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  1. I've never been able figure out what soaps will or won't cause cysts, I've been using pears though for almost 9 months though and I still get the same amount of cysts I typically get, I also take antibiotics though and am just starting retin a micro (slowly), please keep us posted though I would love to know if pears caused cysts, then I might switch. btw I only use pears in the morning to shave with and dont even wash at all night.

  2. Personally I've only had one shot and it did indent, its taken it about 4 months to go away but it does seem to be refilling with collagen or whatever. Today though I had 4 cysts "shot", so far they've shrunk about 50 percent in about 8 hours, I'll update if these too indent, although I asked the doc to use less cortisone.

  3. This may be pointless to suddenly drop in with a comment but I quit dan's regimen maybe two months ago and I went back to normal, but recently I've tried something different but along the same lines as the "water only" method so I figured I'd say something.

    For the last two weeks I've dropped all products and now only wash my face once per day, in the shower, with pears (just a gentle soap, like dove) and just use it as a shaving cream.

    Point is my face has gotten progressively better. I used to wash it like 3 times a day, I think theres just something to not over-doing, just water or just wash once a day is all Im saying. Less is more.

    We're all freaks, not because of acne but because we flip out about it and spend all our time here!

    moral: chill, and maybe your face will too

  4. Kassurinreichan, I appreciate your bravery, glad its working for you, sorry some people like Hendrix are retarded, it looks like this post will probably go the way every urine therapy post has... immature people making really bad jokes.

    I wish more people would just take this idea seriously and try it so we could get real feedback, I mean so many people waste so much time on this board and their answer could be staring them in the face but instead they want to make stupid jokes and live on with acne.

    Anyone who makes a stupid comment about urine therapy without having tried it is an idiot and deserves acne simply because they are supporting the same type of biggotry that makes people with acne hate the way they look.

  5. Chill, it happens to everyone, relax, dont freak out and let them heal, if the problem persists or becomes serious either a. see a derm or b. try the regimen. But only if you have an acne problem. In the meantime, do not, I repeat do not, go over board and try everything you read on these forums thats how simple people go from having a couple pimples to having serious acne. They irritate the hell out of their skin over a couple of little ones and end up with a problem that continuously plagues them for years. Just chill, smile, and spot treat unless new ones keep showing each day, then try Dans clear skin regimen, and if that doesn't work then maybe consider accutane. Btw, what was the stuff your doctor gave you and if your worried about a guy or something its cool, a couple pimples give you character and actually make any girl a bit hotter, (Im assuming your female, if your not it still works the other way). smile.gif Also check the page on safely popping a pimple (main site) and consider using neosporin after popping.

  6. Wow, well keep up the good work, of course accutane would completely throw off the whole 101e experiment but hey, get clear skin! If I were you I would consider holding off a bit on the tane just cause if your skin does clear from natural products you can avoid all the side effects of accutane...including any sort of initial breakout or whatever, but the important thing is having clear skin! So good luck with that appointment, btw, I got one tomorrow too, hope it goes well, we'll see.



  7. Not that I necessarily prescribe to this, but, in alternative medicine a lot of people link bad skin to a bad liver, and everyone knows drinking f's up your liver, something to think about, or google I guess.

    I drink pretty regularly too, I can only imagine that if I drank less I would be in a better state of health all around, which would probably help my skin. Urghhhh! But dont drive yourself nuts, it may have nothing to do with it, its like how some people can eat mcdonalds every day and they still have clear skin, no one really knows, if we did we probably wouldn't be on this website.

  8. Just hang in there man, you'll have clear skin again someday, as for the regimen, yeah give it a shot, you'll probably be able to find 2.5% bp and Eucerin moisturizer at any drugstore. If your folks need convincing just tell them that the regimen is a cheaper version of like proactive or something, that you found a website where normal people found all the right products that can be purchased seperately that pretty much makes up proactive but at a fraction of the cost, then they'll think they're getting a deal and that your being a smart consumer. Just follow the regimen exactly, it might suck at first but a lot of people get clear, Im still working on it myself but I have hope. Good luck man.

  9. day 62

    Well, been pretty busy with school so I haven't posted recently. So heres the deal.

    Right now Im still dealing with the remains of a cyst from like day 45 or so, It shrunk and all the pus drained then it rebuilt itself and continues to like drain everyday. Its now relatively normal sized and dying I think. I still have that oblong one on my chin that also drained but I think that was just half of it, the other half is still going strong. Nothing new cropped up this week though, which was good, I hope these two just die and Im left with clear skin. Still truckin with the regimen though, as far as I know Im doing just what Dan says. The only thing Im doing thats outside the realm of the regimen is taking vitamins and herbs, heres the breakdown:


    a: 20,000 ius a day

    c: 1000 mg a day

    MSM 6000 mg a day


    Jade Dragon margarite acne pills

    I just want to kill acne and be free!

  10. Yeah, I guess just keep doin what your doin, it is an experiment after all, good to hear the cyst on your nose hasn't come up, those can suck! Im curious how your regimen works on that chin cyst, usually mine will last like 2-3 weeks unless I stab em with a needle (usually around day 4-5) and remove the pus, then they last about 1-1.5 weeks. I wonder if the 101e will bring yours down faster than normal.

  11. Man, if I were you I would consider dropping the capsiderm I havent heard anything good about that stuff. maybe just use a normal wash, like cetaphil or something like that. Best of luck though, I hope things improve. How long do you think you'll stick it out on 101e?

  12. Well that gel sounds pretty sweet, but as for the Eucerin, the redness relief is instant, ie: it works not through healing your skin like that gel might, but rather through simple color theory, green and red are complimentary colors, the green moisturizer simply "masks" the redness, sort of like makeup but not noticable, and it wont really completely hide it like makeup but rather just makes it less red, its hard to describe, I bought it to use for acne but its really more helpful for red skin because it won't hide the shadow of a bump. If your skin is just red you'll appreciate it, its really for rosacea sufferers.

  13. Yeah, dont freak out! Taking vitamin A is a lot like accutane, a lot of people will experience an initial breakout, Since your taking a pretty safe dose I'd say stick it out unless you start experiencing any signs of toxicity (which ironically are very similar to the expected symptoms of accutane). As for the b5, well it worked great for me at 10 grams for about 6 months and I did have a small initial breakout from that so it sounds like your just getting a bit from both. But if I were you Id consider just going one route or the other.