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  1. ya, im taking it 4 times a day now, trying to take it on an empty stomach or at least a while b4 eating..im on differin to plus i use spectro gel to for cleansing, and hyderm 1% for spotting (not usre if thats the word). but i dont have horrible acne he says i have deep pores, and i have bad breakouts and i clear up quickly then have them again, so right now my face is clearing up but im not sure if its cuz of the spectro gel, or just one of my clear weeks :S oh wel well see, thanks again guys
  2. hey guys ive been taking erythromycin base 250mg for almost a week now. my derm told me to take one the first day and see if it upsets my stomach, and it didnt so i took 3 a day and have been taking it like that. it says take 4 a day on the label and he told me take 3 i think. and am i spose to take it with food ? my question is should i take it with food or not, if not, how long can i take it b4 eating?
  3. alright thanks guys, helps alot.. ya he told me to try one and if it doesnt upset my stomach take 2 a day .. ill give it a try and let you guys know thanks again j
  4. Hey i had a derm appointment today, he prescribed me erythromycin base 250mgs and to start off by taking 1 pill a day cuz i have sensitive stomach.. i just read about this it says nothign about acne its for like sore throats and shit.. has anybody used this for ACNE.. has my doctor gone whack? .. he gave me a sheet, it says its for acne but wheni looked on the net it never said anything about acne.. he also presribed 2 creams one i cant read cuz its so messy, but its for my skin on my nose whe