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  1. marks and scars aside, have anyone here ever considered doing an internal cleanse - bowel & parasite cleanse, liver & gallbladder flush?
  2. Yes I agree that Chinese medicine may be a better solution for chronic problems like acne. After reading the thread that you've posted sally, now I know why I felt 'cooler' and didn't sweat as much when I was taking chinese medicine for one period of time. But I took it for my hormonal fluctuation problem though, which I believe why I've poor complexion? As for recommendation of chinese physician for acne problem, really have no idea. One thing is Chinese medicine takes some time to become effec
  3. IPL is supposed to help fade the red marks left by acne outbreaks. Not too sure about Dr Lily Aw cuz I went to Summit to do it. Quite pleased with the results and I also realized there weren't as many clogged pores and blackheads on my face then too. Sally> sure..I've only went for once so far..going for the 2nd one on 11 Nov. No I stopped having active acne long ago, as for acne marks..not really visible. But I have a compulsion to squeeze those clogged pores & blackheads on my face,
  4. I share the sentiments with regards to exorbitant prices. And yes, I don't like hardsell too but I'm quite resistant towards it too so doesn't affect me much. I recently went for a facial at Coslab that just opened near my house after my mom kept asking me to go. I think their service and attitude not bad, they aren't pushy at all. If you don't want to buy, they're also okay with it. Will prob stick with it for a few times to see how it goes.
  5. piggy_balls> I went to this clinic called Summit located at Jurong East Central. They do offer chemical peels and microderm..among a variety of other asethestic treatments. Not too sure about the prices of these 2 treatments though. Regarding the beauty salon issue, I beg to differ. My friend who used to suffer from moderate-severe acne now spots a clear face after going for facials at Expressions, very impressed by the results indeed. So I think it really depends on a case-by-case basis a
  6. I used 59 Herbal SR Mask and 99 Herbal SR Cream. Also used 90-O Herbal AC Cream as spot treatment. I did not order online..u're located in S'pore now right? Then it's better to call their office & order instead, they'll deliver free to your doorstep. I think you shld request for a sample set to try it out yourself first. Ask for Mdm Lim, she's very helpful. Of cuz if u can actually go down personally to the office & talk to her, that'll be better.
  7. Qian> the cream & mask that I've used are from Pierre Chenxu. Not sold in market..they do mostly online retailing. They're based in S'pore so can easily get their products. Not cheap though but this is by far the best skincare brand for my face, still using their products now. If you're interested to find out more, can go check out their website at www.pierrechenxu.com
  8. I think it's better to consult your derm abt whether to go for peels or use AHA. Personally, I think ppl with sensitive skin should try to avoid peels & AHA. I still remember quite some time back, there was a girl who posted on another acne board (absoluteacneinfo)..she got acne after doing chemical peels (wanted to get rid of some pigmentation actually).. the price for being overly-vain really not worthwhile hor? pimple guy> unfortunately I got no photos to show you the b4 & afte
  9. Biscuitboi>> yah loh, the funny thing is my complexion was quite good during my early to mid teenage years, my major breakouts only started when I was 19-20. The IPL sessions that I went were considered cheap liao..normally one session would have cost $1000 - $1500 leh. Lucky for me that my mom was willing to pay for me.. Accutane has some quite serious side effects so better think really carefully about it before deciding to take it. And I think this drug quite expensive too uh? I'
  10. biscuitboi>> I think IPL should be more effective in clearing acne marks. When I wad doing it, I still had acne but considered mild oredi as compared to before. I suppose that IPL has helped in preventing my acne from flaring up. Yeah me a girl..prob the only one on this topic uh? & 21 this year..old liao
  11. IPL is an abbreviation for Intense Pulse Light. Beams of light from the IPL handpiece are flashed onto the affected area to lighten acne scars. I went to a clinic at Jurong East to do it, although it's a GP clinic, the doctor provides various types of facial treatments, loads of people go to him for services like IPL, peels and microdermabrasion, etc. My scars were mostly deep red marks, but they are flat (not dented or pitted type). I had them only at the sides of my face so when I turned my
  12. used to have clusters of red marks too, then I went for IPL and it helped quite a bit. As for acne products, I think NSC pharmacy should carry many of these huh?
  13. I get it all the time, although seldom nowadays. I agree it's quite embarrassing, but they also just doing a job so just poilitely reject their offer loh..easier said than done but just learn gradually loh..
  14. Hey cool..didn't know there're so many fellow s'poreans on board seems like all of you are guys huh? I must be the odd one out then.. :?: Anyway just thought of sharing my personal experience with NSC. I think it's a real waste of money, for me at least. I had much better results with my GP. However I do have a friend who has wonderful results with NSC (but after quite time), so I can't dismiss them just like that. With regards to the Purpose facial wash, I think I've seen it in some gu