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  1. Thanks for the replies, it's so good to be talking to people who get how it feels! I was on antibiotics. Although I'm now currently fighting with my head over why i went to that doctors appointment...if I hadn't he wouldn't have taken me off them, I'd still be doing ok etc etc! Having a frustrating week!
  2. Hey I have been a member on this site for about 10 years now. I used to be here constantly and then only once every so often. I have battled acne for most of my life, well before I finally found this site. Over the 10 years since I signed up here I have been to hell and back, as many people here will be able to relate to. I have tried pretty much every product and medication under the sun and been seen by so many professionals I've lost count. I've also been seriously mentally unwell. We al
  3. Yeah you have a point, unfortunately as you will know there is no quick cure or solution to acne. Many people here have been battling it for years. The fact that some posts don't get replies doesn't mean that people don't want to help. They just aren't sure how to. Sometimes its hard to give advice that you don't really believe is going to help just because you think that's what they want to hear.
  4. How about an anger management course? To focus on the way that you deal with your depression is just as important as trying to find a way of coming out of it. Have you got any hobbies? Maybe channelling your frustration into something you’re interested in might help. It did for me to some extent. Or maybe try focussing on goals. Decide that you will try and stay positive and only look at things that are good or that you’ve done well for a day or two and then allow yourself to sit back and g
  5. I think you should go talk to them. Surely it’s worth a try, maybe they can help you. As for making people around you suffer I don’t think you need to worry about that. They love you, they’ll want to help you. Think how much worse they would feel if a few years down the line they found out how you were feeling and realise that if only they knew, they could have helped you and maybe that way things would have worked out differently. It’s so hard to put a brave face on when you have to de
  6. Having just read your most recent post in this thread I would say you need to see someone professional and quickly. Using violence is only going to result in you getting seriously hurt or maybe even someone else. Please visit your doctor and get this sorted.
  7. Hey bandito, Sorry to hear you’re feeling so low. I know this sounds pretty hollow but suicide is honestly not the answer. I sympathise with you because I know how it feels to feel this low and despairing that anything is ever going to change for the better. Acne is such a cruel condition. It wears you down until it breaks your soul. The answer is not to let it. To fight back every step of the way. Hold on to the hope that one day you will beat it for good. Praise yourself for every accomplish
  8. Hey, First of all you need to get some help with your eating problems. There are many different products to try on acne, it's all about finding the one that will help with yours. But if you make yourself too ill from not eating properly, acne is actually going to end up the least of your worries. I think you need to concentrate on your eating, get that back on track and then you can deal with clearing your skin. There are actually a lot of people who say that healthy eating can help with cleari
  9. Explain to him you need to do it as you have sensitive skin and tell him to be grateful he doesn't have to do it! Plus if you tell him you'll be moody and unhappy if you break out he might decide it's easier to let you get on with it!
  10. The whole 'diet starts tomorrow' thing is so easy isn't it?! Don't be too hard on yourself junk food is so tempting! How about instead of trying to diet just ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle bit by bit. I find trying to go without anything bad for you just makes you crave it more. Then as a result i eat far more junk food than i would have in the first place! I eat a lot more healthily these days than i used to. Try doing things slowly. First of all promise yourself you'll eat 5 portion
  11. I guess if you think you look way worse than you do at least that's the right way round! Better than thinking you look better than you do!! 11 years for me, think I left my mind behind somewhere in year 2… Am so joining this club!
  12. Hey here's a link from many years ago that answered the same question on this site! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/stores-se...-oil-t4427.html I also found that the body shop sell it. I looked on their website and they have different jojoba products on their so I assume they will sell them in the shops! Here's the website http://www.thebodyshop.com/_en/_ww/search/...ch=jojoba%20oil Hope that helps!
  13. Hey, sorry to hear you’re having such a bad day. I’m sure there’s not much anyone can say that is comforting or cheers you up when your skin seems to be taking over too much of your life. All I can say is keep trying to find what works for you. You say the antibiotics worked before, maybe the idea that they can do it again is enough for you to change your mind and go back on them? There must be something out there that can help with acne, it’s just a matter of trying. I know it gets hard