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  1. I think you've got some insecurities of your own if you think getting a facial makes you gay. Anyway,most people end up with more redmarks after getting facials because of the squeezing and exclusion of pimples that goes on.Not everyone knows how to do facials,make sure you go to a reputable esthetician.
  2. What a great thread! I know someone who used ACV years ago and it worked for her,she told me to specifically use an organic brand so i went to Whole Foods and got some.I stopped using it because i developed some hyperpigmented marks after one session of V-beam and the ACV just made them appear more red than they already were.Hmm whatever,you've inspired me to give it a second chance!
  3. Why are people still boiling water as if we were in another century?They sell facial saunas you know.
  4. I've been using this cream for about a month now,but last night after i was done using my special scrub i put it on and it burned more than ever,so i wake up today with my cheeks really damn red!!I've been putting my rosehip oil and cream so hopefully it'll soothe it down. Please tell me this has happened to you before!! Everything was going along fine,i should have never put the cream on last night!!
  5. I just received it today,is it suppose to burn or not?Cause i didn't feel the slightest tingling.
  6. So you need something with AHA that works?Hmm there's this amazing company who i buy most of my beauty products from called Aubrey-Organics and they have a natural AHA exfoliating mask and everyone i know has tried it and they've had nothing but great results,but if you have active acne you can't use it. http://www.aubrey-organics.com/product1.cfm?product_id=116
  7. Every face wash i've ever tried has made my face flaky,dry,tight and what not,so a few months ago while shopping at Wild Oats i came across Aubrey-Organics and bought their rosehip oil (rosa mosqueta) along with their seaware face wash and my face has never been better!!Just so you get an idea of what kind of skin i have,it's acne prone and very oily along with mild red marks. Since then i've tried their Jojoba meal mask and scrub,AHA fruit acids with apricot exfoliating mask and toning moistur
  8. Yeah,i loooove rosehip oil.I started using it back in november and noticed a difference in about a week but then stopped using it cause my pores got clogged...but yeah it does indeed work for red marks!
  9. Rio


    Wow,i can't believe the crazy shit i've been hearing from people on here lately...
  10. I started this thread to hear about the AHA cream,not to see some ignorant bullshit about the sun working for red marks.
  11. Okay,so i just ordered it after giving it some thought,hopefullyi could hear some positives experiences from you all.
  12. Someone just suggested this product,so i went over to drugstore.com and makeupalley and basically everyone gave it good reviews.Is it really that amazing?My skin has been acne free for awhile now and i just have red marks to get rid of,i wouldn't want this to make my face worse.
  13. wow,looks very promising.I just read some reviews and everyones seems to love it!
  14. I just found some reviews: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...eno/Treatments/
  15. I've already tried the neutragena cream and it make my skin worse,i want something that wont make me breakout and work effectively with a high percentage.