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  1. Those of you in the United States with Insurance, how much do you pay total every month? ( Including Derm visit, Blood work, Accutane) ALso what insurance are you under? What brand? What plan? I think it'd be cheaper to get an insurance rather than pay for all that stuff out of one's pocket. I'm sure this post can help many of us. Please let us know.
  2. I finished my accutane course in july..my skin has looked great for 2 months. Now my acne is slowly coming back...so is the oil. I have many white heads . no cyst but alot of small bumps. man it sucks. Im thinking about going on a 2nd course really soon. Who cares about the price..all my money from my part time jobs will pay for accutane..sigh. I was on 80 mg for 6 months and i weight 155 , I thougth my chances of acne coming back would be low.. Do dermatologist wait for a certain amount of t
  3. I'm 2 months post accutane. I've been getting whitehead around my mouth and my nose...and my skin is getting oily again. I havent had any big red pimple yet..although i fear that it's coming back . I"d like some insight on how to keep it under control.. i've tried Bp pre accutane and got little result.. will it be more effective now?
  4. No doubt, antibiotic wil only clear you up when you're on it, once you're off it, the acne comes back worse and NO way should u take antiobiotic forever unless you want some serious liver damage.
  5. i doubt that your doc will let you decide the amount of accutane you want to be on. If you waant to reach teh ideal cumulative dosage in 3 months, but in any case that'd be 90 mg a day my mistake, that;s 100 mg 100 X 30 X 3 = 9000 9000/ 60 = 100
  6. thanks for the replies! I hope that was enough to get rid of acne definitively
  7. Well I've read that people on accutane should reach a dosage of 150 mg / kg at the end of their course. What if you are above that? I was on accutane for 6 months at 80mg a day throughtout the course. i weighted 165 at the begging of thje course and liost about 10 lbs during the second month, however my dosage stayed the same . so if i'm correct. 80 *30 * 6 = 14400 mg 14400 / 80 = 180 mg Is this correct? is it too much? any help is appreciated!
  8. It's ridiculously expensive, I hate the United States health care system. 400$ for the generic brand about 100$ for Derm visit 180$ for monthly blood test count about spending 700$ a month without insurance.. That's what i did,I don't regret it at all, however..it's just RIDICULOUS!
  9. I would also really like the input of anybody who has ordered accutane online from a specific website and got the expected results. Of course accutane has to be monitored. and i've been monitored for 3 months. Andit's always the same thing every month. NOthing too high, nothing too low ( except my last bloodtest where my triglyceride were around 435 because I had taken alot of vitamine E with high quantity of triglyceride, I did a bloodtest on the very same day and my triglyceride came down t
  10. let me know how it turns out, i'm sure this thread is gonna get very popular.
  11. yes to both your questions. yes , the skin is more fragile and looks very unheatlhy. Mine looks like i've aged and that i'm dying. ANd yes to the red mark staying there forever.
  12. same here.although I have insurance, it doesn't cover accutane. can i get that pm too please?
  13. Wet shave of course, with Gel and stuff. I dont think my blade is blunt, i use the Shick 4 blade. maybe i don't press hard enough ? i hate shaving!!!
  14. I'm sorry to hear that man . Did you take a second course of Accutane? you said that the acne didn't come as bad as before. I would think that a second course should put an end to it.
  15. Hi there, I was wonder if some of you ever shaved against the grain. I 've read that it is bad for it can cause more iritation, more pain, and was generally avoided. however, how do you get a complete shave without shaving against theg rain? If i don't shave against the grain , it still looks like i have a very very short mustache or beard. Any help would be appreciated!