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  1. 1) If you're not using sunscreen, you definitely should be. We all know that retinoids make the skin super sensitive to the sun. In addition, using sunscreen will help fade your red marks too. 2) I'm pretty sure I remember reading that you should wash off the Retin-A in the morning too. This will minimize irritation, particularly for sun senstitivity, which is very important. Good luck!
  2. Day 6: Ok, so I had my 2nd application on Friday night and all went well. No burning, stinging on application and the next day there wasn't any irritation, redness, or dryness, so that's good. Overall, over the weekend I noticed that my skin is a lot less oily already. Usually when I go to wash my face I can feel the oiliness of the day....Saturday night I didn't feel that. I've got a lovely vertical line of acne that has formed on myleft cheek (not a usual place for my acne). One on my
  3. Day Three: Again, not much going on. I have one pimple that popped up last night (well, I noticed it after work) in a strange and out of character place for me. Oh well. Luckily, no dryness, flaking, peeling, irritation but then again, I've only had one application! My 2nd application will be tonight. What a boring log....nothing is going on. In that case, I'll post a joke, courtesy of comedy central. Dragging Their Feet Two men are approaching each other on a sidewalk. Both are dr
  4. Day Two: No RAM application last night. Obviously not much of a difference except that I don't have anything coming up at the moment. We'll see! My next RAM application will be Friday night. As for applying moisturizer after the Retin-A, I may increase the time between the Retin-A application and the moisturizer, but I'm trying to combat the irritation and dryness factor. If I feel like the moisturizer is interferring with the Retin-A's potency, then I will change my routine, but for the m
  5. So, from the title you can gather that I'm a 26 year old woman. Well, almost 27....in 3 months. I've decided enough is enough. My battle began in my late teens and has kept coming full force. By the time I reached 23-24 I was dealing with severe acne. I should have gone on Accutane at that point but decided against the side effects and leapt head first into Blu-U with Levulan and Smoothbeam treatments. 2 years later I'm happy with the results because it decreased my acne considerably and n
  6. Irin99

    Acne and sex?

    Wow, now I've heard it all. People abstaining from sex to keep from getting breakouts??? For the love of god, DON'T DO IT! It's not worth it. At least if you're having sex, you're having fun. And having fun but having acne is WAY more worth it than not having acne and not getting any. Plus, obviously if you're getting some then someone thinks you're hot!
  7. I am going to a new doctor tomorrow and am thinking about my options for my moderate-mixed types of acne. About a year to a year and a half ago I tried Tazorac, which was far too harsh for my sensitive (believe it or not) skin. The fumes from it and no matter how I applied it caused my eyes to burn. I was also using Tazorac in the evening after washing and Duac in the morning after washing, as well as applying a moisturizer afterwards. After 2-3 really bad episodese I quit using Tazorac and
  8. From my understanding, you should drink 1 tablespoon of organic ACV mixed with at least 8oz of something else 2x's per day. I've found that orange juice is a small glass (those 1/2 glasses) make the taste of the ACV minimal. If mixed in water, it it entirely too strong. I've also read to be sure to drink through a straw because of the acidity. My problem is I ran out of ACV (from a while ago when I tried it topically) and now I can't find it! Have to order online I suppose.
  9. Came across some very interesting articles last night about how drinking 1tbls each in the morning and evening can help with acne among other things. Any thoughts?
  10. A lot of people need a second course of Accutane...has anyone every gone back for a second round of PDT treatments? I had PDT with levulan and Smoothbeam treatments, 4 of each, one PDT, one Smoothbeam, then one week off, repeat. I found it made a HUGE difference, but not a 100% difference. This was 2 years ago. Now I'm thinking of repeating for hopefully 100% clear. Anyone gone back for a second round of treatments?
  11. What regimen do you follow to help keep breakouts down? Thanks!
  12. Just curious, for those of you that have purchased or made your own home use acne lamp, how long before you saw significant results? I have the Verilux acne lamp and have been using it at least 5-6 times per week and am unsure of the results. Perhaps I need to give it some more time and perhaps a new product I tried caused a breakout about 2 weeks ago. Otherwise, about 1 month after starting, my skin was CLEAR for two weeks! Nothing new and then a huge breakout that I am just now getting ove
  13. I haven't been to a derm in a little over a year and due to my insurance, I have to go to my PCP first. Will she make me try a bunch of stuff I've already tried (that doesn't work) before getting me started on Accutane? Thanks!
  14. I'm 26 years old, going to turn 27 in May and I look at myself and while I know I could worse off, I can't help but wonder....at what point do I give up? I've tried so many different things that haven't worked or have worked for a little while and then stopped. At my age I should be thinking anti-aging/anti-wrinkle products but I'm still battling a "teenager's" disease. I've only been to a dermatologist I think 3x's in my life simply because none of the products worked, made my skin or eyes b
  15. UPDATE: So I've been doing this since Thursday evening and here are my observations. First of all, my method has been to apply at least twice a day, once in the morning with my first morning and then once before I go to bed. I did refrigerate my urine this morning so I will use that for application this evening. Over the weekend, I was able to get in a few more applications at night when I was sitting around watching movies. I use a cotton pad, soak it in the urine, I don't squeeze it out,
  16. DON'T DO IT! I tried it before trying Proactiv and I used Murad faithfully for 2 months. I had more acne after trying it than before which led to massive hyperpigmentation and scarring.
  17. I must say, I've taken the last 3 hours to read this entire thread at work and I'm convinced. What do I have to lose? I'd heard about urine therapy a long time ago, back when I was a teen with a teen mentality, which was ewwwww. But, at 26 and years of unhappiness over the sad state of my skin, I'm going to give it a try. A little background: I'm 26, been dealing with extremely mild acne until I got pregnant at 19 and had my daughter. Since then, breakout city. I haven't tried a lot of
  18. Hey AllyKat (and everyone else): An update on my treatments....lately, NO PIMPLES!!!! My skin looks amazing these past two weeks and I'm actually about to start my period too! I've had nothig new at all which is insanely amazing! As far as the treatment probably not being permanent, I know that Smoothbeam is not necessarily permanent, but I decided to go with the BLU-U with Levulan because it's results have been proven to be as effective as accutane, with a 2-3 year to permanent solution. S
  19. I had one for awhile then sold it on ebay. Basically, I think it's designed for the little prom queen who gets one, possibly two pimples per month. For the person like those of us on this forum who actually have an acne problem, this will not work. It does not work on cystic acne. Also, you can only use it 3 times, then you have to recharge. Think about all the pimples on your face (at the time I had it, it was way more than just three). Think about that one $35 cartridge only has 90 uses.
  20. I finished my course of BLU-U with Levulan treatments, combined with Smoothbeam. Here's what my doc did: Blu-U w/ Levulan on one Sat Smoothbeam the next Sat Nothing the Sat after that Return to beginning We did each treatment 4 times. Let me tell you, I have seen great improvement. My course finished on April 8th. I've spent a total of $2640 on all of these treatments. In addition, I've been using 1% Clindamycin as a topical and for the first two months of treament, my doc put me on Ery