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  1. I agree, stick with it! I've been using it for a year and a half now and have updated my gallery to show pics as of today. I am clear. I get like one pimple a month now whereas before, my skin was pretty broken out all of the time. For the first time in a very very long time, I have been completely comfortable going out in public without makeup!

  2. Hey guys!! It's been a while! Now I'm 28 too...lol. Anyway, just a quick little update. Things are going so very well it's insane. Sure I get a pesky little pimple probably about once a month but when I think back (and LOOK back, ick) I can totally deal with one pimple. My scarring has decreased dramatically and I hope for even better results with continued use. Over the Spring as I cleared up I did stop using the Clindamycin but I recently started back up due to the rise in temperatures and humidity (always get to my skin). I've had a few more teeny tiny bumps pop out and I'm not sure if that is due to the Clindamycin or the Jergen's Natural Glow facial lotion I've been using (without any tanning success BTW). So I will be returning to my old faithful Oil of Olay pot that has worked very well.

    One of these days I WILL get to posting new pics. Hope everyone is doing well!

  3. Hi Irin!

    I know you haven't been updating (I hope that means your skin is looking BEAUTIFUL), but i just wanted to share with you that my doctor prescribed my RAM 0.1% also! I've been using Differin 0.3 for over 2 months and still have problems, so now it's time to try RAM. Wish me luck!

    Hey didi, I just replied on your log.

    Yes, you've guessed it, I am CLEAR!!! I never thought I would see the day, but after over a year of RAM, my skin is fantastic. I've been getting maybe 1 pimple per month and they barely last. They are usually there and then they are not. I am still using RAM every night, but I do usually take a 1-2 night a week break from it. I love what it is doing for my scarring. I STILL need to upload some new pics to my gallery. If I have time I will do that tonight.

    Even with all of the stress I am under with school and work, my skin is looking so great. I am just about to the point that I would actually feel comfortable going with out makeup or with very minimal makeup to the store. The only thing I'm still dealing with at the moment are those pesky red marks/pigmentation issues. But, with every day that passes they get better and better. I am hoping that for this year's annual OBX trip I won't have to wear makeup to the beach...for once!!!

  4. didi!!! How are you?? Looks like you are struggling a bit with your new regimen. As you may have guessed due to my lack of being online, I am clear, happy, and loving my skin!! I am now averaging maybe 1 pimple per month. I never thought I would be that way, but sure enough, I am now!

    A few tips from a fellow RAMer....If I take too long of a break between RAM applications and then start back up faithfully, I will begin to peel again, which takes about 2-3 days to subside. I can probably go every other day now, but I really like what RAM has done for my scarring. Also, sometimes I feel like my skin will look a little than luminous, and on those days I will do a glycolic peel (only about 2x's per month) to bring back a healthy glow and help remove any dead skin. Also, I just purchased Smashbox's Foundation Primer...the purple one to help with dull looking skin tone, and WOW does it make my foundation last so much longer. It also helps to fill in the scarring and makes me look really vibrant and glowing. I use Bare Minerals foundation, if that helps.

    Good luck sweetie, keep on pursuing. I wish you the best!

  5. I never had acne until I started washing my face, 5 years ago. I am now 24, and it can get pretty bad usually on my cheeks/jawline. Right now I use the Neutrogena mask/cleanse benzoyl peroxide product twice a day with an exfoliating pad, followed by a witchhazel toner, then a non-comedogenic lotion. I recently read that BP produces free radicals, which is something we're supposed to avoid, right?

    So should I use a different product, or get another damn product that rids free radicals?

    I'm also thinking about getting the birth control pill, wondering how well that works?

    You are 100% correct. Also promotes early wrinkling. You are better off using a retinoid like Retin-A or Differin which will also help with free radicals and premature aging.

    I've been on the BCP for years. I recently switched to Yaz and I really like it. I think it has helped with acne around the mouth (supposedly attributed to horomonal acne).

    Good luck!!!

  6. i'm a male, but some encouragement for you females my sister is 29 and just had her first child - she had moderately bad acne w/ cysts (prior accutane user also) right up until her pregnancy but after having the child her hormones must have evened out b/c she's doing remarkably well skin wise and is only washing with Irish Spring - ha - never imagined the day i'd hear that. so - it seems the adult acne is really a hormone game.

    Something to think about - when do you get your deeper pimples forming during the day or night? I get mine mostly during the day which simply tells me i need to add in some kind of day treatment b/c bacteria is growing on my skin during day and the night time differin won't keep it away.

    Please keep us posted.

    Hey Stan, thanks for the advice. Maybe after my 2nd child things will get better....unfortunately a lot/most of my problems arose after I had my 1st. Oh well. I'd love to just have to wash with soap and not do anything and have flawless skin. maybe some day....

    I think my pimples actually form all the time! LOL If they want to come, they will come. Dont' "they" say that pimples actually begin forming 3 weeks prior to eruption, or something like that....whoever "they" are....haha

  7. The one on my chin that i thought was over and done with sorta came back and I was able to squeeze out a very hard plug-thin out of it. That caused my skin to become very bloody and scaby. I think my skin has become very thin so that any picking or squeezing causes my skin to break. I'm going to stop doing that now. The final cyst is the new one that emerged after I started my regimen. It hasn't really budged in a week. I think it's slightly smaller, but it's still there. It's just a hard knot under the skin, not really inflammed either. Very strange. I also have some peelies in some areas of my face, mostly around old pimples that have sorta dried out and are falling off my face.

    So....so far, so good? I don't know. Not bad, not good. I think it's too soon to tell. I'll continue to update.

    Yes, yes, yes.....I cannot pick but I do it sometimes anyway. Like you, my skin is so thin that just a few squeezes and my skin is done but sometimes I can't help myself. I know how fast things heal when I just leave them alone but most of the time I end up picking at a plugged/clogged pore that I know has one of those hard plugs in it and then I wind up tearing up my skin which takes way longer to heal. Also, I've found that if I mess with a very small clogged pore even just a little bit and can't get the plug out, it will turn into a full-fledged pimple within a day or two. I need to just leave my skin alone!!

    Glad to hear things seem to be getting better. I'm hopeful for you!

  8. Hi! Yay that you found a regimen that works! That's really wonderful news. I think you're right that we tend to become "perfectionistic" with our skin and catastrophize all the little pimples we get, without thinking about how bad our skin USED to be. I'm totally curious to see your before and after pictures. Let me know when you post. Can't wait!

    Can i ask you a question? When you apply your clindamycin, do you use it as a spot treatment or do you put it on the areas that you tend to break out? Thanks!

    I think I will work on a before and after sequence of pics this LONG weekend!! Of course, after I have a nice recovery after tonight!

    I agree, perfection is something we've all been trying to achieve yet when we get to a good point, we get even more picky about how we look. I am finally at a point where I am really happy about my skin. I mean, it's not perfect, but it looks really good now and I am anxious to see how things go in the next few months.

    My clindamycin is a liquid solution that I apply with a dabber that is attached to the bottle. I apply it all over my face, not just as a spot treatment. I think things are much more effective when applied to the entire face. I apply everything everywhere, even in areas that I tend not to break out.

    Hope that helps!!!

    Everyone, party hard tonight but be safe!!! Happy New Year!

  9. Hey guys, I've been doing a poor job at keeping my log updated. However, I'm sure you are all hoping it it good news....well, I would say I've pretty much finally found a regimen that works for me. It is NOT 100% but considering the fact that in 3 weeks I will have been on RAM for 1 year, I am 95% better/improved.

    My mom made an excellent point to me a few days ago. She said to me that now that my skin is almost perfectly clear (with the exception of slowly fading red marks) the occasional pimple or two that I still get seem to be worse. HOWEVER, when we look back to a year ago and look at old pictures, the results really are quite astounding. I am very interested to see a side by side comparison of me now - or maybe wait three weeks from now - and from a year ago. I can't wait to see how my skin looks a year from now.

    I truly think I've found something that works. I have to remember that my skin will never be 100% perfect. But coming from at least 2-3 new pimples per day to 2-3 pimples per month is incredible and I'm soo glad I didn't quit RAM. I just upped the dose. :)

    Now, as I type this, I currently have two pimples...one on my forehead which is ODD as can be cause my forehead never breaks out, and one in my worst problem area....near my mouth. I'm confident that they will listen to me and be gone (or at least extremely hideable) by tomorrow night's festivities.

  10. didi, fantastic news!! I REALLY hope the new regimen works for you! Sorry I haven't updated in a while but as we all know, no news seems to be good news here!!

    I too use Clindamycin however I use the solution. I usually use it in the morning only but the past couple of days I've been using it at night too before RAM since I'm having a small breakout and with tomorrow being NYE I want to get rid of these 2 pimples quick!

    Keep on posting I want to hear about your results. Off to update my log!

  11. Hi Irin! I didn't get a chance to go to the derm yet. I have an appointment with a doctor in 3 weeks. She's a general practitioner with an interest in dermatology, so hopefully I'll have better luck with her!

    I've had pretty bad luck with my skin though. :( I used a mask with clay in it and I think it made me break out. I got 1 big cyst on my cheek, 1 medium cyst on my chin, and 2 smaller cysts on my chin. My skin is looking pretty bad. Can you believe I am still getting cysts after all this time? I don't know what happened, but it seems that things are not working anymore.

    Hey didi....can't wait to hear about your dr visit. Sorry to hear things aren't going so well!! I haven't gotten a cyst since last month but man do they suck. I hope things get better. keep me posted!

  12. Hey guys, it's been 10 days since my last post and this update is pretty darn good!

    Over the past 10 days, I've only had 3 pimples that popped up and went away very quickly....well, one just popped up yesterday, but it's on its way outta here! Unfortunately, my skin LOVES red marks even though I hate them (I scar easily) so I am dealing with some slight redness left over.

    However, I must say that my scarring is looking amazing. On my left cheek, there is just about nothing there. No picked scarring, no pockets, no nothing. Well, you know. It's barely visible. My right cheek was much worse and looks 10 billion times better than last year, for which I am grateful for.

    So far my experience on the stronger version of RAM is very good and will see how things go the next couple of months.

    One of these days I will post some new pics to my gallery...that is, if I find the time!!!

  13. ...But I would recommend maybe cutting back on alternating so many different products at such a rapid pace, resist buying anything new, and cutting back to just what you NEED (the basics, cetaphil, moisturizer, retin-a and sunblock.) Again, its only a suggestion, and a humble one at that :) ...

    Completely agree!! I stick to the basics too.

    So I've come to the conclusion that I have been exfoliating my face too harshly. I use the clarisonic to exfoiliate, then the toner, then the Retin-a exfoliates my skin by it self. Not only that I've been using the Neutrogena Scrub as my cleanser and the the salicylic acid (GM collins acne complex) in the morning. My regimen has been very complex lately but this is has been a very experimental month for me.

    My goal is to look for an antibacterial face wash that is super gentle and that can remove make up. Currently i have the Dermalogica Anti-bac face wash, Neutrogena One Step Complete make up remover cleanser, and the Neutrogena scrub. But I don't use the anti-bac face wash often since it's too drying and harsh on my skin. I usually break out when I use it.

    That is the first thing I thought of when I read what you use on a daily basis. Your skin has no natural oils left on it therefore it is still overproducing to compensate for the loss. Recommended exfoliation is once per week.

    Good luck! I've been on RAM for 10 long months and still working my way out of breakouts. And I'm 27!!

  14. Sooooo, I've been a major slacker and haven't updated (clearly) at all. So I've now been on RAM for 10 months and bumped up to a stronger prescription for....what...something like 2 months..??? Anyway, things are actually looking up for me!!

    I was struggling with breakouts, however, my skin is looking pretty darn good. I need to post some new pics. Anyway, I've gotten a pimple here or there, but for the past two weeks, my skin has been looking great with only 1 new pimple appearing a couple days ago. I'm hoping this is a collaborative effort between the RAM and the Yaz, now that it's been 3 months (on Yaz).

    How is everyone else doing? I can't believe I'll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with RAM in 2 months!

  15. SO I couldn't take it anymore and stopped using Beta Hydroxy. I don't know what it was, but my skin was breaking out pretty badly. the worst breakout in ages. I have a huge cyst that's not going anymore anytime soon, and probably 10 small inflammed pimples all over my face. I couldn't take it anymore so I stopped the Beta Hydroxy Liquid. I know that I probably shouldn't have stopped. I should have continued using the Liquid until my breakouts go away. But it was really so bad.

    I'm back on MaMa Lotion (2 nights) and my skin is already looking better. Much better in fact. So I guess I'm sticking with the MaMa.

    Hey didi, any luck with a derm??

  16. Hey didi, I'm so sorry to hear you are breaking out....especially with cysts! Those things NEVER go away. It's a tough predicament but my only advice to you is maybe to go back to the doctor. See what they say. Clearly, if you are still getting cysts and breaking out then Differin is not working - especially after one year of use. Trust me, if anyone knows how you feel, it's me. In two months I will have been on RAM for one year. One year that feels like nothing has really changed except for my scarring.

    In all honesty, ultimately I want to go on accutane but no one seems to think my case of acne is all that bad. The thing is, it's persistent and I'm sick of waiting for shit to work! Yes, my skin overall looks moderately better. However, it never ends and there should be something out there that will work for me.

    I'm also stuck in the position that I want more kids at some point in my life....so that means going off of RAM and then what?? It's amazing that at 27 years old I'm still dealing with this. And the obsession over hating girls that have insanely beautiful skin is really getting to me. Ugh. Damn acne.

  17. Hey didi!!! How's the new regimen going? I just posted a lengthy update of my progress...or standstill...whatever you want to call it! How are you liking the Yaz? I think now that I'm going into my third month any other issues I had with it my body is adjusting. Can't say right now whether it is helping skin wise....as long as it's doing it's main job, HAHA!

  18. Ok, ok, ok, so I KNOW I've been away. I'm hoping that you were hoping I was away because my skin was miraculously clear. Errrrnt (insert incorrect answer buzz here). Nope. Not at all. Not bad, but not clear.

    So I've been on the new RAM 0.1% for about 3.5 weeks now and things are going decently well. Essentially, not much as changed as far as seeing a difference between the two meds. Basically my skin has tolerated the higher percentage dosage of RAM and clindamycin solution pretty good. I've had a few touch and go moments with dryness, but it dissipates rather quickly. Here is a breakdown of what I've noticed:

    Week 1: Increased tightness and slight dryness in the skin. Towards the end of week 1 and beginning of week 2 I had a BAD breakout of like 6 new pimples, which hasn't happened in a long time. Luckily they healed rather quickly.

    Week 2: More slight dryness and lots of healing from breakout from end of week 1. Battling a cyst that has been on my chin for, OH, something like a month or two. HOWEVER, this crazy puffy, not hard, fluid filled cyst near my ear has finally decreased in size and is almost all the way gone. I know this is due to the antibacterial properties of the clindamycin.

    Week 3: More of week 2 however most of the dryness is pretty much gone. Again, some days I'm dry, others are not dry at all. Not sure if this is meds related or weather related. I did get a pretty decent sized pimple pop up on my cheek which has me bumming.

    So basically I'm still not clear but then again it's only been about 3.5 weeks and I've got to give it until January.

    Ugh. My boyfriend's 3 year old nephew asked me "why do you have holes in your face?" Completely mortifying. Thank goodness no one heard or they just ignored what he said. Regardless, I do know that the RAM has helped considerably with scarring....just not quite all the way. Seriously though, aside from the breaking out still my largest uphill battle is with the red marks.

    On that note, I haven't been using the Mama lotion either as I really have no room for it in my regimen. Besides the fact that face would probably fall off after using all of that stuff on my skin! BTW, I ran out of face wash and went with the basic Cetaphil gentle cleanser....well, CVS brand.

    Anyway, now that I've blabbered on, I do have some GREAT news! I just registered for my last semester of college and am that much closer to my bachelor's! It's been a LONG time coming of busting my ass!

  19. Hey didi, I read your update on your log and glad to hear the honeymoon went well. I've now been on Yaz for about a month and a half and don't really think I had a breakout or anything. I don't know, we'll see. Anyway, on to the good stuff.

    So I went to the doctor's on Thursday and came up with a new plan. She bumped up my RAM from 0.04% to 0.1%. She said my skin was tolerating the RAM very well thus far. So far so good. Have been using a VERY small amount (compared to the 0.04%) to avoid irritation. Also have been ensuring to top with a moisturizer to keep me from drying out.

    She also included the clindamycin solution which I've been using during the daytime to fight bacteria. I've used the cream (or whatever) several years ago and am not sure if it really helped all that much, but I'm hopeful.

    The reason I really went to see her was to fight the cysts. The inflammed breakouts were few and far in between. Probably a couple per month. But the cysts, not that there have been a lot, have been terrible. They NEVER go away. Granted two of them are near my ear so my hair hides them, but that's why I went to see her. Hopefully by bumping up the RAM that will fight them off. I'm giving it until the middle of January to see what happens. Here's hoping for a good solution!

  20. It took me about 6 months to see decent results however, I'm still not quite happy with my results and am going back to the Dr's on Thursday to see about something else. MOST of the inflammed acne was taken care of but the cystic acne is a killer and stays around forever! Not like I have a lot of it, but jeez, 1-2 "active" cysts is enough considering the fact it takes weeks to months for me to get rid of one!

  21. Sooooo, I've been really busy but all in all, I'm seeing my doctor on Thursday to talk about a different regimen because my skin is pretty much it's going to be on RAM and I'm not satisfied. I'm still breaking out at least 1-3 per week and that's not good enough for me. I think there is something better out there. We'll see what she says. Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted!

  22. I am leaving for vacation to Florida in a couple of days for a week. I have been on Taz .05 cream for almost 2 months now. It has done an amazing job of clearing my skin! I am worried however about sun sensitivity. I purchased SPF 55 to put on my face every day along with some makeup when I go the beach to avoid getting sun burned. Will i be ok to be in the sun with SPF 55? I just dont wont to end up with a miserable burn! I am hoping to get a little bit of tan tho! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

    I can't speak for Tazorac users but as a Retin A micro user, I went on vacation to the Outer Banks for a week and I slathered on spf 45 and didn't burn at all. Just remember than when you go in for lunch, put some more on. Esp if you go into the water. Don't worry, you'll be fine.

    I also only used the RAM for a couple of the 8 days we were down there which lowered the sensitivity too.