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  1. u know, my derm is piece, he doesnt know anything, hes the reason why i have so many scars because he is a piece of crap, i had to tell him that i wanted to go on accuitane, 1 yr after i first saw him, and there were no improvements with any oral/creams antibiotics
  2. 1st course for 4 months at 40/80mg swtiching. acen stopped after 1 month of accutane, came back with iflammed acne 2 months after i stopped. wet on differein and clindoxyl, did not work!!! went on second course for 3 months at 40/80mg, again, acne stoped after 1 month of this course. then after i finished the course, 2 months passed then i saw the acne coming back. went to teh doc right away and he put me retin a mild(something that i was on before accutane which never worked), and now this
  3. i'm sorta like u guys. After my first course of accutane of 60mg/day for 4 months, my acne came back, with red inflammed pimpes, differing and clindoxyl did not work. went on a second course of 60mg/day for 3 months, worked for 2 months, just like after the 1st course. but now, 2 months later, i'm getting small whiteheads, almost 2/day, its getting so bad, it's getting worse everyday, i'm thinking of going on a low dose if my doctor will let me. why not? i dont want to use creams anymore be
  4. really, how are the side effects when u have 1 pill/week? will your doctor let you do this, what about the problems with your liver?
  5. well the first course was 4 months at 60mg/day, after the 3-4the week, my acne just stopped, it was great, nothing came up until 1.5 months after i stopped the course. then it came back, red pimples, big whiteheads, went on clindoxyl, differin, those didnt' work. so i went on accutane again at 60mg/day for 3 months, and by the 2nd week, there was no more active acne, by the end of the 2nd month, i had nothing on my face except for old red marks. now, after 2 months, i am getting small pimples
  6. well then, i would suggest another roudn of accutane, perhaps at a higher dosage. this stuff is the best out there, just abuot finiding the right amount. see, i get my acne cleared up during the course, but it walways comes back.
  7. hey, during your course, did u have any success at all and then it came back after? or did it not work at all? I had success during the courses, but it came back after the first course, and it seems to be coming back after the 2nd one, always 2 months after i finish the course.
  8. I'm getting all these small whiteheads all over my face all of a sudden, 2 months after i finished my 2nd course of accutane. nothing was on my face last week! now all of a sudden I have had 8 whiteheads over the last week, 4 just this day. i'm going to start clear benzol perioxide 2.5% tonight, hopefully it should help. i just can't believe that all this is happening, i cannot go on accutane for a third time! has anyone had success with a tetracycline, or a prescip cream?
  9. it depends, i still have some marks from over a year ago, and that was before two courses of accutane. other marks have gone away in about 6 months, others go away quicker. it's all different. whatever does it, yuor derm is never right, well at least mine. he was a piece of crap, what a dummy, it took him a year to finally put me on accutane after i told him i wanted to go on it, my face never got better in the previous year, scars go worse, it seemed like he didnt care, i attribute this to a
  10. well, i'm finally just clearing up all my red marks, its taken about 1 year, u can barely notice them now, well if you're up close, but the marks are fading in with my skin tone. so, hopefully 1 more month and everything will be gone, well except for my scars, stupid stupid scars. i am a bit hesitant to go on bp because i want to keep my face gentile, i mean be gentile with my regimine, all i do is use neutro oilfree acne wash, and cetaphil moisturization. my plan is to continue this until
  11. mile thustle, some root to help my liver, what is that stuff. do you think that will really help when it took two courses of accutane to semi control my acne? lance, well my current active acne is very small and it tends to go away in a day. With the regime, how have you progressed with it? what type of acne are you currently experiencing? doesn't bp dry out your acne and further agrevate it?
  12. I have been on accutane for two courses, one for 4 months at 60mg/day, and thenext one 6 months later at 60 mg/day for 3 months. Now afer 2 months, the acne is slowly coming back. i get really small pimples, some small red ones, some whiteheads, so far, within the past week when they started, they have disappeared by the next day, but they keep coming, almost more everyday. Has anyone had this problem, what are you using? Some help would be appreciated by people.
  13. I've got a question about girls looking at guys. From what women tell me at my workplace, I have a great face, good skin colour (tanish, all year round, good bone structure). I dont necessarily agree with them, I think I am average, thats just my opinion. Anyways, when girls look at guys, do they think they are attractive, or are they just staring at my old acne spots? I am a university student, so I am speaking of walking down the halls, not in a classroom setting. Shedding some light on t
  14. Yes, my gp doc gave me accutane for another month at 40/80, 2 months so far, for my 2nd dose that is. Gotta get this acne under control!
  15. Great, thanks fpr the replay carl bell. Yeah the only think I dont like about this trial of accutane is the effect that it is having on my lips, pissing me off like crazy. No backpain like I did with the first course. But yeah, I should go and talk to my gp doctor about a third month, maybe increase it to 80mg, but he was hesitant to do that based on my weight. So maybe 40/80 at 5 months will be good?