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  1. Once I was watching a documentary about how people survive when they're on the brink of dying. There was a man who only saw the light of day because he slipped off a mountain and jumped to the other side. He went on to say that when we're swimming in a sea of sharks then we don't have time to think or shout. We're in a sea of sharks and we have to swim, whether that means feeling human or feeling like an empty heart-shaped box.
  2. The only time that I've felt like "crying inside" was when I went through a phase where I just couldn't hack the notion that the guys you care about won't always be with you forever. There have always been people that I've lost, maybe more than the average, but, because I've grown up in an environment where things blow up and die for such a long time, and everyone's so used to it, I don't really think about it. It'd never phazed me until now. I asked my Mom : " Hey, what will happen to me w
  3. Ah, it's nothing, just a scratch, just a big bloody gash pouring out with life juice. That's all. But, if you want to waste a perfectly good night's sleep tossing and turning around with one eye open winking at the hottie in Queer Eye while the other side of your face paralyzes because you just can't face the ordeal of allowing yourself to THINK that I'd go anywhere near kitchen equipment when my nails aren't dry, then be my guest. Maybe I'll just cap up the blood and wear it as a vial around
  4. Invest in a good exfoliator. That's better than buying a transgendered dog, naming it Pouf and dressing it up in a petticoat with bunny-style ears. Pouf sure beats Miaow in hideous spandex Speedos.
  5. Oh YEAH Johnny, I can just imagine that as an early 90's gangsta rap, with a heavy bark. Or poodle-pop power rock with some KICK-ASS achy breaky line-dancing. That'll REALLY get a struggling skater boy a pretty penny outside Los Santos.