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  1. Good luck lilsparkle825! I've found that overall, my skin has improved dramatically mainly with the scarring. RAM has made my skin super smooth, however I'm still breaking out here and there. Lately it has been cystic so if I keep getting them, I'll have to go back to the doctors. Now when I say here or there, I currently have three cysts, two of which you can hardly see (thanks to makeup). Now I do have an emergency situation where there is a massive (RED) cyst on my forehead which I dubbe
  2. Hey guys, hope I can shed some light on the Retin A subject. I'm 6 months in, yep, just over 180 days of RAM. My skin still isn't perfect. BUT, it's a hell of a lot better than it was before. My IB wasn't exactly an increase in pimples, but a constant stream of pimples. One would pop up right after another one healed, etc. It took seriously 4 months before I really saw results. And the first results I saw were smoothing of my scar marks on my cheeks. With that said, I am still breaking
  3. So it's been a couple of days and my lovely unicorn cyst is kind of going down. Still super red though. I've taken to popping a couple Aleve each day to help alleviate (HA, now I know where they got the name) the inflammation and make the cysts go down. My mouth/chin/dermatitis areas seems to be responding well to the Mama lotion. I stopped using the acne/dermatitis causing cream that I think my DR was stupid to prescribe. Luckily it was only $5.00. Overall, my skin is looking pretty goo
  4. I hope this is helpful. My IB on RAM was basically taking my worst day of acne and having it continuously happen for about 2-3 weeks. With that said, I never noticed an increased number of pimples, however they just kept popping up as soon as one would heal. Eventually, the IB broke off and my entire face started to heal. Good luck!
  5. Hey didi, how's your progress going?
  6. Day 180: I've been super busy the past two weeks and haven't updated in forever. Went to the DR's about the little bumps/dermatitis that's been messing with my clear(ish) skin and she didn't want to put me on antibiotics cause it's summer and apparently they make you burn much easier (as if I didn't have a problem with RAM as it is??). Anyway, she gave a cream ointment that once I got home I found out that is....tada....can cause acne and dermatitis. Now how helpful is that? I used it for a
  7. FYI: When I had PDT w/ Levulan I didn't see results until after the 3rd visit. Also, I saw full results about 2-4 months after the last treatment. Acne was better, but came back. Also, I'm not sure what method you are using, but IPL is a laser and PDT is a blue light that you sit under. Maybe it's a new therapy?
  8. Day 166: Thank beetpapp for sharing your story. I've actually used Duac in the past and honestly, I don't want to use BP because of the fact that it can cause wrinkles! Anyway, to each his own and Duac didn't work for me anyway. So, as an update, I'm convinced that my problem is NOT with Retin-A but that it is the perioral dermatitis I foudn out about last week. My symptoms are classic and everywhere except the nose and mouth area, my skin is fantastic...even more so now that I've incopor
  9. Day 162: So I've figured it out! The red bumpy sometimes swollen peeling area around my mouth and nose is perioral dermatitis! My symptoms are classic and now I'm super glad that I'm going to the doctor next week. Apparently it can be treated with a course of antibiotics and usually goes away. So I'm curious if the RAM is actually working, but the dermatitis is interferring because the RAM doesn't treat it. Can't wait to see the the dr says! I'll keep you guys posted. Still love the Mama
  10. Day 155, Week 22, Month 5.5: So I'm actually really liking the Mama lotion. In the morning, my skin looks much better after using the Mama lotion versus the RAM. I'm still using them both of course, but I'm hoping to see good results after continued use of Mama. My cyst is still there, but healing. The small bumps in that damn area around my mouth have gone down, perhaps due to my continued use of cortisone cream on that area. I'm just still peeling there and I really hope it clears up alr
  11. Thanks didi78. Ironically, I am having a bunch of small little pimples pop out and had a nice BIG cyst pop up. the small pimples I've been plagued with for awhile. The RAM is working really well everywhere, except around my mouth which is my big problem area anyway. I called the DR and have an appt on July 11 cause my face should look better after 5 months of RAM. Anyway, I'm going to keep up the Mama/RAM alternating nights until my appt and see if anything happens.
  12. Day 146: So, skin is still kinda in the same place. I had two pimples pop up over the weekend that are healing now, but otherwise, just battling the same dryness around my mouth and a few small whiteheads in the mouth area. I broke down and ordered MAMA lotion and am awaiting its arrival. I'll let you know how things go. With the exception of the two pimples and small whiteheads, I've just got a bunch of red marks that need to go away. I have noticed that my deeper scarring has decreased a
  13. Thanks for posting didi. I actually bought some MAMA lotion on Friday and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I'll keep my log updated on my progress but I'll follow your strategy and apply every other night alternating with RAM.
  14. Day 142, Week 20, Month 5: Wow, I figured out how far along I am and I'm just beginning my 5th month! Pretty crazy. Overall, I'm really pleased with the results I'm seeing. Basically, the only reason I need to wear makeup right now is to cover the leftover red marks. I haven't had a zit pop up in a while with the exception of a stray one or two here and there that only last 2-3 days tops. I'm considering purchasing MAMA lotion on the advice of didi78 (i think that's her name). She's bee
  15. This side has weird tiny whitehead/red patches I'm attributing to my experimentation with the oil cleansing method.
  16. Day 138: Not too much to report, which is a good thing! Things are going well so far and my skin is still going on its merry way to clear and beautiful! The only weird thing going on is a couple patches of tiny little whiteheads that I'm attributing to my experiment with the oil cleansing method. I've ceased the method and gone back to the Eucerin. Also, I've been using Cetaphil lotion at night after RAM. Check out the new pics in my gallery.
  17. Day 133: So, after a super fun weekend of debauchery (and way too much drinking) at a wedding, I've actually FINALLY begun to see good results! My skin is smooth and clear and essentially, I have just red marks. The weird red, dry, bumpy mess is finally gone too and I couldn't be happier. I do have one small pimple that popped up on my cheek but it is the kind that will be gone tomorrow. I'm super busy though with the summer semester and the weather is turning humid, ick. We'll see what
  18. Day 125: So my skin is actually looking pretty good overall except for the dry, bumpy, red rashy looking laugh line area. I have however, begun using hydrocortisone on the bumpy, red, blah, blah area and it has calmed down significantly. I'm hoping that with continued use it can be gone by this weekend for my BF's friend's wedding! If that area can calm down and look normal, then I will look pretty good! I have one pimple that popped up around the left side of my mouth and another that po
  19. Day 121 (almost 122): Ugh, so I'm browsing the Accutane logs and pics and getting myself all upset because I had a pimple pop up today and for the life of me, I CANNOT get rid of this damn dry, peeling, red, irritated cluster of tiny bumps on my laugh line area. So I've assaulted it with aloe vera, moisturizer, advil, and avoided the area with RAM. Here's to hoping it goes away tomorrow. Anyway, back to my story....so I'm browsing the accutane logs, etc and thinking, damn, I wish I coul
  20. Hey didi, I'm on roughly week 17 of retin a micro and am getting VERY discouraged. After this long, shouldn't this crap be working by now?