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  1. Hey didi, how's it going? Hope the wedding and honeymoon went well! FYI I'm going to the doctor on Thursday to talk about a different routine. I'll keep you posted!
  2. Sooooo, I've been really busy but all in all, I'm seeing my doctor on Thursday to talk about a different regimen because my skin is pretty much it's going to be on RAM and I'm not satisfied. I'm still breaking out at least 1-3 per week and that's not good enough for me. I think there is something better out there. We'll see what she says. Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted!
  3. I can't speak for Tazorac users but as a Retin A micro user, I went on vacation to the Outer Banks for a week and I slathered on spf 45 and didn't burn at all. Just remember than when you go in for lunch, put some more on. Esp if you go into the water. Don't worry, you'll be fine. I also only used the RAM for a couple of the 8 days we were down there which lowered the sensitivity too.
  4. So far I think maybe a slight breakout, but otherwise, no side effects. I've never gained weight from BCP so that was never a worry. Not much to report on the homefront. Small breakout, then clear up. That's how things work. Overall though, not bad. Had one pop up on my chin last week that is going away. Otherwise, the same!
  5. Good luck didi if you do try another retinoid. I'm seriously giving a lot of thought to Tazorac, just haven't made the appointment! Keep us updated and let us know how the honeymoon went .
  6. Hey didi, congrats on the wedding!!!! Hope it all goes smoothly! My progress: Well, up and down. Currently I'm having a good skin week but last week (inevitably after my last post) I broke with 3 new pimples. It's tough to say cause overall, the breakouts have decreased considerably since I began this whole routine. However, the redness is killing me! I think I'll be one of those people that can never go without makeup and that's kind of a depressing thought. With this treatment, I had
  7. Hello, I just wanted to give a RAM "veterans" point of view. I'm into my 8th month of RAM and like a previous poster, I'm finally seeing results regarding pimple breakouts. I started to really notice a difference in scarring around the 3rd or 4th month. My skin was a LOT smoother and breakouts were less and less, however they were still there. I will say that last week I had a full week of no pimples until Friday when one appeared and has disappeared by tonight. So keep going and don't gi
  8. Wow, going into month 8! I've been so busy with work and my new semester at school I haven't had time to update. Things are going well! I had a good skin week all last week until a small pimple appeared (and disappeared) on Friday. Anyway, I've made some changes to my routine. --I started using Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash as a facial cleasner....I LOVE it! It makes my skin (pardon the pun) baby-butt soft! I ran out of the Eucerin wash while at my BF's house dog-sitting...well they h
  9. Hmm, some things to think about. I just posted on my log that I'm thinking of going to Taz cause I too am NOT satisfied with the way my skin looks after being on a retinoid after 7-8 months. I WILL say that it is really awesome to have "seasoned" retinoid users to chat with that are at the same point I am! Perhaps I should go back to daily RAM use. Have you tried the Mama in the morning? I considered that but don't know how that would feel. Thoughts??
  10. I'll definitely keep you guys posted on Yaz. I'm kind of thinking about calling the Dr. and seeing about getting on Tazorac. Here's the thing. I'm clear, but only kind of and not for very long. I keep having these mini-outbreaks of pimples and it sucks! You'd think after 7 months of using RAM that I'd be more clear. Granted, my skin has never been smoother and essentially (under the pimples) I'm only dealing with red marks (which thanks to mama have lightened a lot too). Anyway, right n
  11. I'm curious about this question too as I've been on RAM for 7 months but am not completely satisfied and am thinking of switching to Taz...I don't want another IB! Anyone know the answer?
  12. Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in a while....I've been on vacation! So after a week on the beach, my skin is looking decent. Funny cause I was up late every night and had more than a bit to drink so I rarely washed my face before bed. Had one pimple breakout during vacay but other than that, my skin was relatively clear. Thank goodness since I was on the beach! Right now though my skin is having a minor breakout. One on my chin and two next to my ear. Thankfully those can be hidden by
  13. Well guys, I'm sooo happy to say the unicorn horn is "almost" officially gone!! lilsparkle, I actually have a chicken pox scar on my forehead too nearer to my hairline, although can't say I have a cysts there. I laughed when you mentioned the scar within a scar. Thank didi, I've noticed a huge improvement in my hyperpigmentation since starting the Mama lotion. I think it helps everything overall. So, as I said above, my battle with the unicorn horn is just about over. The actual cyst i
  14. Hey didi, you're getting popular!! How's your regimen going? I added some new pics to my gallery although lilsparkle said she had trouble getting them. lilsparkle, the Mama might be expensive, however I've been using it for about a month or two now and I still have tons left! You don't need a lot to cover. It does make your skin sticky so I find that after about 20-30 minutes topping it with cetaphil helps the stickiness and makes my skin glow in the morning. And it does sting the first co
  15. I'm not sure about the pics. But I did upload to my gallery so maybe try again..?? So, small break out happened but I'm getting under control. The attack on my unicorn horn seems to have worked! I was playing around with it (I know, terrible) and it wasn't cystic anymore...just filled with a lot of pus so I squeezed it out. Now I'm attacking it with neosporin to help the skin heal. I woke up today and it is going away!!! My small breakout consists of two on my right cheek that have alre
  16. From the album: Retin-A Micro and 26 years old---Pics!

    I've lovingly dubbed this zit my unicorn horn....although it has shrunken considerably in size!
  17. Haha, me too!!! I attacked it with RAM last night and it shrunk a LOT. SOOO, that's my plan tonight. I want this thing GONE! Otherwise, I must say that (with makeup) my skin looks STUNNING! I updated pics on my GALLERY! Finally - go check them out and let me know what you think! Yep, I even added a pic of the unicorn horn, and my previously perfect forehead.
  18. I LOVE the Eucerin cleanser. My mom recommended it to me and I love it. A little bit goes a long way. It does not foam, so keep that in mind. I also rub it off with a washcloth to help with exfoliation. The mama lotion is the best. I have seen a GREAT and NOTICABLE decrease in red marks/redness since using this and think that it makes the RAM work even better. I ordered mine online from skinrx.com and it came super quick. It is a little tacky as if it doesn't seem to dry all the way b
  19. Haha, I've actually resorted to putting a dab of mama on everyday under my makeup. It seems to be shrinking, so I'm hopeful!
  20. Don't you just love when you hear the old, well why don't you try, Clearasil, Neutrogena, Proactiv, etc, etc, etc....It's like, HELLO, do you think I haven't??? People are so insensitive. I know it's hard, but try to brush it off.
  21. cynthiainvegas, Good luck if you decide to go with Levulan. As for Kitty Kat's reaction, it CAN happen but there are ways to prevent it. First of all, for the first 48 hours after the procedure, you need to avoid ANY and ALL sunlight. Seriously, stay away from windows. You need someone to drive you home so you can stick your face under a blanket of something to shield the sun. My first treatment I stayed away from the sun but once I got home I was cleaning windows that were out of direct s
  22. I have a lovely, large, red cyst on my forehead. I've lovingly dubbed it my unicorn horn. I can't even hide it with makeup because it is such a big lump. I can hide the redness, but that's it. I'm on RAM and have been using Mama lotion, alternating every other night. I put on Mama lotion this morning as a spot treatment and will be doing acid peels every other night. I've been taking Aleve every day. I have two weeks to get rid of this thing. So tell me, what works to blast your cysts