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  1. So, after using Retin-A for several years, my skin has gotten considerably better. I do not want to continue to go to the derm to get prescriptions for it. Is there anything over the counter that I could use as a substitute?
  2. I've been using H&S for about a month or so (nearly done with a pretty big bottle) and my back has been doing relatively well, however my neck is still dealing with some sores and bumps =(
  3. I wear it whenever I'm outdoors, but take it off when I'm indoors.....I guess i'm going bald, lol.
  4. Yeah it kinda itches a bit after I put it on...
  5. Does anyone have any information on this prescription gel? Currently I'm on rosac cream and Retina and my derm prescribed me finacea, i have no clue when I should use this!!
  6. Pardon me, I figured out where I went wrong. Just before reading this thread I read a discussion where someone was against all prescription drugs and apparently got them confused :wall: Ignore the previous post.
  7. If they see a risk in taking accutane, and they choose to still take it. thats fine. Thats what I was trying to see. I wanted to know if they would really risk their health for clear skin. And I've found my answer. There's nothing more to it now. Lately, it's just a bunch of people flaming me for understanding the risks, and NOT taking accutane. Realistically, nobody should even hang out with such superficial people to make them feel SO bad. A bit of teasing is normal, and once you can take t
  8. I'm just saying, you asked and people answered and people responded. Acne is more of a mentain strain than anything. Ideally acne should not be that big of a deal, but realistically it could be devastating to an individual's mental health. Are they pussies for letting that happen? Maybe. But if there's something out there there that may potentially make them feel a whole lot better about themselves, and if they understand the risks and chooses to go through it, I don't see a problem with it.
  9. Meh, more power to you if you don't want to take it, but you asked the question, "Is accutane that wonderful to you guys? Im mostly concerned about the side effects. I know somebody is gunna give me some story about how they have 10 friends whp took tane and none of them got side effects, but reading the warning manual, is that REALLY something we would want to be risking? Even a little?". Seemingly, a lot of voices here say YES.
  10. I'm pretty convinced that it's not going to clear me up. To it's credit it has improved my condition to some degree, but are there any suggestions as to what I should do next?
  11. well it seems that if i sip it slowly, it's tolerable, but if i try to take a big gulp, it gags me
  12. No, it's a pretty big bottle. I'm going to try using black tea next time to see if it tastes any better.
  13. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but my kombucha comes out really strong, and stings my throat, and that's after 5 days!
  14. I made some, and it tastes a bit...sharp =/ very acidic and vinegary