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  1. January 14 Soooo worst Accutane patient ever here... LOL Just wanna say first... AQUAPHOR saved my life people. A million thanks to all of those who recommended it for dry cracked lips last time I was on tane... It's awesome, the crack in my lip healed in like a day, maybe less, I just never updated on here.... and never came back either. I ran outta my prescription a while ago, and have not yet picked up my renewal. As a result... I haven't taken any pills in a few weeks, and I now have a hu
  2. Hey there Rai! Where in Canada do you live? I'm in Ottawa.. we had snow here too but it all melted, was snowing again today but none stayed on the ground. Arrgghh Canadian winters. I am on my second course of Accutane on day 26. Last time I kept hearing about Aquaphor but couldn't find it anywhere... this time I was in the pharmacy section of Walmart and voila! They carry the big tub of it, cost $21.. Other people on here have mentioned tubes but I haven't seen anything that convenient. It's a
  3. Such an improvement, even in a week!! Good luck during the rest of your course! This stuff does work & it is soooo worth the crappy side effects
  4. Took pill #26 today. OMG. My bottom lip is on the brink of having a maaaaajor crack from top to bottom on the left side. I stupidly didn't bring any lip balm in with me to my friends place this evening, so by the time 2 hours had passed my lips were dryer than ever. I guess I stretched my mouth the wrong was or something but i felt almost like a ripping happen... Thought it was bleeding cuz it hurts to touch. It was a 20 minute drive home and i coated it in blistex blue tub (which I used to lov
  5. Heeeyyyy everyone! So I took pill #24 today! I thought I didn't have any updates but I actually do... The crusted zit is gone, as predicted it disappeared within a few hours of when I last posted. I have small bumps (tiny really, like grains of sand) riiiiight in between my boobs lol.. They appeared last night. Not sure if it's accutane-related or because of the sports bra i've been wearing to the gym this week. After my workout tonight my face was on FIRE!!! My skin, mainly on my cheeks, was
  6. Day 24/just took 23rd pill WOO HOO I only have one zit, and it'll be gone prob by the end of today or tomorrow morning cuz it's already crusted up (sorry that's nasty). Other than that, just red marks actually I suppose there's a little zit beneath the one that's about to be gone, but under the skin & doesn't hurt so i doubt it will amount to anything. I am getting eczema now, i've noticed it mainly on my hands & wrists go gotta remember to moisturize. My calfs have also been very i
  7. Day 21 I forgot to take the pill on Day 19!! So this is the 21st day of treatment, but I only took pill #20 today. Just wanted to say my chin turned into a complete disaster yesterday. It was OK on Saturday night... but yesterday I woke up and I guess my skin was dry and my chin full out cracked & was bleeding!!!!!! Then, I took my friends son to his swimming lessons and when I got out of the pool it looked like all the skin on my chin was going to peel off. Healing wounds are not helpe
  8. Day 19 The situation is not good folks!!!! My face is breaking out like M-A-D... Started a couple days ago... getting them along my jawline & my right cheek. The little ones go away very quickly, but I'm also getting bigger ones that seem to be sticking around. I have a h-uuuge zit on my forehead... That i couldn't resist popping last night cuz I was going on a date lol.. now i'm worried about the scarring factor. Another concern re: scarring is that i ended up making out with the dude, an
  9. Thanks for the good luck everyone! And good luck to you too! KimK --> no butt acne THANK GOD!! I think that had everything to do with summers spent in bathing suits, cuz it hasn't come back since then & I no longer work at a pool. And yes, my skin stopped being red all the time, was pretty much perfect for a year and a half-ish after ending treatment last time.... Never wore any skin makeup due to the lack of necessity for it. Bellatrix --> I'm on 40mg/day, but my dermatologist told
  10. Alright, so I'm about to take Day 3's pill (clearly started late, due to issues with my drug plan) My face has exploded with zits in just 48 hours!! My whole chin is being taken over by red bumps and one gigundo zit on my right jawline. I haven't had it this bad since the last time I was on accutane, lol... But that means it's working right... pushing all the grossness outta my skin. That's how i like to think of it anyway!! lol Very frustrating but prob part of the so called initial breakout
  11. Alright... In about 5 minutes or whenever I'm off here & have brushed my teeth, I'm going to the pharmacy to pick up the first 2 months of Accutane for round number 2 (a little later than June, yes!) My back has broken out on & off this summer (currently nothing there) but my face is seemingly getting worse... (I should really haven taken pics to properly monitor progress but ah well) I have cyst type zits forming on my forehead, and all around my mouth... I am going to start treatme
  12. So honestly, I'm not actually *THAT* excited to be back. I rather enjoyed having clear skin & was really hopeful that I wouldn't have to go back on any hardcore medication. Background for me.... Well you can go read Ali's Accutane Log (the original) from when I was on Accutane in 2005 and part of 2006. After a total of 8 months I was clear, and stayed clear up until about new years this year (2008). I have a derm appointment for June 24 so just over a month to go for that. I am pretty sure
  13. Hello everyone! So it's been about a year and a half since I last posted... I had I'd say a full year, maybe a bit longer, of clear skin. No breakouts, maybe one or two tiny zits at my time of the month. UNFORTUNATELY.... skin issues are reoccuring now, and I have a dr appt next Wednesday to hopefully get another referral to a dermatologist... start the process over again... In the meantime a friend has an extra month I might take. Same problems as before my first treatment... whiteheads on
  14. Hey everyone! So it's been 5 months since the last time I posted... I am still clear... it was a marvelous clear summer... although I am slightly red right now, but that's cuz i was out in the sun all afternoon sans real sunscreen (just spf 15 moisturizer not the best thing on days with 8+ UV warnings!) anyway just wanted to update that the situation is not as bad as I feared. I am still worried it'll come back, but really now the only time I get zits is around that time of the month, and the
  15. So I've been off Accutane for about a month.... Updating like I said I would!! I am still clear so far...... I say this tentatively cuz I'm still worried it will all of a sudden come back, but so far so good. I've kept up on the cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer routine.... curious to see what will happen now that I'm back on birth control... hopefully doesn't hurt anything... have small zit right above right eyebrow but prolly cuz of time of the month. Which hilariously enough, even though it c