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  1. Yeah man also forgot to mention I use to get pimples on my back at varies places weekly as well And that has pretty much Stopped all together as well So I assume thats what the pills took care of
  2. I just wanted to make a somewhat mirror post in this section for those considering using DIFFRINgel or the products posted in the title As I can say after the 8-12 weeks for results wait it has actually done great things BELOW is a post I made on here with pics of my bad acne at the time
  3. Wow I had to come back and give the board an update.... anyways as u see from pics above I had some pretty bad acne..... But as many years as I had it so CONSISTANT ect I never really went to a dermatologist about it.... So I wanna say end of JUNE around last day or so I went to one who my family has had good experiences with ( non acne related ) and basically tried to get him to get me on accutane he basically suggested no but said try what he offers and if it doesnt work than we can get in
  4. im on diffren now... Im see'n some improvements especially forehead
  5. i used it for week now drys at skin around cheek alot