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  1. That pore refining cleanser is the one with those microbead thingies, right? Is there any chance that will cause irritation and itchiness? I happen to have eczema so I'm rather prone to rashes too.
  2. I have some scratches on my skin from rashes and would like to have some recommendations on a good non-comedogenic anti-itch medication and a non-comedogenic first aid cream. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know if Aveeno's fragrance free body wash with the "natural colloidal oatmeal" is non-comedogenic? I can't seem to find their website, and the container really doesn't say. I used to use Dove's moisturizing body wash, but I've found that Aveeno feels a lot better on my skin and I have had fewer rashes from eczema since switching. I'd like to continue using Aveeno if I could be sure it is non-comedogenic. Just about all of their other products are designed to be acne-safe but I can't
  4. Can someone tell me if those cleansers with the microbead things that supposedly get rid of dead surface skin actually work? Also, do those things irritate skin and cause itching or acne?
  5. Hey, so it does say that! Funny how I missed it the first time...Thanks for the info, friend.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion! I've looked at that spray on Eucerin online and it certainly seems convenient to apply compared to other anti-itch products. Do you think the moisturizing part is good enough on its own as a body moisturizer, or would you recommend using an additional lotion? Also, is it non-comedogenic? That really isn't an issue for my body, but I'm looking for a good anti-itch medication for the acne prone areas of my face too.
  7. What can I do to eliminate those weird brownish colored spots where pimples used to be? They do seem to go away on their own over a long period of time, but the speed isn't constant. In fact, some of the color blotches have lasted a very long time. Exactly what are they anyway? Scars? I know the remains of cuts, scratches, and even bleeding rashes I get all seem to disappear much faster than the color from pimples.
  8. I have eczema so I've had really itchy, flaky skin rashes all over my body my whole life regardless of whether or not I use acne medication. I've found that 1% hydrocortisone (Cortaid) does a pretty good job of suppressing the itchiness on my face, but I'm concerned that Cortaid products may not be non-comedogenic, since they are not stated to be. Can anyone recommend a different product that does the same thing as Cortaid but is for sure non-comedogenic? Also, this doesn't have to do much wi