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  1. April 24 (day 19): face is getting very dry. lips are extremely dry. got two new blind pimples on right cheek. big blackheads coming out of face by themselves. got a new tiny pimple on chin today and it popped itself in the evening. forehead pimples/scabs are slowly healing. The first 3 pictures are on this day. April 25 (day 20): a lot of big and small blackheads coming out all over my face. new pimple on chin- I easily popped it but my skin came off I got a bad rash on my hand a couple
  2. April 19: skin peeling but looks better. new big blind pimple on right cheek appeared and I popped it but couldn't fully get all the pus out. April 20 (day 15): lot of big blackheads coming out everywhere. new small pimple on left cheek and I popped it. new small pimple on chin and popped it. also popped the big blind pimple again and my skin came off... bad decision. the skin around it is very red and looks burnt /open. The first two pictures are on this day. April 21 (day 16): skin is
  3. April 12 (day 7): skin is still a little bit pink. Skin is still very oily. Two new pimples appeared on the bottom of my left cheek. One new pimple appeared on my right side beside my chin. Lips are starting to get dry. First four pictures are on this day. April 13 (day 8): My skin is still very oily. I got two new blind pimples on my chin. My face is not red anymore, however today I noticed a lot of hair loss in the shower. April 14 (day 9): My lips are getting very dry now however my skin is
  4. April 10- skin is extremely dry, peeling and red. looks like I got a sunburn April 11- skin still red and dry but fine after moisturizer. skin still getting very oily throughout the day. two new small pimples. popped the huge pimple on left cheek and skin came off. lots of pus came out too. my right cheek is just all scars now and no raised bumps. the only raised bump I had was the big one on my left cheek which I popped today.
  5. Hi to whoever is reading this. I am a 22 year old female who has been battling acne since the age of 13. My acne was only on my forehead and my back until I reached the age of 15, at which point it spread to my cheeks. After high school, it spread to all areas of my face, back and chest. However, the acne on my face has always been pretty "mild", while my back acne was moderate. Even though I technically have mild acne, it is extremely persistent and never fully goes away. It also scars my face