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  1. My products just arrived in the mail from the site dan recommended, cost about 20 bucks for 2 tubes of BP cream and 1 all purpose bar. Products: Neutrogena BP 2.5%, Purpose Gentle Clensing Bar I have to say.. the purpose clensing bar is fantastic... its gentle on the skin and i can definetly tell the difference from other types of soaps that can clog pores, im glad i got it.. its cheap, effective and lasts a long time. Day 1: So far ive noticed a big difference right away.... my curren
  2. You should have mentioned to your dermatologist that your on an over-the-counter product regimen.... I def say you stick with the regimen and see if it clears things up after a couple of weeks... if not go with what ur derm said... besides you already have all the regimen products ready to go
  3. I currently have both proactive and the regime materials.... i personally like the regime stuff alot better, the bp cream and specific clensers and moisturizers seem to work better... there cheaper, and you can get what you think is right for you. the moisturizer in the proactive set doesnt seem to work very well, and they require you to buy like all there products not just a couple seems like they just want your money. each one says to use after a certain other proactive product.. i
  4. Thanks alot! I think im going to get Neutrogena's Oil-Free SPF 15 moisturizer
  5. this Regimen isnt really specifically used to reduce acne.... just to keep your skin hydrated and looking good.
  6. I am going to go on the dan regimen, all i need now is a good moisturizer but im not sure what i need or what type of ingredients i want in my moisturizer. When i go to the store soon, what should i look for in a moisturizing product besides oil free?
  7. Well the main reason people who use BP use moisturizier is because BP can make your screen very dry.... But if you normally have dry skin as it is i would definetly recommend the moisturizer as long as its oil free. But if you have light to mild acne i suggest you use that in combination with other acne products, just about all of them will make your skin dry.
  8. LOL thanks much for the post! i guess ill head to the store soon, my skin is flaky and dry since i havent used moisturizer with BP
  9. Has anyone tried the 4 step acne cure? Im curious on some feedback people have with using it....
  10. that sounds like a smiliar treatment, you said you used it because you dont have enough doe for all that cream? well doesnt the mask cost just as much since you need to cover your whole face? if its cheaper usin the mask then sheesh i may try that.... just ordered 2 tubes of 2.5% BP that stuff isnt cheap for just some cream! )-;
  11. are you positive about this? i have a huge bottle of this lotion do i have to go buy a new one!? ill read some information off the bottle to make sure (but if it is infact harmfull in clogging pores make sure you say something!) vasaline intensive care lotion water resistant moisturizing lotion "It's water resistant because it helps resist the drying effects of soap and water" unique, non-greasy formula ingredients: water, glycerin, distearyldimonium chloride, cetyl alchohol, meth
  12. Aright i apologize for the sarcasm... ill post a more constructive post this time.... I began smoking cigarettes the beginning of my senior year in high school, and to be completely honest my face has been the cleanest in the past year. The main reason im here is i just got an unexpected breakout in the last week or so and it sucks.. espcially after having good skin for a period of time! ): But honestly i dont think smoking affects it, because i have smoked cigarettes and other things on a
  13. Thats because when combined together it will cause sevre overdrying and flaking of the skin and most likely irritate it. Its best to just go with one or the other
  14. Is this ok to use as a moisturizer when on the regimen? I just started and i want to make sure i get everything right (: