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  1. Age: 17 Sex: Female School/College: I'm a (home-schooled) high school junior. Acne status: Mild. Favorite thing about yourself: My face. The acne doesn't change that. What would you change about yourself (other than acne): My fears and my confidence. Favorite movie: Hm. Not sure. Probably something really funny. Favorite book: Way too many to list. . . . What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): Writing fiction. Sports other interests: Tae Kwon Do, friends, philosophy, listening to
  2. I've seen people complain about breakouts, shiny looking skin, stinging, burning, itching, skin still too dry, skin suddenly too greasy, consistency too watery, consistency too gooey, too smelly, too whatever, all because of moisterizer. To put it frankly, you guys've pretty much scared me crapless from buying any. That's bad, 'cause I could really use some about now. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Let's bring it all out in the open and help each other. What moisterizer are you using? Is it
  3. Here are a few things that've been said to me over the past year: "Your acne makes your face ugly." "I had no idea it was this bad." "That line of acne on your forhead looks like a third eyebrow." (Rather unique, that one) "Ewwwwwww!" The comments aren't that bad (the first one was the only one that really hurt). They're not exactly good though, either. Ah well.
  4. I've heard a lot about Eucerin stuff, so I've decided to try it out. One little problem: I don't know which one to get! Walgreens has two entire pages dedicated to Eucerin products. Which kind is the one everyone's talking about??
  5. Okay, cool. And thanks. After studying the site more carefully, I found my answer there as well. I just had to look a little more carefully.
  6. I'm just about out of my BP gel. . . if I were to order another one, let's say tomorrow, would I get the new stuff?
  7. My neck was fine for three weeks during my usage of BP gel. . . then it got scaley and itchy pretty much out of nowhere. Logically, I've stopped putting it on my neck. I wouldn't recommend it. At least not in large doses.
  8. I've had my bed sheets bleached, my pillow cases, and my shirts. One (rather thin materialed) cotton blue shirt of mine had to be tossed, because not only did it bleach the back of it severely, but it also made it see-through in spots! That was something I wasn't expecting. I've prevented my problem from getting worse by wearing special "BP nightwear". Nothing fancy, just regular light colored nightwear that you can expect to be bleached here and there. During the day, I don't put BP gel on my
  9. teplo: I've been using it every few days now for around two weeks and I haven't had a single breakout. I think I would've had a major breakout by now if something were to have gone wrong. bluemoonpies: Whoa. . . I've never heard of petroleum jelly like that. Where'd you buy it?
  10. Yeah, I don't blame you. I was pretty hesistant myself, but since the moisterizer wasn't doing anything but cause more pain and irritation, I decided to risk it. And look at the results! My face is fine. I guess I should add that I conducted a little experiment on the first day of using the jelly. Before I went to bed, I applied the jelly on my right cheek. On the left cheek, I just used moisterizer and a little bit of aloe vera gel. The next morning, the difference was obvious: My right cheek
  11. Not lotion. Not moisterizer. Not aloe vera gel. Those only aggrivated my skin further (check out another topic of mine if you want detail on that). What is it that actually worked you ask? Petroleum jelly. Baby scented, actually. Greasy, gross, but effective. I applied a thin layer of it to my cheeks (the area that was really irratated) at night, and just slept in such a way that I wasn't smearing my face in my pillow. I did this for three nights, and by the time I was on the fourth day, I w
  12. Thanks, both of you, for the advice. It's a great help, and I'm definitely gonna be more careful in the future.
  13. 25 minutes?! If I apply the stuff any longer than two minutes, my face gets red, inflamed, burny, and peely for days (I'm on day two and still counting). But then again, I have really sensitive skin. So I guess I'm an exceptional case.