color whatsoever.. (i have dark brown hair).. what's wrong with you guys? hehe
  7. well, i have a similar experience. i have also been extremely depressed during my lifetime, mostly thoughts that start with my complexion and stem from there. for instance i'll think about it then i'll be like god who is gonna want me looking like this, then i start thinking oh god i'm gonna be lonely for the rest of my life, i'm never gonna get married, i'm never gonna have kids.. why am i even going to school now, if my future is gonna suck, etc. i'm 22 years old myself, male, and my mom sa
  8. i think the birth control will do you a lot of good. i have female friends who have done this and they say it works really well.. i'm guessing for what is hormonal acne. kinda makes me jealous that i'm not a girl cause birth control seems to really improve females' skin. oh p.s. you might want to try zinc supplementation, whether it helps prevent breakouts or not, i'm not sure.. but it does seem to make the red marks fade a lot faster.. like within a day for the light ones, and within 2-3 day
  9. yeah, kids have not learned what we call "tact" yet - "Acute sensitivity to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including the ability to speak or act without offending." heck even some adults have never learned it. i remember i was at a wedding rehersal or something and one my little cousins came up to me and out of the blue just laughed at me and said "you have a big nose" .. i was like wtf man?! haha. he wasn't trying to be mean i guess he was just saying what he thoug
  10. i'm just curious.. were your kidney problems related to / a result of the roaccutane treatment?
  11. i'm 22 years old.. i've had acne since i was an early teen.. i can't remember the exact age but it was probably somewhere around 14-15 when it started. i went for about 7 or 8 years straight using products on my face constantly because i was scared to stop.. even into my twenties when i figured i should have outgrown it.
  12. personally, i have cleared my face by stopping all acne regimens. i don't use BP anymore, i just wash once in the morning with water and once at night with facial soap. that and i take zinc. i am pretty much 100% clear. i'm not going to recommend this to anyone because i don't want people to try it and find out it doesn't work or anything.. but it worked for me.. so i guess each individual is different. the products i was using were the creators of my acne, kinda paradoxical.. but y'know.
  13. speaking of that.. my friend used to work at this store and they had 10x magnification mirrors. if you want to become extremely depressed, take a look in one of those!
  14. from what i've heard and read, most normal multivitamins have horrible amounts of B complex vitamins, what i mean is they don't have nearly enough to be active. i would recommend getting a specific B-complex vitamin from a health food store or something to make sure you get enough.