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  1. i think ive found the answer FOR ME......i almost only and exclusivly use cold water to wash face, and i use warm water when im in the shower, and i never touch or wach my face while showering......i think that hot water tends to lead to "breed" acne, and cause more inflammation....this is just my theory, cause ive gotten better over the past few weeks, i hope this is it.......holla
  2. yeah, i still have acne, yeah sometimes it gets kinda bad looking, but i dont do ANYTHING anymore, i just wash like twice a day in warm water, thats it, im tired of regimens and things, ive reached the point where i could care less how it looks, let the inflamattion arise!!!!!
  3. is exfoliating the forehead ok? im sure irritation has something to do with it.........should i exfoliate then use bp??
  4. i just spent 20 bucks on the razor and cartridges, so i hope this works, i use warm water to help loosen up the skin, ima TRY to shave daily, and ill use plenty of shaving cream, so lets see what happens, wish me luck, my birthday was tuesday!!
  5. i was gonna buy a new razor, but a alarm went off, so forget it
  6. use butter , like kramer in seinfeld, but on the real, when i shave tomorrow, ima put tons of shaving cream on my face, and take my time, since maybe my problem is skin irritation
  7. these are all i usually get, please help me, ill even send you money via paypal, please, ill take any and all advice, im begging anyone, please help
  8. son, thats nothing, i have the same thing, only instead of a lot of red shit, mine looks white, and a lot more noticable
  9. all i ever get, which is bad enough, i get these pretty big, not huge, but pretty big white acne around my mouth, and my forehead, i cant figure out what is casuing it, please help, once in a while i wont have any for a day, but then they come back full force, please help, is it food caused?? masturbating?? not enough water?? not cleaning/exfoliating skin enough? PLEASE HELP
  10. i have been using a gillette fusion razor for some time now, i was wondering how often i should buy a new blade, every month or so??, please let me know, thanks, cause i mostly only get whiteheads around my mouth , which is a terrible place to get them, no wonder ive never kissed a girl, lol, please help
  11. i have been drinking at least 1 liter of water for about 3 weeks, and i havent gotten a significant whitehead yet, THANK THE LORD, i think it helps clean your body of bacteria, so if u have problems with whitheads, try this
  12. ive been drinking, on average, about 2 liters a day of water, and i must say, SO FAR, i havent gotten a whitehead of significant size yet, knock on wood
  13. i read somewhere on this site, that using hot water causes acne to "emerge" faster, i always take hot showers, should i start taking warm to luke warm showers, cause when i shower, its hot, and i splash and rub my face with the hot water, maybe i should switch to warm/luke warm water, what does everyone think???