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  1. before i started reading this board, i always just assumed that the little red dots all over my face were acne. now i'm not so sure. i rarely, if ever, get white heads. i just get large red bumps on my face that seem like they should be full of puss but never develop to that. are these things cysts?? also, i have little, tiny red dots all over my cheeks and forehead, but they have never been whiteheads or even bumps for that matter. they're just flat red marks. what are these things?? now that i
  2. just thought that i'd let everyone know my experience since i've been reading through a lot of posts on here about people feeling uncomfortable and hideous without make-up on. well, i've been a religious wearer of concealer and foundation for about 5 years now. for so long i felt that i couldn't go out in public without a full face of make-up on because my acne is so terrible. and believe me, my acne is bad. i got put on a new regime by my derm and i thought, well, why not bite the bullet and s
  3. hi there, alright i just went to the derm last wenesday (june 1st) and i was prescribed plenty of things. it has got me worried because it hasn't even been a week and my skin is starting to crack and it is extremely dry all over, not to mention it's painful for me to go through the day while on these prescriptions. i was prescribed the following: benzac 10% (face wash) - use morning and night gen minocycline (antibiotic) - take two 50mg's morning and night benzamycin (topical cream) - use befo