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  1. I just went to a GP I didn't know and asked him nicely to refer me. But this was for fraxel treatment. Just make up some crap how you need to look good for your job and it severely affects your confidence etc
  2. I had realistic expectations of the laser in improving my scars, and that's why I'm not one bit disappointed in it. It's by no means a cure for scars but it does help significantly.
  3. I'm 3 weeks out from my 3rd fraxel and I'm actually loving the results! I had many (about 5-7) deep saucer like scars on my right cheek and they're a bit softer and less noticeable now. But I never had my expectations up that high with fraxel (or any treatment at all) so seeing results is great! These scars were kinda big and stubborn so any improvement in them was worth the money for me. I can't give a percentage improvement but lets just say my scars are no longer the first thing that I see un
  4. Ive had 3 fraxels and have never put any sunscreen on, even when going outdoors. I never experienced any of those side effects that you have, and I'm quite certain that you should be alright in terms of sun rays bouncing around your room. Just give it time, it should be alright!
  5. Umm, common sense maybe. If a 40 year old and a 20 year old both suffer a same level cut on the face (in the same place) the 20 year old will heal much faster due to faster healing properties and high collagen levels. And the fraxel pretty much"wounds" your face, that's why it's up to the individual's healing properties, collagen levels and health to fill the scar. Fraxel is only a stimulus, it's up to the person's body to do the rest in terms of filling the scar. And healthier people who ea
  6. are you sure they're not just red marks? sometimes it's pretty hard to tell if they're scars or just temporary red marks... there are plenty of home remedies in the red marks sub forum
  7. The scars on my temples have dramatically reduced in size since after my 2nd fraxel. They were mainly small crater looking ones (not sure what they're classified as), and they're much less noticeable now. Now I'm just hoping that the ones on my cheeks disappear!!
  8. my derm says CO2 not as effective as fraxel, but he may have been factoring in the risks involved and decided upon the risk/benefits ratio on that. however, i ended up doing a combined CO2 & fraxel session yesterday so I hope i reap the benefits from that!
  9. All I care about is the treatment I'm currently getting - the fraxel laser. Over 50% improvement is definitely what I'm hoping for!
  10. "Interestingly, sources like this: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/27415 Can be misleading. While Fraxel came out as the top laser, the sample group was also multiple times larger than the others. These numbers mean little to me, as I can't imagine any of these case studies being statistically significant anyway." A larger sample size generally means a more accurate result as it gets rid of skewed results and outliers. 51-75% improvement in 90% of 53 patients is nothing to laugh at
  11. wow way to go off at belinda2 as for the question, i don't see why not if it's just a spray on tan (assuming that's what you meant by the mist). check to see that it doesn't have any active harsh ingredients, but it shouldn't really.
  12. hughb, I think one of the reasons why you may not have seen much improvement in your skin is because of your age. At 42 years old, you produce much less collagen than when you were say 20. Also, you really should wait at least 6 months after your last fraxel before you judge upon your results as your skin needs time to build up collagen and fill up the scars. I specifically chose a place that did their fraxel with a dermatologist, not a nurse. It's been pretty good so far, but it's probably a b
  13. Had my 3rd fraxel yesterday. I got variable treatment levels all over, but in the more scarred areas i got 70/8/9 or 70/9/8 (i don't remember) and for the less scarred areas i got 40/8/8 (not sure about the last 2 numbers but the 40s correct). I forgot to ask my doc what those numbers meant when he was reading them out to the nurse, does anyone know? I'm guessing the first 2 are treatment levels and the last is number of passes? Is 70/8/9 considered strong? Still a bit swollen today but looking
  14. i pay about $1000/session... pay after each session. but in australia you get a very big rebate (80%) off it so it's all good over here :D some docs will make it cheaper if you go for five, i.e. the first one i did cost me $1500, then $1350 for the 2nd, etc. best to just find a good doctor on the net and email them. that's what i did and i got a quick response Which fraxel did you get? Does the pricing depend on the different fraxel lasers? i did re:store... the place only offered