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  1. Last night I tried Kanmi's honey idea and damn! it took a red swollen son of a gun and brought it right to a head! I stabbed it with a steely knife this morning, and I think I killed the beast. Few more days for it to heal though. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=60340&hl= I didnt really use a knife, I just barely poked it with a needle
  2. NYCBARFLY76, so uhh, is that like you? uh huh... huh Sorry thats my best beavis impression, had to do it. Dont worry my avi sucks too. uh oh wait no pun intended...?
  3. Yeah, wait, same ten pimples? how long have you been on the regimen? I mean if you've been on the regimen for like 8 weeks with the same 10 count 'em ten pimples but nothing new it sounds like you're at least on the right track and you need to stick it out. What week are you in?
  4. Im in a similar boat Earplug, first you should listen to what was posted, but second I renovate houses during the day and always come home around 6 with plaster or dust or paint or sawdust or whatever all over me, not too mention sweat, so I typically wait it out till the evening or just splash my face with water and blot with a clean towel, just dont overuse your cleanser, trust me it makes things worse.
  5. Most of the people who post here aren't derms, doctors, nurses or even pharmacists, so for anyone here to really offer you advice you should be doing the regimen, which doesn't inclued zoderm. But from what I know in general, the stronger bp you use the worse off it will be at first. The reason Dan recomends 2.5% is because it is proven to be just as effective as even 10% but with less initial irritation. But in general, listen to Kuhoolish and bear in mind that the bp will probably work in an
  6. Well nodoubt you may be right, he may have just made it up, maybe I'll just see if I can talk crystal into asking him though myspace since Im not really a part of all that. Oh and if it makes you feel better my real name isn't Joe, and the rabbits just graphite, not crispy, these are just coincidences ....or are they?
  7. Awesome news! I hope it just keeps getting better, Im almost to week four and still have breakouts but in general my skin looks great where theres not a cyst or pimple, woo hoo!
  8. Well, Jabber we appreciate the feedback, but you should listen to Zeeblo and post politely, If you didn't want to post pics you didn't have to. Man, its like you take this seriously.
  9. Donnie Darkos a pretty cool flick, actually they re-released it in theaters almost a year after its debut because it flopped first time around (I dont know, I thought it was cool). There was sort of an underground interest in it and as far as I know it flopped the second time too, go figure, As for peppers, Im guessing you were joking about actually trying that, but I would think cooking them would kill all da good shiznizzle in em, so when your done definately put them in a tupperware contai
  10. Wow, I would just say stick with it for a few more weeks, also try Dan's gel, I've heard some people have different types of success with different bps and it won't turn white and goopy, I wouldn't think. Also run some searches on swimming, I know a lot of people just let it wash off and dont reapply afterwards. best of luck,
  11. Yeah, I understand the part about you not wanting to see her because of your skin, saying you need a different girlfriend just sounded like the proper thing to say, as for junk food, its not easy, you almost have to convince yourself your allergic to it. Eat some healthy stuff for a while and you just get used to it.
  12. Someone should tell 'er about the reg or at least this forum, any volunteers? Somebody got her number, I'll call.
  13. I dont know how strong of a sunscreen you're looking for but I use Eucerin Skin renewal spf 15, no problems with breakouts from it or burning, I also heard that they make an spf 30, never tried it though.
  14. Im seriously sad about cow. Now this whole thread will make no sense to newcomers. I hope it works for you guinea pigs out there, Im gonna stick to the reg for now because a lot of soaps have cleared me up only to leave me right where I started a month down the line, I want to hear about long lasting effects! Oh and check out my post about green peppers because there may be a connection to this stuff. Anyone not using the soap but curious wanna band-aid on a slice of green pepper as a team lab r
  15. Im kind of a scary guy, no actually its Frank from Donnie Darko, you should rent it, Franks also the name of my one-armed-chain-smokin guardian angel, hes cool, lights his smokes by bendin a match out of the book and flickin it against the strike pad with his thumb. Come on anyone know anything bout green peppers?
  16. Im kind of a scary guy, no actually its Frank from Donnie Darko, you should rent it, Franks also the name of my one-armed-chain-smokin guardian angel, hes cool, lights his smokes by bendin a match out of the book and flickin it against the strike pad with his thumb. Come on anyong know anything bout green peppers?
  17. I ran into this here http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...=20050804183208 (hope you dont mind me posting this crystal) and the regimen is working for me pretty well so far (Im in the middle of week 3) but I was just wondering if anyone has heard of using green peppers like that joker says (the one responding to Crystal) What's this guy talking about?
  18. Yes all pimples seem to have minds of their own, they're so precious.
  19. Are still using the 101E, did it quit working or maybe it caused the rash? I dont know if sweating will help but you could try tiramisu's steam trick.
  20. No cow!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Dont leave us, youve been our fearless leader!!!! Uh, sorry got a little dramatic, dont leave man your cool.
  21. Well, everyone seems to agree, so whole face it is, I think I'll just take it slow though for a week in the new areas, thanks for the advice guys!
  22. Wow, really post some pics. I mean your sister and your mom may say what they say but we'll shoot you straight. Im really surprised the regimen hasn't been working for you, Dan's right, post exactly what touches your face and how, every product that you're are using, and describe your skin problems in depth, not that I can help but Im sure these guys can. more data more DATA! Oh and fuck those guys givin you shit, they got problems too, start dishin out their problems right back at em, they'll
  23. Im on week 3, (I am still dealing with a breakout from week two) and I have been dealing with cysts in areas I never break out in, I kind of think it could be migrating bacteria or something, I guess. my normal problem areas, my t-zone, is doin fine but should I start using bp in these areas as well or is this just temporary? If I do will I have to go through the rednes/irritation/initial breakout stage all over again in these areas? All modes of input welcome. Thanks Joe
  24. Hmm I was actually thinking the opposite, but anyhow Ive gotten pretty used to the finger method, (on week 3) and its working well, I think I just was just being a little anal at first about being exact, but I still think I was on to something, exact! yes I love exact! makes my brain tingle. I like math too.
  25. Hey mucho props for coming back to update! love it! got pics?