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  1. Hi everyone, I have spent the last hour reading this thread. I started to get excited about Silicon treatments. Then, I went to Dr. Lams' website at www.lamfacialplastics.com and looked at the before and after pics. I have to say that it was a real buzzkill. In my view, I saw no improvements. Why would'nt Daves' pics be there? Is Dr. Lam intentionally putting people with no results on his site to prevent potential patients from getting too high of expectations or is this his best work? If these
  2. Thanks ArtyLang! I can't wait to see your pictures!!!!! Take care, Skinny
  3. Hi ArtyLang, Wow, that's great news!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!! I'm looking into the BioAlcamid injections too. Have you read that thread? Rustymetal is posting about his or her results. I can't wait to see your pictures! I wonder which filler would be better????? I have so many small little not so deep scars, I don't know if they can be filled. Take care, Skinny
  4. Hi rusty, I just found this thread, it's way back here. I just "pm" you. That's so great you're getting results. Are you going to go for a 3rd treatment? Do you know of any reasons why someone could'nt use this filler? What do you think about me stopping my SB treatments for now and using the Bio? Then after I'm done with the filler go back to SB. I've had 5 SB treatments so far. Take care, Skinny
  5. Hi Artylang, How can I get in contact with Dr. Danserue? Will you please pm me and let me know his phone number or web site. Keep us posted on your results! Thanks, Skinny
  6. I know, I thought that too. They said they will explain it at my next consult the web site for one of the lasers that they are referring to is www.sciton.com (a micro laser) it refers to acne scars about the sixth paragraph I believe. The other thing is some type of topical that is heated by the IPL laser. Both are very new, and that is all I know at this point. I was told they were amazing. I'll post when I know more. Skinny
  7. Hi Rusty, That's great news, one of your temples is completely filled!!!!! Please keep us posted. I'm waiting for your final results before I head down there. I just went and had my 5th Smoothbeam treatment. I'm really confused about what to do at this point. My doc is recommending I stop Smoothbeam treatments and do one of the new non-ablative resurfacing lasers. They want to have another consult with me in 4 weeks and show me pictures of the people they are using the new laser on, and the
  8. Hi Rusty, Just wondering if you have an update? Have you made it back to Mexico again? How are the areas doing that she injected the first time? Pleaseeeeeeeee keep us posted!!!!! Thanks, Skinny Thanks for that "filler" site rebellgirl.
  9. Has anyone heard of the Micro Laser? Supposedly it's like giving you a dermabrasion, but not as severe. www.sciton.com-----click on "About Sciton" go to the 6th paragraph, it refers to acne scars. What to do, what to do, what to do! Keep going with Smoothbeam treatments, do Bio-alcamid, or try this new laser?????
  10. Hi Rusty, Do you think it matters if I've had four SBs? Isn't the collagen from SB suppose to keep plumping up long after our treatments? I wonder if this would affect the filler? I wouldn't want to get too plumped up, where the fillers are injected causing bumps. Did you tell Anna you were doing SB? If yes, what did she say about this? Also, do you think it's a good idea to send digital pics or have her actually look at your skin in person to see if your a good candidate? I'm glad to he
  11. Hi Finch, Sb did the opposite for me, almost all my blackheads are gone. All my scars are still here though. The scars are more shallow, edges less defined. Skin just looks better. I want my scars to fill in!!!!!
  12. Hi, It makes sence that since collagen is moist that the accutane could have possibly dried it up, causing the scars to go back down. Marytheres just recently had her last treatment, I don't think it's been long enough to see if her treatments were not going to be permanent. At the end of an ad in a magazine I'm looking at for non-ablative lasers it says, maintenance treatments for prevention may also be recommended. It would be great if we could talk to some of the laser docs' previous clie
  13. Hi Poohman, Definetly I need to have a consult and do my research still. Knowledge is Power! I'm sure when I do, that will help alleviate my initial fears. That's good to know people from all over North America trust them and go there. Are you going to go there and have it done? If so, please keep me posted on any info you find out and your results. Things are only getting better, this sounds a lot better than Silicone. Hi Rebellgyrl, Thanks for that great info! Why do you feel the Ang
  14. Rusty, That's so awesome the small soft shallow indentations can be filled too. It seems like it would take a long time to inject each little indent, do they take the time to do each little one? I'm sorta scared to go to Mexico. I wish we could all go there together and have it done. It would be a bit more comforting to be with other people in the same boat, in a foreign country having our faces injected with needles, with a product that's not FDA approved in our own country. Do you kn
  15. Hi, Here's an article I found. My opinion, as of now, is that know one knows for sure if it is permanent because it hasn't been around long enough. There's no scientific evidence yet. It may possibly only last as long as collagen injections. Some people say it is and some people say it isn't. Only time will tell. God I hope it's permanent! I 've been told by every doctor I've ever talked to about acne scar repair that they could help me, and that the procedures that they use will work. My