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  1. Hello, I've haven't been here for awhile because I've been mostly clear until I indulged in a little sushi last week with it's iodine rich seaweed last week and had a pretty good break out, the first in a long while. So, I know this has been mentioned beofore but just a reminder to everyone to see if they aren't afffected by iodine sensitivity like I am. Iodine truly was the missing link in solving my acne troubles. I just avoid all japanese food -seaweed in boiled into a tasy broth for eve
  2. Both cheap olives and low quality turkey (which is fairly rich in iodine on it's own) luncheon meat have carageen ( a algae derivitive) in their ingrediants. So take care if you find yourself sensitive to iodine like I am, it truly affects me (but not everyone) having pimples or not.
  3. Yes, the green wrapping paper is seaweed, the most concentrated iodine food. Miso soup is also made with kombu broth, also kelp, the udon noodles also use the same broth I believe. Perhaps some Thai?
  4. Yes, I just posted yesterday with my satisfaction with topical clindamyacin. I aslo have persistant mild acne, and not ready myself to for strong measures. There is one clindamycin SOLUTION (apologies for the caps) with heaps of alcohol and then CLEOCIN lotion which doesn't. I have the later which has made which happy. I although I do have dry skin naturally so cannot comment on it's oil effectiveness. I mix the the cleocin with BP a 20-80 combination, with Dan's during the day and 10% at
  5. I just want to put in a good word here for this topical antibiotic my GP finally prescribed at long last. For the first time in four years of moderate to mild acne, I have been clear for 6 weeks now and give a clindamyacin and BP mix (20-80) the credit. As I often repeat, we all have an unique chemistry with different responses but this seems to be the answer for me. Also the elimination of excess iodine from my diet (no more sushi for me alas) also has it's part I must add. Hurrah! Hop
  6. I must add my two cents here, as I've also done a Jessner's peel at home sometime ago, daredevil that I am. I haven't repeated the experience which speaks more than anything else perhaps; although I came through everything with fairly good results. My concern with the Jessners Peel (which also came from the Gecko lady on Ebay) is that for me the pain (yes knee bending anxiety inducing discomfort) on first contact makes for an uneven application. My hands were shaking, making finishing my who
  7. Everyone's body chemistry is different and has certain sentivities so it's true that diet may or may not be to blame. What has helped me immeasurably although is reducing (although not even eliminating) excess iodine from my diet. There are posts on the board if you like to give it a shot yourself. Iodine easy to pie (whick is still on the menu) to avoid and doesn't neccesary involve the absence of salt. Best of luck.
  8. Yes, I was just prescribed this too (well Cleoclin- a clindamycin lotion) and wish I had it long ago. I was worried about an intitial outbreak which didn't happen at all. I use it BP in conjuction per my derm, in fact. It's only been three weeks but it's the only three weeks in recent memory I haven't a single inflamed acne spot (tiny pimples yes). I must add that my acne problems are fairly mild granted. So while everyone is different this seems to be wonderful for me. The derm also said Cl
  9. I recently asked my derm about this, he said the Prozac was the only one he knew of that caused acne for *some* people.
  10. Hello again. Please find a copy of Natural Alternatives to Prozac by Micheal T. Murray, which covers HTP or trytophan and other supplements (tysorine, DLPA. SAMEe, and of course, St. Johns Wort) that successfully treat depression. There are actually a few; read up on them. Also consider seeing a nautropath if you wish to not to take prescription meds for depression (a wise idea if at all possible). Get out and exercise dear. Running or swimming is the most reccomended for depression.
  11. Watch out for the iodine in the seafoods (kelp) that is so often used in Japanese cooking.
  12. Hello there Pretty bow, You've getting alot of varied information no? Depression just runs in my Norwegian family and I've had it almost all my life, even before the acne probelms set in- another lovely genetic legacy. Wish I was paying attention to the anti-depressant and acne connection for you and myself -geez I never gave it a thought. I know they ususally are processed through one's liver although. Sorry I can't offer advice on that. and it's true the drug companies won't tell you eve
  13. All right, boy even for radiant perfect skin not sure if I would give up beer and coffee. But I've posted this before and actually it is scientifically proven and most of all it's no sweat at all to give up: Iodine intake. Actually table salt and seafood are not the worst of it. Kelp is the number one iodine culprit far ahead of any other. It's heavily used in Japanese cooking (it's the green wrapping on sushi rolls); it's also in the broth of Miso Soup (be still my heart). Japanese rice