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  1. bonethugeternal

    Love Songs

    Lovesong - The Cure Only when I lose myself - Depeche mode
  2. I have a lot of small white bumps on my nose. I know i need to exfoliate to make my nose smooth. The problem is that i don't know how to exfoliate. How does someone exfoliate and what's the best product to use? I would really appreciate it if someone helped me.
  3. bonethugeternal


    Bar far the best post I have EVER read.
  4. bonethugeternal

    Getting a haircut is hell

    Where I get my haircut there are mirrors on the walls! I hate getting a haircut because of that. My hair is probably the longest it has ever been.
  5. bonethugeternal

    Hate ACNE on CHEEKS!!

    The place I hate getting acne is on the tip of the nose. I hurts like a bitch and is extremely noticeable.
  6. bonethugeternal

    Urine therapy...

    Haha! Funny post, but I wonder if it'll actually work?
  7. bonethugeternal

    Proactiv vs Other Systems

    When I used Proactive it really messed up my face. I don't think it's a good idea to try it if you have really sensative skin. I don't think any "kits" work for me.
  8. bonethugeternal

    "Clear skin is sexy skin"

    Do you know how much you contradicted yourself there? Ugly .. slut .. barbie doll. Barbie dolls are flawless. I am nothing but flaws. Slut would mean I had sex with a lot of people. But i'm obviously ugly, so who would have sex with me?
  9. bonethugeternal

    "Clear skin is sexy skin"

    I tried proactive too. It's a waste of time and money. I also HATE whenever the commercials come on. I tried proactive too. It's a waste of time and money. I also HATE whenever the commercials come on. Hilarious post by the way.
  10. bonethugeternal

    Music on rotation

    Tool A Perfect Circle The Mars Volta The Cure Sigur Ros
  11. bonethugeternal

    Quick Question

    Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll try to wash my face with water for a week and see what happens. If I don't see any improvement I'll use the cleanser that was recommended.
  12. bonethugeternal

    Quick Question

    My sister used to do it. Weeks later she would break out. But when she tried some acne cleansers she broke out even more. I don't think with water you will get a thorough wash eliminating build up oil in your pores. Have you tried Purpose Gentle Wash? If not, it's a cleanser that is so gentle you don't have to worry about anything. Give it a try if you haven't! It's much better than plain ole water lol Ok, I will but does that wash cause any dryness? Thanks!
  13. I bet a lot of people have tried doing this. I thinking about trying this but I don't know what would happen if I do. I just want to know people's experiences washing your facing using water only.
  14. bonethugeternal

    Your Fav. song ?

    Tool- Third Eye
  15. bonethugeternal

    Question on Washing your face

    I have done it twice a day. Once in the morning and then at night. But that was a long time ago and it used to dry up my skin way too much.