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  1. so i went off of accutane on january 20th about. it's now april. i get a few like really little cant even see em zits when i get my period...then they go away. for the most part, my skin's been way clear (knock on wood). i'm still on the pill, so i assume that helps. maybe? all i know is, i am so glad i went on accutane. i feel so much better about myself....so confident everyone out there debating whether or not to go on it, you should.
  2. okay so...im going to the derm today 6 months on it...im supposed to be coming off of it however, i dont want to get off of it!! im afraid my skin will relapse and get all gross again.
  3. ok, has anyone got their bikini line waxed while on accutane... if so....good idea/bad idea??
  4. as long as you don't have sex while on accutane, you'll be ok but you should just go on as a precaution, i am not sexually active but i still am on them
  5. twenty eight. twenty eight days left. ho boy. my face is lookin good. i had two zits come when my period showed up but- they went away after three days. i have a lot of red marks but.... twenty eight days. i dont want to go off of it because ims cared my zits willc ome back but im so happy right now!
  6. SO....it's day....hmmmm...well 4 months and a few days. my skin's doin pretty well. no acne on back, chest (only red marks knock on wood). my face is doin allright, some activity on the chin and cheeks but just red marks. i feel pretty hot when i put on my makeup + bronzer because you can;t even tell. its goin good.
  7. well, my dentist didnt say anything to me then i asked my dermotologist and he said it was a bad idea, unless i decided to go off accutane for awhile. i'm just gonna be cautious and listen to my dermotoligst i think it would be OK to get teeth pulled. im not sure though
  8. so im back at school face is doin allright i guess. one zit on my collar bone appeared. kinda going down. a lot a lot of red marks and scarring. blaaahh.......i need to be on this 7 months now i guess. ive been drinking a lot too. bless my little liver that could. however, its just the first week and everyones been going out. i think i am gonna try to get into a sorority. its gonna be tough. i dont know too many people here, and i need to meet some. thus the fact i am joining a sorority (i
  9. bronzer is either powder/liquid/gel and you put it on your face so ti gets kinda glowy and looks tan but not like tan tan it makes u look nice so yeah its makeup think of blush sort of but usually it goes on ur forehead, cheeks, chin, etc
  10. can anyone recommend a good liquid/gel bronzer? thanks!
  11. raaarr!!! ok so my left side of face WAS TOTALLY CLEAR. now i ave three mini zits on my left cheek. guuaaaaahhhhhhh but its better than it was a few monts ago. 3.5 months left...
  12. hey i so know how you feel- i'm 19, in college, and have had acne for the past 5 yrs as well but it's working wonders!! you can drink on accutane, i've drank a good amount and was OK, but i guess everyone's different, so it's good that you're careful make sure you take it with milk & food so that you dont choke the bad breakout is related to accutane- your initial breakout, your skin will be kinda bad for a few days but then it will clear up. good luck!
  13. good luck- i'm sure you will be fine and getting a blood test every two weeks is SO WORTH IT in the long run!!!! soooooo it is now...day 66! YIKES- back to university in 18 days...so on day 84. my skin's lookin allright. no new zits, although i did have one pop up last week on my forehead but it's pretty much gone. changed from sotret to amnesteem. itiching kind of alot now, although i wasn't before. A TON of red marks. that don't really cover up well with makeup (although i've stopped p