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  1. LOL i just read some of this log that i started like 3.5 years ago and its kinda funny ! anyway. so for whoever reads this, really try not to pop your zits during accutane, i have a lot of scars now. guess what ? that gigantic cyst that lasted a month? well i got it injected, and i cannot lie, i still have a very big scar from it. its gross i know. 3 years worth of grossness. i still have to put makeup on it everyday. oh well, so i have scars. do you know what else i have ? 1) an a
  2. hey kanmi...i remember you from before you were on accutane i remember how your chemical scar things looked when you first got them and said you wanted to kill yourself. excuse me, but if you still have any of those old pictures and then go look at those pictures on page 8 of this log, you will see such a big difference. want to see a scar ? im posting in my log a picture of my scar that i got on july 3rd. that means 5 months of putting tons of creams and mederma on every night, and ill show
  3. whoaaaaaaaa LVIG LONG TIME NO HEAR !! haha i dont even know if you still remember me...but im back on these damn boards haha hows life going ? you should be just about done from what i remember...well i actually got a cyst injected today (looks like shiiiiiieeet !) and have a scar from one that dates back to july 3rd. and when i say scar, i mean a 1 inch oval thing. i wish i was back like you and still on the tane
  4. has anyone else had acne come back after an accutane course, but its so much worse than before, because none of the cysts come to the surface they just stay under and scar like hell. my face looks so bad right now there are 3 cysts that have not come to the surface, one ive had since the 4th of july, and another since around early august. i dont know what to do should i go on another course...has anyone else done this ? please i am looking for answers. i cant even go out, i cant make eye cont
  5. hey guys...i did 80mg for a 6 months so ill tell you ! YES ! it does bring out old cysts. well most of them. i still to this day have a scar from a huge cyst on my chin and there is some cartilage or something and thats like the only one that didnt come out. but all the other ones on my inside cheeks and stuff came out. and yes they do hurt. and its not like you can squeeze or even inject during accutane because it will scar really badly if you do. like even squeezing the smallest blackh
  6. i lied. because september 5th i have another appt with the derm and im starting a second course. every zit is a cyst now and nothing comes to the surface. i love nicole and i cant even be with her because of my face. if by some miracle we are still together by then, you will get to see pictures in my new log. stay tuned, i guess.
  7. so i am breaking out again even after my 6 month 80mg accutane course. but this time its different. none of my zits come to the surface, they just turn into huge cysts and now i have huge scars (one is like 3/4 inch in diameter) and they are dark red/blue/purple. now i have 3 more cysts on my left cheek and my life is not going to well. my skin was perfect most of the summer and now everythings going wrong. ive been dating the most beautiful girl now for about 2 weeks and now i dont even wa
  8. ok so i had this cyst on my face for 3 weeks and i went to the derm to get an injection (ive been off accutane for 2 months now) and this is my only cyst. now that he injected it, the pain of the cyst has gone away, but the dar dark red/purple color is still there and there is a HUGE HOLE in my face. i dont know what the hell to do, i mean is there some kind of injection that will return the skin to normal or some topical cream ??? please please please ive been getting some crazy looks from p
  9. alright. this is my final post in my log. im not lying this time !!! the acne is done, and the female problems are over. i have my dream girl and yesterday hanging with her for the whole day was the most fun ive had in forever. any doubts were definitely thrown out and we had our first kiss in the rain last night as i left . her parents really like me now and im like part of the family now. i know its a little early but i am like crazy in love with her. haha tell me im naive but give
  10. man i am so sunburnt from yesterday at the beach, but were goin to the pool again ! actually last night she wouldnt let me come over her house because she 'hasnt talked to her parents yet' but i talked to her sister and she was like 'dont worry about her, shes always just a little shy even though she doesnt seem like it, so just give her some time and go slowly' sweet. but man this cyst indentation really looks like crap ! injections are sweet and all, but the scars they leave are ridiculou
  11. wow sooo after a late night last night of partying hard at my house (rents are out of town !) with my two best friends haha yes our parties are lame, but it was just us three because they are moving ! we went to the beach with nicole and all my friends from my work...wow. yesterday nicole had straight hair () today she had curly hair() and after coming back to my house to swim, we found each other both lying in my bed () before this situation, her sister and my two best friends were talking w
  12. hey man! thanks for the comment on my log...im definitely going to do that asap. good luck on your course, i know youre only on 20 mg and week 2, but believe me, time fliiies. youll be done before you know it. and i dont know who said tylenol was bad, but i took advil like everyday of my course haha i was such a pussy about the side effects. at least your not on 80 mg, so the side effects should be low. i would say 1 tylenol will knock them out. sweet. good luck man ! thanks for the re
  13. ooooohhhhh a) the cyst is like completely gone. i cant even feel it. there is some indentation, but its not like nicole ran away from me because of it. b) movies with nicole !!! then i ate dinner with her and her family. good times. she has a big italian family in town and it was definitely good eating and funny times. even though her parents arent thrilled by her choice in me, it was still fun ! i dont really know why they dont like me 100% though, ill have to ask her. but what
  14. yes ! the injection was successful ! the cyst is definitely gone and there is just a mark there now. timetimetime will heal it. yes ! im going to the movies with nicole tonight. im gonna play it like a kid and ask her out. haha ! wow. i am definitely crazy about her i couldnt even fall asleep the other night thinking about her...so i texted my best friend at 3 am and told him i need to ask her out and he was like "you just woke me up and realized that ?? i told you that like a year ago !
  15. whoaaa. tomorrow morning. 9 am. cyst injection 101. this thing better be gone soon because nicole is waiting !!! wow. so usually im so against talking about love and relationships on the internet...but somehow it happened. me and the new nicole were talking on im, and somehow we both said that we like each other. i mean, it was kinda obvious, but it never hurts to be positive. and so she gave me one of her senior pics (she is one year below me) and she is sooooooooo beautiful. i dont kno