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  1. Day 53 Well the small cuts from work that I have on my hands are taking forever to heal, and I've noticed in the last two days that my skin on my forehead feels really very thin. I feel like a skeleton! I'm finding the lack of progress to be annoying. If my side effects were worse, I'd probably feel as if the drug was actually working... I've had a spot on my jawline for ages now... I should've documented it here ages ago in one of my previous posts, and it's still there. This bugger just won
  2. Day something-or-other Basically there's been no update in a long time as nothing new has happened. Roaccutane is pretty poor in that reading all the threads on here and the advice warnings and what the Derm says, I expected side effects to be really really continuously bad, but they're not. I'm wondering whether or not 60mg a day is enough. It's doing nothing to me, which is really annoying. I have been back to the Derm to collect more pills and let some nice lady steal my blood with my con
  3. Day 31. So Christmas and New Year is over with. New Years was an absolute blast. Lots to drink, lots of fun, lots of awesome music, lots of cool people and my head New Years Day felt like someone had sliced it in two with a jigsaw! Twas brilliant! Many thanks for your reply, Charlotte. For Christmas I got the usual: clothes, cd's, DVD'd, money, chocolate and whatnot. How was yours? Did you receive much? Acne situation... Well I've had dry ears of all things, and behind my ears have been espec
  4. Day 24 - - I think. Right. Christmas Over. Boxing Day over. Acne - here. So I've not updated in a while - that's because I have a big family and lots of gifts to wrap, and lots of bottles to drink, etc. Lemme start off with the 'hand thing'.... I developed a small rash on my right hand. Looked like a cement burn, lots of large exposed red, painful, flakey dry crap, basically, which started on erm December 24th - not nice. Mouth area is getting dry and flakey everso much. It's becoming someth
  5. Day 18 Very dry around my mouth. Very flakey around my mouth. Ew. Ok... So the forehead, nose and my right cheek have that horrible 120grit sandpaper or microtinysmall blackhead pimplicious feel to them which doesn't seem quite as bad once freshly moisturised. I spent a long time last night looking at my nose in the mirror. It looks like it's getting more pale in places. It looks like a nice colour of skin. I also sat there thinking about what it would look like once I've finished my treatment
  6. G'day... As you know hun, Roaccutane is weird stuff: Give yourself a week and they could well be completely GONE. I must say that going onto Roaccutane at this time of the year is probably the worst time of all the year... Is your skin so dry that it's flakey when you wake up until the time you sort it out with the moisturiser? The bumpy nose and forehead etc is something I can relate to as well... What exactly happened with them? Did they start with just an odd texture and then tiny blackhea
  7. Day 17 I'm skipping yesterday as there had been no change. Zilch. Today however I woke up with the most horrible dry lips. I've not had them this dry before. In fact they had gone a strange yellow scabby colour in places which is odd as like always they were Vaseline'd before bed... I guess the colder weather isn't helping too much too, though. I had a textured nose... In fact I still have it... It's a rough and grainy feeling which has transferred to my right cheek and the middle of my forehe
  8. Day 14 The rough nose saga continues. Tiny small blackheads - pinprick size - dotted on the top don't cause irritation, but because I can feel it; annoys me. Forehead is developing the same texture. Quite offputting. Day 15 First day back at work. I got a couple of comments from people saying how my skin looked better! I find myself having to apply Vaseline too much. It's really annoying me now. I don't like putting it on every bloody 45 mins. It's not easy to do at work. I did have a rem
  9. Day 13 Well. I've had a bit of an odd texture thing going on with the nose today. It's like there's loads of very small blackheads and it feels a bit like stubble. Erm.. Can't really say there's been any major changes apart from that... Lips are starting to get really sore and in particular I find myself getting dehydrated pretty quickly especially when I'm working out at the gym - I've started to drink a lot more water. Still waiting to see whether I experience nosebleeds.. Feels horrible pu
  10. Day 12 I'm going to reply today for yesterdays... I didn't have enough time and when I got in I couldn't see the screen due to alcohol consumption! Well I continued to have a tight chest, but then I think my latest work out at the gym may have something to do with that, where my chest seems to be expanding. Hmm. A new bugger appeared on my jawline.. It's a real shitter this one is - really red and boil-like. Eww. My joints always used to crack: my knees would crack and my wrists would crac
  11. Day 11 Bit late posting this, but c'est la vie.... I'm finding the dryness manageable since getting into the routine of moisturising AS SOON as I get out of the shower and have dried off, and it's paying off. Flaking is subsidised. My chest of late has been feeling quite tight, but I don't know whether that's because I've been going to the gym more often recently. It's not an unbearable pain in any way - just something I've observed. Skin is the same as yesterday to be honest. Nothing new se
  12. Day 10 No changes. Dryness seems to be neither better nor worse - applying Vaseline to the lips periodically keeps them smooth and stops the cracking. Sorry I have nothing else to say... It does feel good to finish the first box of blister packs. Woo!
  13. Day 9 I've woken up to find the most horrible flaking dry lips! What can I use to exfoliate my lips without them bleeding or looking worse? More updates later on.............. -------------- 12:47pm: Does Roaccutane slow down facial hair growth? -------------- 23:51: So today dryness has continued. Even though I moisturised my face well it actually felt like my forehead was scaly like a fish, which was odd as it definately didn't look it. The area around my mouth gets the worst, and normal
  14. Day 8 Dry lips continue...! I'm pleased to say I've not had a nosebleed, but I am preparing myself for that by keeping my nasal passage Vaseline'd in hope that the moisturising will combat nosebleeds... Generally my face looks..... better. Erm. Just looks smoother. It is getting increasingly dry and flakey despite my moisturising, but only to the sides of my nose, and around my mouth. Even though I say it looks better, I have had a couple of very small whiteheads appear dotted around my face,
  15. Day 7 Well last night was brilliant. But I got very drunk very quickly - excellent! Today I have a few new spots on the jawline and in my ear, which is really annoying, but hopefully they will go soon. The dry lips has continued, and I feel there is less time between applications now. My face seems to get very tight and dry after showering or whatever, so I am really having to moisturise shortly after or else I do just turn into a flaking/cracked mess. Tonight again I am going out... Wont d
  16. Day 6 Today's been quite boring in terms of skin. No such change. I find myself applying Vaseline every hour or so but I think I've got used to the feeling of nice soft lips and I've accustomed to them feeling lovely! Hah. Hmm. Erm. I'm going out tonight to a party... Let's see how Roaccutane reacts with alcohol. I've promised myself not to drink too much - my promises to myself don't hold too much credibility though. That's it! That's all I can really update on for today. Perhaps Day 7 w
  17. Day 5 Woke up again to find dry peeling mess around my mouth. My face gets very dry very quickly after showering which is a bit of a pain - literally - so I've learned now to brush my teeth, then shower, then straight after dry off and apply moisturiser! Lips are getting dry very quickly. They're getting to the stage where I am reapplying Vaseline every hour or so as they are just becoming really dry and flaky. Roaccutane is working, I can confirm - much quicker than expected! My scalp was q
  18. Day 4 Almost 1pm. I want to go out into town, but I'm red, and painful, and I look sore, and a bit shiny, but I'm probably shiny as I've used a bit more moisturiser as when I got out the shower my forehead and chin area dried up really quickly. I was just left with horrible dry bits of flakey skin. Nasty nasty nasty. It's too close to Christmas not to go shopping. The problem with shopping online is that you don't see products side by side and impulse shopping just doesn't happen - you have to
  19. It sounds like Accutane is working for you as quickly as it is for me... It's pretty scary, and it's hard to judge how much intense any further side affects may be... But hang in there! Hopefully Vaseline up your nose will stop further nosebleeds. Along with dry eyes that's the only thing I DO NOT want to experience! Best wishes.
  20. When I used B5, I bought it from a company called Rosemarys Health Foods. It arrived very quickly - normally next day, was well packaged, and seemed to work a bit for me. My acne though is terrible, hence me being on Roaccutane and B5 never worked as well as I would have liked it to.
  21. Day 3 That horrible 'nodule' thing has got a bit redder and slightly larger in terms of surface area coverage. I've got a whitehead under my eyebrow but just above my eye which is painful and I can see it out of the corner of my eye! Grr! On my neck I have a lovely big pustle, which is uncommon for me as I usually only get papules there. Strange. I've had slightly drier lips today, and today after my shower my skin seemed to take half as long before it felt dry. I had to apply slightly more mo
  22. Day 2 Strange really. Don't know whether my feelings today are caused by the Roaccutane, or whether it's coincidence and psychological: Itchy arms, hands, back and shoulders but only whilst I was working out at the gym. My face has developed a 'nodule' or what feels like one to the right of my nose. Again I don't know whether this is coincidence, or the Roaccutane. A couple of whiteheads here and there, and in actual fact the worst thing I had today was a headache... Again I don't know how m
  23. I'm going to bed soon. Day 1 is over. It's been a lazy day for me. I feel tired, but that's probably not anything to do with the Roaccutane. Every different feeling now will immediately be blamed on the Roac, even though it's probably coincidence. Good night!
  24. I can't say I've used Simple products in a long time. I do however think the M Lotion by Clinique is very good. I think it is fair to say that people really do react differently to different products. I didn't know UR was still in production, as I used to use it 3 or 4 years ago, but gave up with it as I found it to be very fluid and left me shiny-faced - this was only after they repackaged it..! Hmm
  25. So will your dose be increased at all or don't you know that until you go back to see your derm?