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  1. right on, gettin paid gettin paid! Uhnn, I didn't like the tane, Im stayin away for now.
  2. Just thought I'd elaborat on the whole just water concept with a poll.
  3. Im going to start a poll for this, just cause this should have been one in the first place.
  4. I just bought some tonight at rite-aid for $1. They also had a special of like 6 for 4 bucks. I havent tried it yet though, just heard about it around here. Is it really as good as everyone says? I notice it has fragrances added, Im always worried about fragrances being irritating.
  5. Day 58 Damn, well my last cyst from my major breakout a week and a half ago is subsiding but as I mentioned in day 57 I have a new one, which is huge, maybe a 1/2 in. to 3/4 in' across. Its sort of oblong shaped and I think it may actually be two next to each other. Its sore and I hate it. Im beginning to wonder, why do I get acne? I went to an accupuncturist for a free consultation and they say I have heat in my blood, damp heat. They gave me some herbs to take (margarite acne pills) and I'v
  6. That sucks, lots of people stress, so why do acne sufferes, even those on the regimen have to break out.
  7. I always thought the point was just to kill bacteria before it gets a chance to infect the skin, or is it to dry the skin, or is to control sebum, just curious what everyones thoughts are. Thanks for your opinion, -Joe
  8. congrats dude, keep postin on your results, I hope people dont disregard your success even though your using 5%, what works works!
  9. Yeah, dont get carried away with all the crazy masks and products that we might suggest, you'll probably just end up with acne problems. I had that same problem, which has gone away now and I really only deal with cysts, but, it does look like exzema or dermatits, not a huge deal. If you go to a doctor they can prescibe elidel but if I were you I would just use hydrocortizone 10 or florasone cream (if you prefer a natural approach). Both can be purchased at your local drugstore (I found florason
  10. Sometimes I sit around and think about all the other things I'd rather have than acne...like a huge nose...save up and get surgery; or wrinkles...get facial resurfacing or something; extremely obese...fuck I guess I'd just run around all day or something. I dont know its just that most shitty things people have to deal with there are 'known' solutions for! Not Acne though! Nope there are like 5 million solutions and 2 million products and you never know if this one will work for you or the next!
  11. Isn't that all metholated and pore clogging?
  12. That looks like a pretty good moisturizer, does it make you shiny? Thats one thing I hate about eucerin skin renewal. Also I just got my 101e in the mail today, Im still not sure if Im going to quit the regimen though. So do you apply the 101e with a cotton ball or something? Its kinda liquidy. Oh and I think I kind of like the smell.. I actually think its a little better than bp even, I hate mediciny smells this is just kind of herbaly, like shitty incence.
  13. day 57 Well the cysts I had last week are pretty much gone or on there way out but surisingly another decided to crop up on Sunday, its pretty bad today. Man I hope this is just a temporary reaction to having switched to Dan's gel around week six. This sucks, I hate acne, I hate cysts!
  14. Sweet! your starting a regimen log for this stuff, man I want to try it! Bp is doing jack for my skin! Are you doing anything else with your regimen? I guess the bottle says not to, also what kind of soap if any are you going to use while trying this stuff? Good luck!
  15. You know a lot of people have wondered about this product before too, just search for it. Maybe you could start a topic in the personal regimen section under 101E, then you could update there daily and it would basically be public info. doesn't really matter you could post here too, but its just a thought. I wish there was a guinea pig regimen for every acne product in that section. Thanks for updating though!
  16. It worked for some people I think, search for it here on the forums.
  17. I agree with heartless' advice, personally I heat a needle (the ones for sewing machines are really sharp) then I wipe it off with alcohal because sometimes the tip will blacken then the black residue will come off inside or on the spot and its a bitch to try and clean, and if you dont you end up with a weird black spot on or in it.
  18. I ordered some but haven't started using it though, I'm on the regimen and am going to try and stick it out I think. So I guess Im not helping but I will say that you should keep using it and dont disapear if it starts working keep us posted on your results.
  19. Im 26 and still haven't outgrown it. I wish I could find a solution...the regimen seemed to be working alright but Im still getting cysts and Im just starting week 8.
  20. I wish I could help, whats blue light therapy? You should try the redmark and scar forum though.
  21. Im on day 57 or so and my skin has just gotten worse the last two weeks after switching to bp gel. Is the regimen going to work for me, I was getting pretty clear up untill then. Im beginning to lose hope. Each time a cyst begins to heal a new one shows up somewhere else. Is this going to end!
  22. Personally, I was using eucerin daily renewal for about a month before even starting the regimen and I am on day 56 or so, (about month two), and yes Eucerin still stings for like 20-30 minutes or so after applying. I dont know why. Youre not alone, Im considering using something else but I guess I should wait till Im clear...urghhh
  23. I've been using one for about a month and cant say that its honestly making any difference, but Im also taking margarite acne pills, vitamins and Im on the regimen. I doubt a shower filter alone would clear your skin but its not going to hurt.
  24. Day 54 Well things are starting to calm down a bit, still I say a bit, My cysts are still just freakin huge, right now I still have a huge one next to my nose and the two on my chin just sort of joined forces and are one huge one which is relatively flat now but very red, still stickin with this regimen though, I think My problems may have been caused by swithching bp, but Im still sticking with Dan's bp because its less irratating than o.t.s. Who knows, I just hope the redness has calmed down