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  1. Yeah, I want to see some updates, those books seem so awesome... too awesome to believe? I also found a on blogger... review website for acne ebooks if you guys have opinions on the free in 3 and Mr. X acne books they have a star rating section for those, they don't have a place for people to post pics though, I don't think.
  2. I've never been able figure out what soaps will or won't cause cysts, I've been using pears though for almost 9 months though and I still get the same amount of cysts I typically get, I also take antibiotics though and am just starting retin a micro (slowly), please keep us posted though I would love to know if pears caused cysts, then I might switch. btw I only use pears in the morning to shave with and dont even wash at all night.
  3. Makes me think Jessica is really onto something, I dont think you need to buy this thing but its interesting that someone is making money off of her discovery, although they probably discovered it on their own or something... http://www.perfectskincenter.com/clarisonic.htm
  4. An initial breakout is of course expected so this pole is dedicated to seeing where it occurs for most people if at all, also many people are using other products such as bp or antibiotics accutane etc so these results may be a bit askew. Please only post if you feel as though your results are truly do to Jessifoliation, thanks for participating! -Joe
  5. cool thanks for the reply, I've only been using retin a for about 2 weeks and only in one area because I want to spread out my IB but I've noticed almost the same results, Sounds like we have pretty similar skin situations,
  6. Does Retin-a work for cystic acne or just regular acne. I only get cysts...about 2-3 per month, generally they'll last 2-3 weeks without a cortisone shot, my doc is recomending retin-a micro, but will it actually work?
  7. Just curious, I should probably just go on the tane but Im not sure about the side effects. About all I get are cysts, about 2 new ones a month and they last about 3-4 weeks without a cortisone shot but is retin a only effective for regular acne?
  8. Personally I've only had one shot and it did indent, its taken it about 4 months to go away but it does seem to be refilling with collagen or whatever. Today though I had 4 cysts "shot", so far they've shrunk about 50 percent in about 8 hours, I'll update if these too indent, although I asked the doc to use less cortisone.
  9. This may be pointless to suddenly drop in with a comment but I quit dan's regimen maybe two months ago and I went back to normal, but recently I've tried something different but along the same lines as the "water only" method so I figured I'd say something. For the last two weeks I've dropped all products and now only wash my face once per day, in the shower, with pears (just a gentle soap, like dove) and just use it as a shaving cream. Point is my face has gotten progressively better. I used
  10. Kassurinreichan, I appreciate your bravery, glad its working for you, sorry some people like Hendrix are retarded, it looks like this post will probably go the way every urine therapy post has... immature people making really bad jokes. I wish more people would just take this idea seriously and try it so we could get real feedback, I mean so many people waste so much time on this board and their answer could be staring them in the face but instead they want to make stupid jokes and live on wit
  11. Chill, it happens to everyone, relax, dont freak out and let them heal, if the problem persists or becomes serious either a. see a derm or b. try the regimen. But only if you have an acne problem. In the meantime, do not, I repeat do not, go over board and try everything you read on these forums thats how simple people go from having a couple pimples to having serious acne. They irritate the hell out of their skin over a couple of little ones and end up with a problem that continuously plagues t
  12. hendrix I thought you were clear off the regimen, whats up with trying out hibiclens? I mean why fix what aint broke?
  13. Wow, well keep up the good work, of course accutane would completely throw off the whole 101e experiment but hey, get clear skin! If I were you I would consider holding off a bit on the tane just cause if your skin does clear from natural products you can avoid all the side effects of accutane...including any sort of initial breakout or whatever, but the important thing is having clear skin! So good luck with that appointment, btw, I got one tomorrow too, hope it goes well, we'll see. Later -Jo
  14. Just curious, you wait a bit after the bp before apply moisturizer right?
  15. Not that I necessarily prescribe to this, but, in alternative medicine a lot of people link bad skin to a bad liver, and everyone knows drinking f's up your liver, something to think about, or google I guess. I drink pretty regularly too, I can only imagine that if I drank less I would be in a better state of health all around, which would probably help my skin. Urghhhh! But dont drive yourself nuts, it may have nothing to do with it, its like how some people can eat mcdonalds every day and th