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  1. Yeah, I want to see some updates, those books seem so awesome... too awesome to believe? I also found a on blogger... review website for acne ebooks if you guys have opinions on the free in 3 and Mr. X acne books they have a star rating section for those, they don't have a place for people to post pics though, I don't think.
  2. I've never been able figure out what soaps will or won't cause cysts, I've been using pears though for almost 9 months though and I still get the same amount of cysts I typically get, I also take antibiotics though and am just starting retin a micro (slowly), please keep us posted though I would love to know if pears caused cysts, then I might switch. btw I only use pears in the morning to shave with and dont even wash at all night.
  3. Makes me think Jessica is really onto something, I dont think you need to buy this thing but its interesting that someone is making money off of her discovery, although they probably discovered it on their own or something... http://www.perfectskincenter.com/clarisonic.htm
  4. An initial breakout is of course expected so this pole is dedicated to seeing where it occurs for most people if at all, also many people are using other products such as bp or antibiotics accutane etc so these results may be a bit askew. Please only post if you feel as though your results are truly do to Jessifoliation, thanks for participating! -Joe
  5. cool thanks for the reply, I've only been using retin a for about 2 weeks and only in one area because I want to spread out my IB but I've noticed almost the same results, Sounds like we have pretty similar skin situations,
  6. Does Retin-a work for cystic acne or just regular acne. I only get cysts...about 2-3 per month, generally they'll last 2-3 weeks without a cortisone shot, my doc is recomending retin-a micro, but will it actually work?
  7. Just curious, I should probably just go on the tane but Im not sure about the side effects. About all I get are cysts, about 2 new ones a month and they last about 3-4 weeks without a cortisone shot but is retin a only effective for regular acne?
  8. Personally I've only had one shot and it did indent, its taken it about 4 months to go away but it does seem to be refilling with collagen or whatever. Today though I had 4 cysts "shot", so far they've shrunk about 50 percent in about 8 hours, I'll update if these too indent, although I asked the doc to use less cortisone.
  9. joeshmoe

    Regimen results

    Dans regimen starting from day 51
  10. From the album: Regimen results

    Wow, my skin looks much better in photos! The cyst on the lower part of my chin is going to love his new friend thats below the skin next door! Sorry its so blurry!