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  1. Im not going to leave my picture up for very long but I wanted to show you my face at its best. Its a shame it does not always look this way. This picture was taken about a month ago and its the best picture I have taken in years. But today the scars on my face are so evident. I wish it always looked this way. I know its not all in my mind. Ive improved alot but why cant the progress be consistent. More people sit next to me on the train. But there are still plenty who will walk right past me.
  2. Thanks for your advice LeeLowe. I know I sound like an idiot, but its hard to cope with. I compare it to when someone wants to silently tell you you have something on your face, what do they do, they start rubbing that part of their face in hopes that you will catch on and do the same. Thats how it is for me every day...I saw a show on Lifetime about a man with tumors all over his face, a little girl looked at him and immediately wiped her face, I said thats what I face every day !!!
  3. I know Ive mentioned it before but at this point especially now that Im being treated, it makes me extremely angry when people have to touch or rub their face when they speak to me or look at me. I know it shouldnt make me mad but it does. Very angry because they dont do it to anyone else. Even my sister does it, when she is talking to other people she doesnt do that, whenever she is near me ,she is always rubbing her face. Its very annoying. i was in a video meeting yesterday and the h
  4. Jensweetone, you are an inspiration. Your skin looks so pretty. I lterally have a crater face. Even when I take a close up on my phone, it looks like craters. I dont think I will ever be attractive again.
  5. Thank you for your kind words..I'm not making the progress at the rate I want. I just don't want to have to see people react to my skin. Whether. It's staring or rubbing or scratching their face . I just want to be normal. Is that too much to ask
  6. I was feeling good until a so called friend mind you she is in her 40s, tried to be a smart ass. I was actually talking about my twists in my hair and how I hate them. She goes "What are you talking about ..pimples ? You mean your best friends ?" I told I dont have any pimples..but I was so pissed that she even went there because she struggles with her skin also and she knows Im now under doctor's care. @Nansunnan -I remember in High School some chick that worked with me was like "You got AIDS
  7. I wanted to give you all an update. After nearly 16 years of untreated acne, (mind you Ive had it since I was ten) I am seeing progress. However Im still experience alot of discrmination. The good thing is that I know Im doing something about my skin and hopefully within the next 3 months I will see a HUGE improvement. Until then I will feel at least better knowing that Im improving. Back in December I had eight giant cysts on my face. If anything, I can rejoice that they are gone. Since Dece
  8. I think the lines were temporary. I have not had them sense the first couple of weeks, although lately Im noticing some lines again.
  9. Feeling uncertain. Some days Im feeling great. I know Im improving. This past Monday I felt not pretty, not good but downright GORGEOUS. My skin was damn near flawless. I even caught a male co worker staring my way. Another co worker complimented and said he liked my whole look. I know I was looking good. A guy behind me in line at the deli counter was flirting when the cashier accidentally thought we were ordering together. He didnt get repulsed and yell, "Nah Im not with HER are you kidding me
  10. DarkHeart you sound like me and I wish I was like your co worker. I used to be that way when I was younger. I could not care less about my skin. Granted, I used a ton of makeup (made it look worse) but I thought I was the hottest thing on earth on High School. By college that is when people started treating me like a leper. At this point I just feel pathetic. I never discuss my skin at this point and its probably because thats all my mother ever talked about. In fact people used to bring up m
  11. I cant bring myself to do this...I dont know why. I admire all of you that can. .Now that Im under a doctor's care for my skin maybe I can be more open. I just dont like to make a part of my conversation with people . Maybe Im a phony. Im going to try to talk about it.
  12. I would like to report a positive note, Today I sat with not one but two co workers at lunch. We laughed talked. No one rubbed their face. For me, thatis progress.
  13. Wow..just wow such courage. I never speak about my skin. Ever. Its not that I pretend it doesnt exist. I dont want to talk about it in person. The closest I ever came was recently I said my skin is so sensitive. I feel that people make a big deal out of it without actually mentioning it but by their actions. (avoiding me etc) so I dont even want to engage them in conversation about it. But hmmm maybe I will try that approach....
  14. GetSchwifty. I always enjoy your posts and replies. I try so hard to be friendly at work. I say good morning half of the people act like they dont see or hear me yet when someone more popular says hello they respond and make conversation. They make it clear that they dont want me to even try to be their friend. I dont go around complaining about my skin in fact I dont discuss it all with anyone..ever.
  15. Thank you for your words getschwifty. I hate going to work every day. It doesn't help that I work around 20 something's We Dont have much in common as it is but for me to be older with much worse skin than theirs is very embarrassing.