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  1. I cannot believe there is an entire forum dedicated to IPL. That is the best resource for me right now. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate you posting that for me.
  2. I'm worried about the long term effects of all these treatments. Someone told me that the IPL causes hypopigmentation and also doesn't allow your skin to tan properly. This might be a concern for me because I was planning only to do it on one portion of my face instead of the entire face. Do you know if Vbeam has any of those similar side effects?
  3. Did you do only one part of your face or did you do your entire face? Do you see any negative side effects?
  4. Have any of you tried Intense Pulsed Light?? Apparently, it's a type of light/laser that they focus on your red marks and supposedly it takes all of them away. They said that it's a lot less dramatic than a regular laser procedure and that there is no down time whatsoever. It sounds a little too good to be true. I have an appointment to do the procedure next week and I was hoping I could get some feedback from people who have tried it before I do it myself. For those who have tried it, pl
  5. Yeap that's why I decided to never do laser, because it has a lot of bad side effects... Anyone tried microdermabrasion?
  6. I read reviews about laser and a lot of people said that laser leaves big pores and people break out afterwards... All in all, peels were rated higher than laser.
  7. Is your skin peeling badly in result to the mask?
  8. Oh and also, after I do your suggested treatment will the red marks come back if I tan? Usually my red marks get darker when I am in the sun...
  9. Thank you so much for replying with wonderful advice! Considering that I get grossed out of eggs, this should be fun Will it get rid of red marks that have been there for years though? Also can I do it in addition to microdermabrasion? Will the micro treatments get in the way of the process?
  10. Hello everyone... This is my first post. I was hoping that someone could give me advice on what I should do with the marks that I have on my cheeks. I am not sure if they are marks or scars? They seem to be smooth and red. I have had them for over 3 years and everytime I get a new pimple it leaves the same mark for years as well! I used to break out a couple times a month so I started taking birth control pills which almost stopped all my acne (I now get 1 pimple every 4 months or so)! I