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  1. Your scars need raised and plumped up to give the skin a more level look. 3-5 subcision treatments would good reasonable results. I don't see how co2 laser resurfacing is going to improve your rolling scars which is the most common type of scars you have.
  2. I've had several dermaroller treatments done with a professional (Dr. Chu, London) and found it very uncomfortable. He used 1.5mm. I had lidocaine injected into my cheeks beforehand for the local anaesthetic. You could try a numbing cream. I see you're in the US, we have a product called EMLA that you apply and leave to the skin for a while which numbs the area so you could look online for some numbing creams.
  3. The thing about an excision is that you're basically replacing a larger, more noticeable scar with a smaller linear scar. For optimal results it's best to blend the remaining scar in some 2-3 months after with something like dermasanding.
  4. Yes probably. I dab some on in the morning and that's it for the day. Only takes seconds.
  5. Only if I'm going to work, or out and about with friends or on a night out. If I'm popping out to the shop then no.
  6. I have dermablend setting powder but I don't use it.
  7. full cheeks, a minute amount is all that is needed. It's dabbed onto the cheeks. As I said earlier, Less is better than more.
  8. http://www.skinstore.com/p-7035-dermablend-cover-creme-true-beige.aspx I get it sent over from the US. There's a Vichy Dermablend in the UK but I don't like them. You need to find the right match for your skin tone. True Beige is the closest to my skin tone. ie- fairly light skin.
  9. shallow scars mainly, it just gives the cheeks a more 'uniform' look and colour.
  10. Yeah it definitely makes a difference. less rather than more is the secret.
  11. Dermablend works well for me, especially after I've had dermabrasion as my cheeks are red for up to 3 months. It gives the skin a blended look and helps cover shallow scars but at the same time it can make ice picks stand out more.
  12. You're still in the recovering stages, and it's normal to think that your scars look worse. I think with many acne scarring treatments, things look worse before they look better. I found that redness took 1-2 months to subside with my TCA Cross treatments. I guess it depends on whether the physician applies a single application to the scars or a few applications as this would be more aggressive. When you wash your face in the first few weeks or even touch your skin, it really makes the
  13. I reckon most people who've had TCA Cross think their scars look worse a few weeks after treatment. The scars are red and raw as they've just had acid put on them. Two weeks is still in the early stages, things should settle down after a month and redness should begin to go away. I would advise that you try to relax, I've been in the same position. Patience is what is required the most with TCA Cross because it takes months to see results, and gradual ones at that.