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  1. Concealer has been a godsend for me. For a long time, I refused to use anything, but after I started working in a communications job where presentation and appearance are important, having acne was unacceptable. With large visible acne, I lack the confidence to sell myself and my business. Also, people would treat me worse with visible blemishes. The trick is never to cover it too completely, especially if it is raised. Most people really don't study the details of your face, so toning it
  2. I can see where you are coming from with your observation. My fiancee is from the UK and we take trips back fairly frequently to visit her family. On my trips I have noticed that they do generally have less acne, but they also have less obesity and other ailments as well. I dont think it has much to do with race, but more to do with lifestyle. America is one of the few developed nations that use BGH (bovine growth hormone) in the majority of its dairy industry. This hormone has been shown to t
  3. Do you recall how long it took for it to heal? It is about day2 for me and gettiing slightly better, but still tender and red.
  4. Well I tried to speed up the healing process of my acne by rubbing in a little bit of neospoin. By the morning, however, I had painful red blotches on my face that burn. The acne is gone, but only because it is covered with this giant red, painful, areas that the neosporin had been!! It looks awful :/ but maybe serves me right for trying to rush things?? I've been puting on Eucerin Intensive Skin Repair lotion and aloe plant. Is there anything else I can do to soothe this skin irritation?
  5. Once your acne (zit) has started drying up and the infection is mostly gone, is there anything you can use to quicken then healing time or releave some of the residual redness? I got a small breakout, and its 5 days to a big trip I'm taking...it would be so nice to be reasonably clear looking! :/
  6. If only I had the money, I might try it! Seems to get decent reviews for spot treatment http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...c_Beauty_Tools/
  7. I agree. I just ignore them. It's just a waste of time arguing. Please lose the persecution complex. I wasn't bad-mouthing religion. I have no problem with independent-minded and intelligent people of faith. I just wanted to understand how anyone could claim that God has given me acne because of the sins of humankind. So, if you could help me... He's not saying God is punishing us for what we eat, but rather we are punishing ourselves for not eating what was naturally put here on Ear
  8. The first thing I do for nose acne is the 'no touch' rule. Followed by lots of icing to reduce swelling and bp application. Usually this does the trick!
  9. I'm contemplating discontinuing all my products. As i've gotten older, I stopped getting acne on my back or chest. I don't get it on my forehead, cheeks, nose, upper lip. The only places where acne occasionally appears is on and above my chin. Which ironically is the only place I use products like BP or wash twice daily. So is it possible that all the products or extra washing is causing this remaining acne and redness? I can't remember if I even need this extra shit, but I'm too afraid to st
  10. Sad as this may seem, I'm not sure I can remember what clear skin looks like and I doubt my clear skinned friends would appreciate me examining their faces. In the areas I shave, I sometimes get raised (not red) bumps around hair follicles. If I squeeze them, I can get a white substance out of them. If not, they just get bigger and bigger (but never bigger than a pinhead, you have to look close to see them) and then eventually go away without a mark. BP seems to have reduced the amount of them
  11. I had bad KP and tried many things to clear it up, including a SA wash and a stiff brush to break up the keratin that was clogging the hair follicles. I eventually went to the dermatologist and was given a steroid cream to reduce the size. It cleared up my KP completely but made my skin reddish as a result. Finally, when the cream ran out, the KP came back just like it had before. Depressed, I gave up all treatment efforts entirely. I stopped washing my arms with any type of soap. The KP got
  12. I, like alot of people, have had great success with the regimen. It cleared my face up completely for which I am extremely greatful. However, also like many others, when the gel formula was changed to remove parabens, started making my face become extremely red. I've been through the 'hardening' phase, so this reaction surprised me alot -- there is no burning or flaking. Its gotten to a point where I cannot use the gel as having a very red face is much worse than mild spots. On-the-spot cr
  13. Sounds alot like a cyst. To remove some of the swelling, you can go to a dermatologist and have a cortizone shot. If you don't have enough money or time for that, applying ice to the swolen area twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes can help alot as well.
  14. I've been really good about not touching, picking, or over treating my face and it has almost cleared up entirely...until today. I woke up and there is this giant phantom redmark (a little smaller than a dime) on my chin annd myy girlfriend arrives in 5 days for the holidays!!! Its not raised, it doesnt hurt, there is no head, but its really red. How do I treat this and what is it!!!!?? thanks so much
  15. I think your regime might work for people with specific skin conditions like keratosis pilaris and eczema where BP and SA can potentially irritate the skin. I've had KP all my life and when I started washing my face with an actual facial cleanser (at the suggestion of my mom and sister) around age 18, I started getting acne. At the time I thought it was because I hadn't taken care of my face for so long. The more I washed or treated my acne, the worse it became. Finally, I just gave up all m