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    music - the beatles, lennon, bob dylan, the who, the clash, eric clapton, hendrix, the hives, the kaiser chiefs (amazing band..pretty famous in the uk i think), yeah yeah yeahs, nirvana, elliot smith, sissor sisters, beck, kasabian<br />playing guitar is fun...<br /><br />all pittsburgh sports teams..<br />i like playing poker
  1. u obviously don't know the history of sickening/acnescarredandsad/gottabejuicedson since you only have 3 posts....
  2. 1. What is your current age/grade? 17/junior 2. What kind of student are you? a good student that doesn't have to try 3. What is your fav. class? history 4. Which subject do you hate? physics 5. Which is your best subject? history 6. What after school activities are you involved in? i run cross country and track 7. What is your biggest accomplishment so far? getting a 4.0...i don't know 8. What classes are you currently enrolled in now? trig, physics, french, english, religion 9. Do you enjoy
  3. there are better ways to get accutane than trying to break out.. deffinately go to a different derm and DEMAND accutane..don't take no for an answer. tell them it is your last resort. most regular docters aren't goign to give out accutane..it must be done by a derm. making yourself breakout isn't the way to go.... you will regret it if you decide to do it your way
  4. off topic but i really like your new avatar for some reason
  5. adam please give it up, u dont have nasty scars, u look fine. everyone else is saying stuff...give him a break
  6. is your avatar meant to be a joke?? i found it funny, but then i saw u had some of dubya's quotes on your sig and began to worry....
  7. no joke...mirrors are the scariest things unless i am comfortable with it
  8. i had 3 girlfriends before the age of 15..im 17 now and on the verge of another one (maybe??) edit: between 15 and 17 i believe it was bc of acne i didn't have one
  9. why? get on accutane as fast as you can before scarring and shit start.