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  1. hey forest... haven't been here a while again! anyway....yes, those are pretty bad taste! i am so lazy to boil, supposed to boil every nite, but i think i drink only once a week!! so it didn't help much......lately i dun have many acnes...(the period thing), but when my period comes then i will get more for sure. i got some whitening product and try to whiten my skin! so far not too obvious yet....only use whitening cleanser and toner everyday...i did not get a whitening moisturizer.
  2. hi forest.. sorry didn't show up for a long time... anyway... i dun have too much acnes now (well, 1-2 now 'active' on my face).....but, my skin is kinda rough...dunno why? maybe i used the wrong skincare? anyway, the Dr. Hauschka's Rhythmic night conditioner (i used a consecutive of 28 days) was helpful to lighten acne marks in the first week, then i dun see visible results.....i think it's still worth to try.... the herbalist is ok! i went there 2 weeks ago and i got 5 packs of m
  3. forest, sorry i was busy lately.. anyway, i think i will try seeing a chinese herbal doctor and try to find out the root cause of my acne... if it works, i will let u know!!
  4. hehehe....forest u really love korean food (i love it too...but....somehow my face is more important right now)......... i'd love to try the benzoyl peroxide stuff, but i suspect i am allergic to it.....so i never try any bp stuff anymore! and i will avoid bp stuff too. salicylic acid seems working fine for me...and not allergic..although it may no be better than bp......... u mean serious skincare has big anniversary sale? right now i have two acne on my right cheek..so weird..maybe bec
  5. hihi.. i think for any skincare, it will be useful for some people and not useful for other people! i can't say for certain there's something totally useless....like..if u can find something good for u then it's good! forest, u said u buy more cleanser...u mean spectro gel or the serious skincare? as for fading acne marks.. i am using Dr. Hauschka's rthythmic night conditioner...for the first few days, my acne marks on my chin reduced a lot!! i will try to use it for 28 days straight
  6. forest, i went to the acne doctor today again....luckily my blood test was normal.....so i am very relieved now... i asked him about 'serious skincare', he said it's a waste of money, maybe it only works on u, which is still not bad... he recommended me to use 'cetaphil' cleanser...i think i may give it a try as it's so cheap...also spectro gel, he said is not bad too! but he prefers cetaphil.... oh well! i am using the Dr. hauschka night rthythmic conditioner...is helping to lighten
  7. hi kitty, yeah, then i think u should try dan's regime first....coz it's cheap and effective for some people! i dun wear makeup at all...i was considering that last month but now it seems to be better, so i didn't bother to think about it again. i have heard many stuff seem to be effective for acne marks...i was trying Dr. Hauschka's night rthythmic conditioner for a few days, some acne marks are lightened (they are in my chin area)....but i will ask the derm that i am going to see soon
  8. hi Kitty, so you were from HK? anyway, i went to see that doctor with my other skin problem, not with my acne problem (but he also gave me some metro-cream <-- is not metro gel, but is cream form, same medication) and it was not bad b4. his number is 24173883 and his doctor's office is very close to tsuen wan MTR station....inside a mall call 'luk yeung mall' (i think, can't remember now). in his office, posting if it's skin problem then will charge HKD 400 and up. he charged me about
  9. heard it's no good as the scrubbing / peeling (not chemical peeling) action will make the bacteria inside the skin go to other area --> spreading the zits...
  10. forest and kitty, hahaha, when i see Dr. Geller, i was thinking if he's named 'ross'??!!!
  11. forest and from HK, that's really weird. i also stopped taking birth control pill for half a year and break out starts about 2 months after i quit and now it seems to be ok now (no more breakout around chin). i will see the derm tomorrow and see if it's hormone that's causing my acne. all i did was stop eating spicy food.....sigh....u won't know how much i love spicy food..... from hk: the doctor﹕ 葉祺焜醫生 24173883 荃灣荃豐中心 hope u can read the chinese...if not, the middle part is
  12. from hk, hey, i went to a derm in tsuen wan for my other skin problem, he's not bad.....do u wanna give it a try? his name is Dr. ip kei kwan.....dun have the phone number with me now but i can find it out for u tonite..... is ur skin as bad as 'lau a lai' (the actress that performs mostly on stage)?
  13. i haven't heard of it.. i am using a lotion prescribed by a derm, called neo-medrol... is not bad to me, but it's antibiotic so it may build up tolerances if u use a lot. is it your diet that's causing the problem? try eat more fruits...i think diet is quite a big reason to some kind of acne..like mine....
  14. forest, u are tempting me! anyway, i love jam pong too....i like to drink the hot soup...but now i am not dare to do it. i will see that 'acne doctor' from the acne clinic in kitchener on tuesday, i think i will ask him about all these ingredients..i have no clue about it!! i am using Dr Hauschka's rhythmic night conditioner for 3 days, my bf notices my acne marks got lighter...dunno if it's really due to this night conditioner.
  15. hello from hk, i was also from HK..anyway...i totally understand what u feel. have you tried not eating some particular kind of food? whenever i eat hot/spicy food, i will have acne starting to grow everywhere on my face. if accutane and bcp helps u, u should continue......for acne scars, maybe u can try laser or chemical peeling (change skin in cantonese)....i heard that helps too.