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    Day 118 - Left Side

    I'm really hoping that RAM works for me, however, if I don't see a better improvement within the next two months, I'm going back for something else, hopefully accutane.
  2. Day 120 (17 weeks in): So I'm really liking the oil cleansing method. I've created a concoction of 25% castor oil, 75% extra virgin olive oil, and a splash of tea tree oil for its bacteria killing properties. It leaves my skin super smooth and silky and I'm actually noticing that my blackheads seem to be lessening considerably. I haven't had any new zits pop up (knock on wood) but I'm still battling dryness in my "laugh line" area around my mouth. The area is red, dry, peeling slightly, and
  3. So I just started OCM as an experiment as a solution for this dry chin and laugh line area I have going on right now. For the past couple of nights, I've been using roughly a 25%/75% Castor/EVOO oil mixture and I'm thinking of adding a dash of tea tree oil as well since it is just sitting in my cabinet right now. Tomorrow I will begin the OCM in the morning as well before I enter the shower and steam/wash it off in the shower. Currently, the regimen is in my sig, just replace the Eurcerin wit
  4. Hey DC. Actually, when I started, it was staggered to prevent irritation and dryness. In fact, I haven't had any dryness until the past couple of weeks on my chin and laugh line area. I have yet to figure out how to stop/get rid of it, but I'm trying. RA definitely helps even skin tone and lessen red marks. However, the most dramatic transformation for me has been the decrease in scarring. Careful with your extractions as the longer you are on Retin A the more sensitive your skin
  5. Perhaps you are on 0.1%...??? Which is actually a higher concentration than my 0.04%. Regardless, I did not experience much irritation, redness, or peeling, just a little bit here and there. My initial experience was a small IB that did not consist of more pimples, they just came up faster than usual. Additionally, in the first month or two, I found that extracting the "gunk" in pimples made them heal MUCH faster, BUT as I've been on it longer, my skin is so much more sensitive that if I l
  6. Day 114: So, the new routine is doing well still. I've had a couple of tiny, tiny pimples pop up that literally went away as fast as they came. I'm dealing with dryness and redness in my laugh line area. Other than that, things are looking pretty good.
  7. Day 111: So the change to my routine/regimen seems to be going well. I like the aloe vera so far because it is moisturizing yet light. I also LOVE the sunscreen because it is not oily feeling but feels like a light moisturizer not the way the usual sunscreen feels on your face! Overall, I really like the change and have noticed less oil buildup throughout the day. However, I am noticing that my "laugh line" area has become very dry, even before the routine change. I still have my Aveen U
  8. Day 105: I'm going to change up my routine a bit. I'm done feeling sorry for myself (sorry guys) and crying about a couple spots and hyperpigmentation. I looked in the mirror today and saw that overall, I am seeing a difference and that is what matters. Anyway, back to the changes. My mom has been raving about the Eucerin Redness Relief skin care line which is for rosacea, but my mom told me that once she started using this line, she stopped breaking out. Not that she had breakouts like me,
  9. My mom told me that the Eucerin Redness Relief line has cleared her skin of breakouts better than any other treatments she has tried. Anyone tried it? I'm currently using Aveeno Ultra Calming line of products.
  10. Ok so I've been depressing myself by going over to the Accutane posts board and checking out the before and after photos. On one hand, I'm so glad my acne is not as bad as others. On the other hand, a large part of me wants to go on Accutane to finally be rid of this nightmare I face every single day. Too bad my derm will probably never prescribe it for me.
  11. Day 104: I've been battling three nasty zits that popped up. No, not small ones, but huge, painful ones. Ick. They seem to be diminishing though. I'm less confident than I was a week ago. Bleh, I just wish this work 100%.
  12. I use Bare Minerals and I'm pretty happy with it. By the end of the day though I do notice some dryness/peeling around my chin area although it doesn't feel dry. The makeup and oiliness are not necessarily a good combo. I do use the Mineral Veil first though to help with oiliness.
  13. Day 98: Big improvements are on their way, I can tell. So far, I've had a small pimple appear near my left ear, so no biggie....the hair covers it! I can see something festering under the surface on the left side of my chin - it hasn't surfaced and it's already almost gone. One great thing about RAM is how much faster things go away! Other than that, I haven't had anything pop up since I last posted. I have noticed that at the end of the day, the skin in my worst areas (chin, laugh "line"
  14. It is so easy to get discouraged. I find that I have my days where I'm totally positive (cause usually my skin is looking really good) and then I have a lot of days where I'm discouraged and feeling like things aren't working at all. The past month has been really hard because I expected to see results after 2 months, as RAM states. For me however, this progress has taken a lot longer. From the get-go I knew I was going to stick it out as long as possible to give the medicine a fair chance.
  15. Day 93: Sorry it's been a few days but things have taken a turn.....for the better! My skin has totally cleared up and is healing nicely. I did have a monster inflamed pop up on Monday but by Tuesday it was gone. My skin is looking really good (with makeup on). With the exception of a lot of hyperpigmentation (red marks), things are looking really good. I'll take a couple of pics tonight and try to post them in my gallery. I've now passed the 12 weeks mark and I'm hoping that by stick
  16. Hey Amelia, it's more helpful than you know. As an update, my skin is actually doing well today and yesterday. I'm hoping that the lower humidity levels and drier air are helping! Who knows at this point! But, things are healing nicely and wow, nothing new when I woke up this morning. Of course, we all know this can change. Regardless, I'm now 88 days in and I've really put in too much time to throw in the towel this soon.
  17. Wow, thanks for the info. I would classify my acne as moderate yet persistent. I've been on Tazorac for just about a month and didn't come off because of a lack of results but because everytime I applied it, my eyes would start burning whether I didn't even touch my eyes, washed my hands like crazy, or whatever. My doctor thinks it had something to do with the chemical "fumes" of the stuff. I was really hoping for better results with the RAM and am determined to give it 6 months, but its
  18. Thanks liz, I appreciate the encouragement. I'm trying to stay positive because I have seen improvements in my skin overall, I just haven't stopped breaking out at all. Perhaps I'm still going through an IB?? I've seen an overall smoothing of my skin and scars but the breaking out every day is killing me! I still plan on sticking with it for another 3.5 months though. I want to give RAM a full chance to work and I figure if it doesn't work in 6 months, it's not going to.
  19. Day 85: Blah...still stuck in the same situation, aka lack of clearing and still no signs of the improvement that I should be experiencing. And on top of it, I've got 2 wonderful cysts that decided to pop up both in the weirdest of places....one literally in my earlobe and the other on my neck. Never get pimples there....until now! And the icing on my cake, I can feel one growing on my one area that I never get breakouts either, smack dab in the center of my forehead...super fun. I did post