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  1. I've tried everything, right now I seem to be having success with the regimen but I have to recommend kanmi's honey idea, I only got to try it twice before really clearing up from the regimen, but the honey (applied over night with a bandaid, I used a silver colloid bandaid) kept one cyst from forming and brought another more developed cyst to a drainable head, it was sweet, try it.
  2. Hey guys, you should try 'white tea' also, its made from the same plant and stuff but its less processed and contains shiteloads more antioxidants and stuff plus a little more caffeine. Its a bit more expensive but worth it. I quit drinking coffee and this stuff sort of helped me make the switch. Im not sure if its helping me any cause Im pretty much clear off of Dan's regimen. But just thought I'd let you all know about white tea. I buy celestial sesons, good stuff, check out the link. http
  3. If you stayed under the water in the tub for 6 hours a day that would help because you would die. But acne's not worth dying over.
  4. Who knows. Its doubtful that you would become dependent on it for the rest of your life. I think that if you were ever going to outgrow acne you would wether your using bp or not. So maybe just do what Dan does and stop using bp for a few weeks every year or every few years to see if you did outgrow your acne. Personally I would do the regimen for the rest of my life if I had to.
  5. You may just be having a week 8 breakout, stick it out maybe a few more weeks and make sure you use a moisturizer.
  6. I usually just pop them too, but they usually grow back in a few hours, God their embarrasing! Especially when someone comments saying "uh, you should like pop that thing" Urgghhhh! Thank god the regimen is working!
  7. Hey! Im on week four and seeing awesome results, the regimen rules! As for vegasgirl25, Yeah, my problem is mostly cysts too, how long have you been on the regimen because for some people they keep breaking out for like 8-12 weeeks but eventually it ends. Personally I went through 3 weeks of hell, and I may have more to come but a light at the end of the tunnel is a light none the less! My acne changed alot, different places and different types really but Stick to it and re-read the "what to
  8. Um, Accutane really messes with your liver, giving you a liver like you were an alcoholic, so be carefull. Use this website to explore all of your available options first, shop around, investigate scams, investigate results. Your overall health is worth it. Be a smart consumer, not just a consumer.
  9. Sounds awesome! Dan offers advice about following the regimen exactly, but in reality thats why we all hate derms, just a perscription for the masses! I say do what your are doing and keep us posted! Everyone is different. PS: I'd like to thank Dan too, he rocks! Genius, Genius, Genius!
  10. I try and do five things, 1st, dont pop unless they have a head, (duh) 2nd, pull on surounding skin, dont squeeze, (Im paranoid, I use q-tips like fingers to do that) 3rd, apply neosporin cream just to the spot (helps tons) 4th, throw a bandaid on that so you dont spread bacteria (bandaids are typically sterile enough that they wont irritate your skin.) 5th, Ice it with an ice pack on top of the bandaid to help with any swelling due to damaged cells from pressing or squeezing the area. Years
  11. I think what people are trying to say is that your skin looks great, before and even better after. You have made progress, but bear in mind a lot of people on here would love to have your 'before' skin. For some folks round here acne isn't a curse but a debilatating medical issue, so you have to expect differing remarks. Keep up the good work!
  12. Just a sidenote, there are a lot of moisturizer and washes that people have raved bout clearing their skin on drugstore.com. Try it, if it alone works, awesome! Wish I was in that boat. : )
  13. Calm down, you sound extremely stressed or worried about something coming up, get back on the regimen, watch the videos and pretend like your starting from scratch again. Sounds like you must be just pissing your skin off right now. Also did you start using a new moisturizer or sunscreen that may have freaked your skin out?
  14. I've wasted tons of money on nearly everything. Your regimen is the only one that didn't push a product on me, just a method of using one. I was flabbergasted by the fact that you allow people to not only discuss other alternatives but that you allow them to openly discuss a product you sell on your very own website. That sold me. I rambled around here (as a guest) for a year, afraid of bp, what the hell was I thinking?
  15. Seriously, before the 'tane, try the regimen, give it a shot. It has worked for many, its cheap and to the point.
  16. Im kind of wondering about that too, have you looked in the bp gel forum though, if theres nothing there you should just switch and tell us what happens to you. : )
  17. I have no clue, looks like a reaction to something that touched your skin, since its just in that one area (right). I wouldn't freak out and change up your regimen or anything. Try some cortizone 10 on it or another cream for allergic skin reactions, there a lot of choices at your drugstore, just dont use cortisone for too long it can damage skin, but thats after like a year of constant application. Weird.
  18. Yeah, maybe you could post a pic. Something like this happened to me and I didn't know what to do so I put a little cortizone 10 on and it went away in a couple days. It could be anything. Sorry know that didn't help.
  19. Sounds cool but did you notice it contains both salycilic acid and tea tree oil? I wonder whats really doing the work, keep us posted if this makes any difference.
  20. Phuckin Photoshop, I use it everyday, but its the reason we all think we aren't normal, go britney go! oh and sorry everyone doesn't think you're hot and that they have to Airbrush out your acne. Man would that make me self conscious.
  21. You should really check out the regimen board, bp is very drying and will make you break out at first, especially something as strong as 5%. The trick to avoid dryness is to really moisturize a lot, in the regimen its recomended to do this 10-15 minutes after applying bp. Also you have to give bp like 3-4 weeks minimum to see any results, some people report 8 to 12 weeks before they stop breaking out. I think this must be because all people have different thincknesses of skin and different de