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  2. shit..dunno what to do anymore, the pain keeps coming back cant enjoy what i usually do anymore man. Get me out of this pain...
  3. Im sorry for the title everybody, i dont mean it i love everyone here..!! But i felt out of place i was angry i was angry at god and everyone else in general. Why DO I have kidney disease why am I SUFFERING? wHY does it always have to be me..? My paranoia is on and off...i jsut dont know what to feel. Untill i get the words from my doctor then i can probably continue living life without questioning.
  4. I cant believe you even thought of that...i would takeyour place anyday give me your face..give me all ur acne and id still want to live.
  5. thanks..i did some research i know..knowledge really is power. Im not scared anymore. Im not afraid just cautious thats all. Ive really callmed down compared to this morning. My body was just taking over. Everything felt out of control. I didnt even think of cures and treatments..i skipped right to death. Now i know..i really know. I was afraid to know i was afraid to face the truth..i came to my senses. I think i should go to the doctor tomorrow not next week. I WILL be cured.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA GIMOJO THANKS!! artlez - i first starting having LOWERback aches..first i thought it was the uneveness in my muscles saince i do have Scoliosis. Just slight thats all..about 10, 12 degrees. Then i searched for a scoliosis forum..i noticed that people with like 30 degrees+ had backaches..and usually people older than me. I thought it was odd..im only 10 degrees and im really young. I told my dad and that day i had basketball practice..my back started hurting even more. My mom was in
  7. GameOver - i noticed ur name..i always thot that life was a game i love basketball and now with this..im scared to play im scared to go out there and shoot im scared if i hurt my self fighting for the ball im hurting my kidney..as im growing every sec, i really wish i didnt look at life as just a game. Now its practicly gameOVER for me..but its 3rd quarter in the game..i got the ball, their in the lead by 12, no now its 14, wait.. no they didnt make that shot. I got the rebound..im going..... im
  8. I laughed, i cried, i even smiled (for reals) while reading all your posts. It was touching more touching than anyone could've imagined. I hid my self in my closet to bawl for i think barely 2 minutes but it felt like forever. My body was on a shutdown..i couldnt move i couldnt think right i.. I just jumped to hard conclusions especially when i got the news. Its all too early for me to go right? Theres transplants out there right? People will donate right? The thing is organs and all those othe
  9. SHIT! YOU guys think you got it all bad..dealing with acne and everything. Social status..ever thought about your own life? I cant type right now, im all shaky from getting this kidney disease news and all. FUCK i wanna live. Id give up my face my arm leg just to let me live..god please let me live. Id take up all your pain..all ur suffering from acne and what not as long as i can live. Life is a valuable thing. I never thought..i would've never even had a single CLUE..dammit. My birthdya is com
  10. Hey thanks for the replys everyone. Im really glad that ya'll giving this a shot. Keep it up and it may or may not work (as in clear you or may not clear you.. lol)..but im positive your acne will be soo much better! <3 Acneruins - Maybe the water isnt hott enough?? Are you sure ur dewing everything right? The steam is targeted for black heads and clogged pores so i dont know how it will NOT work on you..Try it for at least 15 minutes (you guys..if the water gets cold just stir it and the st
  11. Iron mouse - you put the towl over ur head so that the steam cant escape..thats it. )
  12. Same here..just two weeks ago i was like 100% clear just pores here and there..but then 3 days ago, i broke out like WHOA..but now, i can tell its going down cos ive been steaming a lot and putting on lots of masks !! So its all good..but i wish i would just be clear for like ever! /= that would be nice..
  13. Simple - vaseline! Dab it on ur lip extra good so it could be extra shiny and in the morning it will renew your lips soooooo good! ITS EVERYWHERE..its like a dollar for the thing and itlll last you for like forever dudee! Also drink more water it could be caused of dehydration as well /=
  14. Yeahh i think thats okay. I usually put on medication before i go to sleep and then in the morning i would have to wash my face..meaning id have to wash wats left of the medication. But i think overnight wouldbe enough for the medication to soak in and do all those good stuff. So its alright to wash your face in the morning and then apply again at night.
  15. dnp - hey everything sounds good. But be cautious the first time you do everything. Just to be on the safe side you know..so its good. When you put the towl OVER ur head..to COVER ur head not ur FACE. Just try it out and im sure you'll get it..best of luck =)