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  1. Insensitive, but moving, unusually moving, or maybe that was my stomach. oh wait it wasnt my stomach, I think the point is that things could be worse, I guess, damn I dont know. A girl I know just got married to a parapalegic guy, (hes cool, way cool, wheels marathons and stuff) and I would never ask her out (back a few years ago) because of my skin and everyone used to tell me all the time that she liked me. Sorry I forgot my point, I guess its to each his own.
  2. How often do you wash, I mean maybe you switched products (soaps) at some point in the past and thats when your whole adult acne thing started, btw your pretty hot, even with a bit of acne, no worries.
  3. Whatever hendrix I'd like kick his ass an call him a pussy.
  4. I wish I understood what you meant by purplish pigmentation. I mean if they are leftover redmarks you'll probalby have to wait for them to fade. If they are stains from the product probably the same. In the meantime I'd look into Eucerin redness relief moisturizer, its green so it sort of takes some of the redness out, otherwise consider explaining that you had an allergic reaction or something to a new soap and if she doesn't understand then get a new girlfriend, not a new face.
  5. Well Im happy to see it has worked for you guys on cysts. I decided to try it again the next time I got one due to your posts. I causght this thing super early, slight tenderness, slight redness, and used it 3 times in 24 hours you could barely tell it was going to be a cyst. Its been three days since then and I currently have one of the largest most painful cysts Ive ever had, it did nothing no luck for me. Well I thought this would be my wonder cure but now Im putting all my chips on the reg
  6. I've had acne all through college with a few sporatic moments of clarity, Im about to start graduate school soon and all I can say is as school aproaches take time to meditate or relax and dont stress too hard about class or acne. What are you currently doing for your skin besides facials and steaming, the regimen might be pretty inconspicuous if your in a dorm setting.
  7. kanmi, first I second alaskacne, and second i destroyed the cabinets in search of honey to find none, so I have to ask before I go buy some, what types of your spots have you found it works best on? If there is an answer to that. Second have you read Jessica's recent post about not gobbing on neo? Kinda freaked me out a bit, been globbing alot. Have you had any reactions like hers? i.e. see page 58 of her neo cured me post.
  8. Okay, so I have gotten a little astray thanks to Jessica's neo craze, and sure I use only water to cleanse (thinking of revising, cause I dont use any shaving cream to shave, purpose sounds nice) but, I have been doing the regimen diligently (other than previously stated) for two and a half weeks and if I manage to find solstice in this endevour at any point in the future I promise that I will, to the best of my ability, stick around to help guide others to the best of my ability, Pointless p
  9. Wow, you guys are crazy or just not seeing the right derm, I have basically nothing but cysts or nodules under the skin, typically two or three at a time and every derm I go to wants to put me on accutane. I dont want to turn you off the drug but, Thing is, I never got cysts till after my first course of the 'tane 6 years ago when I was 17 and just had your typical acne, it was at that time that I dropped out of sports, school, life...I started drinking and smoking, I had clear skin but Im on
  10. Quick sidenote, I have pretty much given up on the diet approach (a little bit) in persuit of the regimen, have you tried it? No success?
  11. Wow, am I the only one who remembers Mookis from absoluteacne.com (whatever happened to that place?) and his insistence on spreading the dogma of Cayce. Yeah your probably right, I just got (and still am) so freaking paranoid about what I eat, its scary, and a lot of times socially unacceptable or difficult.
  12. ACNE RULZZZZZ!!!!!, uh, okay tried it, that cyst next to my nose still hurts.
  13. awesome results the scarring is nothing. How long did it take you to get to the point where you weren't breaking out?
  14. You dont have to listen to my experience but...the doc came at me with the needle, I winced, gripped the edges of the table and she jammed it in, then she made a strange expression and grabbed some gauze pulled out the needle and just squished all the pus out of it (it was probably enough to fill a thimble or two) she never injected the cortisone, said she didn't think it was necessary, just put neosporin and a big bandaid on it, it healed in a week but left a bit of a scar, its gone now, I dont
  15. I would say see a derm, but to be honest they'll probably just say "yup its acne, your a perfect candidate for accutane or antibiotics or blah blah" But it could be folliculitis, google that or some sort of rash, run searches on dermatitis too, To be honest its probably too difficult for anyone to say for sure, even a derm, without tests, try the reg see what happens.
  16. I think you can only get argyria from ingesting silver. She was probably one of those health wackos who makes there own with their crazy electrostatic flux capacitors or whatever and drank like a glass a day or something. Who knows, there are weirdos out there, hang out on curezone.com and you'll see what I mean.
  17. I dont think bp is clogging my pores, but if I feel one coming on or have one and use bp on it will double in size within a few hours. I have had no adverse reactions on the rest of my face. I've been on the regimen for 2 weeks and I really haven't even had any redness, it seems to be doing great except on pre-existing pimples (from b4 the regimen).
  18. Oh my mistake, your quoting another website, sorry, umm does she have pictures? Do you have a link to her site? It sounds nuts to me that stuff burns off warts pretty hard core.
  19. Wart remover on a pimple that sounds a little drastic...is this a prank? Have you even had a pimple before? Lets see some pics or something.
  20. I've heard alot about colloidal silver, I have some colloidal silver bandaids but where can you but the liquid or a cream version?
  21. He's probably not going to respond till monday anyway, hes probably not at work.
  22. actually your situation sounds exactly like mine, not to fustrate you but Im 25, god what the hell is going on?
  23. Man I really want someone to try this already and give some feedback!
  24. Hugh stick with it, I need to hear a success story to keep me motivated so Im pullin for you, and seriously you didn't hear this from me but if youve lost all hope switch the bp your using do a different type, I honestly think that some people react differently to the different formulations of it.
  25. Well its good to hear that some other peoples acne has changed with bp use. Im still sticking with the regimen except for on the my actual cysts until they heal a bit. What I did last night was glop neosporin on the cysts then did the regimen just as usual everywhere but those glops, I know Im changing up the reg a bit but this morning the cysts have gone down or stayed the same. For the last two weeks they were just growing (huge) with each bp application.