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  1. Hi, I use to have the same problem with panoxyl, so changed to dans bp, with dans i have found that it does'nt dye my eyebrosw or hair, but it still bleaches my pillow cases and clothes if i touch them. thanks.
  2. I think pears soap is brilliant, if you want a basic cleanser, it does dry a little, but it oil free and non-cogmodemic, ive never experienced a break out with it, i have always used it and use a brush at the same time to exoflate, worked for me.
  3. If your in the uk, i would reccomned, pears soap, dans bp gel, and neutrgeona oil free moisturiser. That is what i have been using since sept last year, and now i have clear skin, which i would'nt of got with out these products. i would def reccomend that you use dan's bp gel as its less irritating and does cause redness, well for me it does'nt, and i would stick to the anti-biotics for a while to and when you get clear star to come off them, thats what i did. Good luck.
  4. I found exoflioating(sp) daily when cleansing my skin helped with the dryness and flakiness, so try that. I reccomend jess exoflation.
  5. Hi I to was on panoxl before switching to dan's bp gel. Like you i was concerend that it would'nt be as effective or cause problems. How ever swapping to dans bp gel was the best decision i ever made, i have no side effects at all, like panoxyl gave me. Plus my skin has been claer now for4 months plus!!! You wont know till you try, but i would reccomend dans bp gel without hesitation!
  6. I have been doing the regimen since July, i started with panoxyl then moved to dans bp, which is by far the best. From about october onwards i have had clear skin, i just have some scars that are fading, my skin is also lovely and soft and smooth, i also added in jess exoflotaion, which i think helped no end to!.
  7. im on 100mg a day to, if it works on a low dose that better for you in the long run. Goood luck
  8. you need to give it at least 3 months to see if it works, it will not work that quickly, that was most likely coincidence.
  9. I would reccomend it for any treatment as is just a good basic cleanser.
  10. Hi, If your doing the regimen, then i reccomend a really basic cleanser like pears soap which is brill. I would'nt use neutrogena face wash with bp as it has salicyic(sp) acid it in, which does'nt mix well with bp, and will cause you more irritation. You can also get panoxl aqua gel or quinoderm from any pharmacy but you have to ask for it, i personally reccomend dans bp by far the best. I would also check that the nivea lotion your using is oil free and non-cogmodemic. Hope this helps
  11. hi, i have used that and it really brings out all your spots, but it never helped me clear them up. But with me, i just dont think sa is good for.
  12. Hi I was just wondering if there is anyone who has been doing dans regimen and taking anti-biotics at the same time?. The thing is, is that i am doing that and have now been clear now for about a month maybe more, so i would like to stop taking the anti-biotics, and continue with the regimen only. But im obviously worried that by stopping the anti biotics i will break out!!!! So if there has been any one in the same situation, and has had success with the regimen only whilst doing both please
  13. Thumbs up to for dans new bp, no irritaion or reddness, and hardl;y drys my skin!, Love the regime.... no active acne at at all, lovely soft skin, just waiting for the few scars to fade!
  14. Pears soap is brill, i use it with jessics exoflotaion, its good stuff not over drying and good for use with dan's regimen!