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  1. Wow, ok. It had previously seemed that the overall consensus was around 12 weeks. How long would you say to wait? I've been planning on at least 6 months before entertaining the idea of seeing a doctor but its very tough because I'm just sick of still breaking out. The problem is, my skin looks really great. The scars are fading and my skin is soooo much smoother and the overall tone looks awesome! On top of all of this, I'm still breaking out. Not a lot, but enough. At least 1 new one e
  2. I'm currently 10 1/2 weeks into my 0.04% RAM treatment and really not happy with the results, or rather, lack of. Anyway, while I'm still going to give it quite a bit more time, I'm curious to see what other people have been prescribed if their RAM treatment didn't work. Thanks!
  3. EDIT: I started thinking about when I started this routine and counted how long I've been on it and I've actually been using Retin-A Micro for 77 days. Interesting. So, about 10 1/2 weeks. I don't care either way, I'm just getting truly impatient! Particularly since people say around the 12 weeks mark I should really see some great results. Nothing to do but wait I suppose cause I gotta keep going.
  4. Day 74: Nothing new to report. Still breaking out, still at the same point in my treatment. I know retinoids take a long time to work, but come on, I really hoped I'd be a lot better at this point. Nothing to do but keep on trying. I did decide to give this treatment a good 6 months and if there is no improvement, then its back to the doctor.
  5. Irin99

    Day 68 - Left

    From the album: Retin-A Micro and 26 years old---Pics!

    This is day 68 of my Retin-A Micro treatment.
  6. Day 68: I love log readers! It's always a bit refreshing to realize that there are soooo many other people out there dealing with the same issues you have, regardless of the people you see in real life that look like they've never had a zit in their whole life! On to my progress. Things still look like they are getting better. I did have a couple of small pimples pop up on my right cheek but they are already healing. I got one monster mountain on my left upper lip (yeah, super fun) that I
  7. Day 64: So, things actually are going pretty good. Things are healing nicely and I've had minimal new eruptions which is fantastic. I've noticed that my skin is continuing to glow and the red marks are fading more and more. Basically, I'm having a good week....so far, which is a great motivation! Luckily, my makeup covers well!
  8. Looney, I'm about 10 years older than you but I'm on RAM 0.04%. Just as a heads up (I have a log too), I've been on for close to 9 weeks and have seen some improvement, but don't go by the RAM website. They say 7 weeks but from people's personal results, it seems to take anywhere from 3-6 months to see GOOD and full results. Keep with it, particulularly past the first two months. Also, I would recommend getting a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil or my personal fave, Aveeno Ultra Calming Clea
  9. Yay, thanks for the encouraging words! I was going by the stupid Retin-A website and they keep saying 7 weeks, 7 weeks......and I'm past that now!!! So that's why I've been getting a little discouraging, but this helps. You know how it goes.....things are looking pretty good and then boom, another pimple. I really appreciate your help though!!!! On another note, things are looking pretty good today! Actives are clearing up nicely (and much more quickly than before RAM). I have notice W
  10. Day 60: I'm getting annoyed and discouraged and I'm tired of waiting for this to kick in! It comes down to one or two healing and then boom....another one pops up. UGH! Oh well, nothing to do but keep waiting. OTHER than the active pimples, my actual skin looks good. If only I'd stop breaking out!
  11. Lyha, you haven't updated in a while...how is the treatment going?
  12. Day 53: Ok, so I kind of hit a bump in the road with my treatment and taken a step back. My "glorious" results of last week came to a slow down when I started breaking out again in my most persistant spot....the left side of my chin....eck. Anyway, nothing major, but still a major PITA. Oh well. Otherwise, my skin is looking pretty good. Just these new ones, I think three. They should be gone pretty quickly though. I've now been on Retin-A Micro for about 7 1/2 weeks so I should be seei
  13. Day 47: Ok, some actually really great improvements so far! The mountain range is gone...yay! I woke up this morning and took a look in the mirror and was completely surprised at how smooth my skin looked. Like, my scarring had been completely minimized. At this moment, I have not active acne with the exception of one cystic like and very painful bump on my chin. But it has already gone down quite a bit from this morning. Anyway, my skin was glowing all day long and like I said above, loo
  14. Day 41: Wow, I can't believe I'm already at day 41! So, I'm having a good week so far. The mountain range has disappeared and I have just a few "foothills" that came up. Overall my skin has more of an overall glow to it. My skin tone seems to be evening out some and I'm still convinced that the hyperpigmentation seems to be fading and scarring looks like it is softening. As for new breakouts, like I said above, I'm not experiencing any more (well, right now, lol) cysts or monsterous zits.
  15. Day 34: Wow, I can't believe it's been this long since I've updated. Here's what is going on. My skin is actually looking really great. I've noticed less oiliness, smoother skin, and it may be prematue thinking or I'm tricking myself, but my red marks seem to be lightening and my scarring looks like it is changing. Of course, my mind could be playing tricks on me. I've noticed my skin looks pretty darn good.....except for my two new friends. I've named them. Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helen
  16. Day 25: The IB is here, oh yes, the IB is here. I'm convinced. While my skin has been having a pimple here a zit there, the past couple of days I've had at least 1-3 new, albeit small, zits daily. And they are not fun. Luckily, my skin has been dealing with the Retin-A very well. I've seen some peeling around the active and healing spots, but otherwise, there is no widespread peeling. I'm dealing with a moderate level of acne right now and a lot of hyper pigmentation. BUT, being 25 days
  17. Day 22: Wow, I didn't realize it had been this long since updating my log! Things have been going really well. I've notice I'm a lot drier though and by the end of the day some minimal peeling has begun. As for an IB, I don't think I've noticed any difference, meaning no more pimples and no less. They are just there. I think I have maybe 4 active ones but they are different than they were before. Harder, less pussy (gross, I know), and seem to be healing much faster. Also, they are much
  18. Day 14: So I'm halfway through my first month and yet again, not too much to report. I'm on nightly applications so last night was the first time I applied for 2 nights in a row. This morning, it seemed like my skin felt a bit more sensitive, but no redness, irritation, or peeling. I don't have any acne brewing (that I can see or feel anyway) and seem to be healing quite nicely, so far. I have quite a lot of hyperpigmentation and scarring from previous breakouts that I'm hoping the Retin A
  19. Day 12: In all honesty, there is not too much to report. I'm not really breaking out, except for one minor pimple near my lip and several that are healing nicely on my left cheek. Otherwise, I am finding that things seems to healing much faster and nicer than before and the overall oiliness of my face has disspated. Tonight I move to every night applications. I've been very diligent about only applying a pea sized amount of RAM and moisterizing as well. I think these are some contributin
  20. Day 8: I move to every other night applications for this week tonight. Next Monday will be every night applications. I'm a bit nervous to see how my skin reacts. Today it actually looks pretty good. The line of acne is dissipating and healing nicely. Any of the very minor peeling is gone. There isn't any redness or anything. We'll see how things look tomorrow and more importantly by next Monday. I'll just be continuing to moisterize and drink lots of water!
  21. Day 7: I had my 3rd application last night and woke up to a lot less inflammed acne. The large cystic-like bump I had coming up next to my right eye has gone down considerably. The lovely line of acne I had running vertically down my left cheek is less inflammed and looked a heck of a lot better this morning. I did notice at the end of the day yesterday that areas where I was still healing from old acne under the skin (but not on the surface) were peeling ever so slightly. I also noticed
  22. I have a really great peel that I love and used once a week pre-Retin-A Micro. It is Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin. Does anyone recommend using a peel while on Retin-A or will it make my skin too irritated? Thanks!