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  1. I use MAC's cream concealer. Doesn't cause breakouts on my skin. I can actually put it on an existing zit and it won't irritate it. At least for me it doesn't.
  2. When I first started new zits kept popping up, but they were forming fast! I guess it was just all the deeply embedded zits surfacing at such a rapid rate! But they went away by pretty quickly too!
  3. I broke out for about 1-2 weeks but my case was a little worse than some others (i think). By week 3-4 i stopped getting whiteheads, just 1-2 small red bumps...and now? NO MORE ZITS. I started the regimen on JUNE 1st.
  4. AsIkY88, I thought I tried to answer your question earlier but I maybe my response wasnt clear enough, sorry....anyways Yes, the program can work for scars. The book does deal with acne scars (hyperpigmentation) and methods you can use to help get rid of them. hope this helped
  5. I still have scars from my terrible outbreak 8 weeks ago, but they're slowly fading. The program just got rid of my active acne in about 3-4 weeks
  6. I didn't itch during the program. Here's what I used... Nuetrogena Oil free cleansers (Cream) Proactive's repairing lotion 2.5% BP Alpha Hydrox 10% Glycolic acid Proactive's oil-free moisturizer.
  7. I also moisturize at night right before bed and my skin hasn't broken out at all! I use Proactive's Oil-free moisturizer.
  8. LisaAnnB, I'm glad to hear that the program worked for you!!!! I've posted on the board before that the "Acne Cure Program" has worked wonders for me. I will going on 8 weeks using this program. My acne totally cleared by week 4 and I haven't had a breakout since. If anyone wants to try the regimen but doesn't want to invest in buying the book, I will be more than happy to summarize the program.
  9. I am just getting over my acne attack from 2 months ago. I bought a book called "The Acne Cure Program" and followed the regimen for 5 weeks now. Well my acne is gone now but I'm left with these dark scars all over my chin area. I have Bare Esscentual's Mineral makeup and I LOVE IT! I also use MAC's concealer to help cover up the darker scars. My face looks pretty good with just the concealer and mineral makeup. I will post a before and after picture so you all can see how well the makeup
  10. I bought Bare Esscentual's Mineral makeup in Feb 03 and I love it. I've tried everything else out there and this is by far the best foundation ever. It is highly recommended for acne-prone skin. It is oil-free, and contains spf15. Mineral makeup doesn't contain ingredients that can aggravate acne. I've used it for almost half a year now and it doesn't cause my skin to breakout. Try it!
  11. I just got my first cortisone shot today at the dermatologist. It's only been about 2 hours and I guess I was expecting the zit to gone by now, but no luck. It's still there and still swollen. I'll keep ya'll updated.
  12. Actually that's not a dumb question at all. I think you can be too young to use eye cream but that's only if your like 12yrs. old or so. However, since your 19, I don't think it would be a problem to start tackling signs of aging early on. I hear that Oil of Olay has great eye creams!
  13. I just recently broke out all over my chin area! I finally got rid of all my zits and now they've left tons of brown/reddish spots. I've heard that products containing 2% Hydroquinone helps fade the scars but how long will that take? I need them to go away fast before my trip to meet my husbands family!!!!!! Help!
  14. I'm part Asian and I too have the hardest time finding a foundation to match my skin color while at the same time one that won't aggravate my acne. Well I found it. It's from Bare Esscentuals, it looks like a powder but feels like silk on your skin! They give you three different color powders so you can mix it up to match your skin color. It's very light-weight and recommended for acneic skin. It's all natural ingredients, oil free and non-comendogenic. It's wonderful!!!
  15. I've been using the acne cure program for 2 weeks now and my face has cleared up entirely! I had 10-12 big cysts on my chin before starting this program and my face has healed up. I guess the real test now is if this will last as long as I expect it to. I'll keep ya'll posted